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Butterfly Wings

Jessie, was a sweet 18 year old girl. Happy with her life and her future. She liked music, movies and her boyfriend Kenny. She didn’t love him, not like this deep love, they showed in movies or wrote in the romances about, she loved to read. He was nice and quite good in bed. She had her fun with him, but she knew he wouldn’t be the one she would marry. She was too young and she wanted to enjoy her life and make her own experiences. Travel around the world was the first thing she wanted to do, when she finished studying.

This afternoon she wanted to go to the shopping mall with Kenny, but in the last minute he called and told her he couldn’t come. She was a bit angry, but she would have fun on her one.

Arriving at the mall, twenty minutes later, she parked the car and entered the mall.

She loved the mall, all the different little shops on the first floor, the fountain in the middle and the different people rushing past her. She took the lift to the 3rd floor, where the clothes section was.

Looking for a pair of Jeans, she went through various styles and finally found one in her size.

"A new top would be nice too,” she thought and walked over to the area were she found her favourite designer.

Looking at different tops, she finally decided to take a green one with little blue butterflies printed on it. Jessie loved butterflies; she even had 2 little blue butterflies tattooed on her belly. They looked like they were flying around her belly button. It was a gift to herself when she turned 18.

She turned to walk to the underwear and bumped into a woman. “Oh, I’m sorry ma'am,” she bent down to pick up the two tops the woman had dropped and came up again. Holding them in her hand, she looked at the most amazing coloured eyes she had ever seen. They where a rich brown with little golden lights in them. The eyes where rimmed with black, what made them glow even more.

“Here….your tops…ma’am,” Jessie stuttered.

The woman looked at Jessie and smiled knowingly.

“Thank you, young lady,” she said with a husky voice.

The woman took the tops and walked pass Jessie, brushing Jessie’s breasts with her arm, a little smile on her lips. Jessie gasps at the accidental touch. The decent perfume of the woman tickling her nose and together with the simple touch she felt aroused from one moment to the other.

Surprised, standing between piles of cloth, she stared after that mysterious woman. She tried to breath normal again.

“That was nothing,” she tried to calm herself and turn to go over where the underwear was.

She searched through some panties and matching bras and took a pair in blue and green, both colours she loved. Looking for the dressing room, she still thought about this woman. These eyes were so hypnotizing. Jessie entered the dressing room and looked for a free cabin. The last free one was the one at the end. She closed the door, but when she wanted to lock it, she saw that the lock was broken.

She sighed and started to undress. The cabin was big and some of the light bulbs where broken, but she could still see enough. She put on the blue lace panties with the matching bra and the blue top and the jeans. Jessie turned in front of the mirror, checking how everything fitted. She smiled, liking the outfit very much.

When she looked up, her eyes met a pair of gleaming brown ones in the mirror. She starred and didn’t move.

“All cabins are occupied, I hope u don’t mind if we share this one,” the woman said with a smile.

She dropped the two tops on the chair, where Jessie’s clothes lay already, still standing behind Jessie. The woman lifted her hands and let them run over Jessie’s long blonde hair.

“You have wonderful hair.”

“Thank you.” Jessie whispered, not able to move.

The touch of the woman send a shiver down her spine and she could see, that her nipples had gone hard, peaking through the shirt now. She blushed slightly, looking back into these golden eyes. The woman moved her hands over Jessie’s arms, till they rested on her shoulders.

Pulling the hair to on side of Jessie’s neck, so she could see where her pulse defeated under the tanned skin. Slowly one hand moved down her back, resting on her hip, just for a second, then moved around and up over her tummy.

Jessie held her breath and watched the hand move up, until it covered one of her breasts. She couldn’t believe that she wasn’t protesting, but it felt so good.

The woman brushed the hard nipple with her thumb. Jessie breathed harder. The hand moved down over her belly again, while the other hand slid around, until they met at the rim of her jeans.

Jessie could see how the hands unzipped her pants. The blue lace panties slowly became visible. Seeing and feeling the soft touch on her bare skin, it was like butterfly wings tickling her. Slowly the fingers moved upwards and pushed the top up.

The woman whispered, “Lift your arms.”

And Jessie did, making it easy for the woman to take her shirt off.

The woman stepped closer and Jessie could feel warm skin on her back. She gasped surprised. Those wonderful hands moved again over her skin, cupping her breasts, squeezing them slightly through the thin lace. Teasing her nipples even more. Jessie moaned softly; she could feel how she got wet. Wishing the woman would do more, than just caress her breasts.

As if the woman had heard Jessie’s wish, she moved one hand down again circling the bellybutton with its butterfly tattoos. Jessie watched this slim hand slide in her panties, feeling the fingers caress her pussy lips, just teasing her. One finger slide between the pair of lips, parting them gently, feeling the wetness, that welcomed them.

Jessie put one hand on the wall on her left side, just to steady herself a bit. She was so aroused, but she was also a bit scared, that someone could come in. She wanted to say something, when one finger started to rub her clit. Immediately she forgot what she was worried about and moaned softly. Her eyes locked with the golden eyes in the mirror. She could see herself, her cheeks slightly blushed and her lips slightly apart. Feeling how dry they suddenly felt, she licked over them.

Jessie felt how the finger slid down, leaving her clit aching for more. The woman moved a finger into Jessie’s pussy. Sliding it in and out a few times, then a second one. Sliding it in and out faster now, while her thumb, rubbed the clit. She slipped her other hand in the bra, pinching one of the hard nipples.

Jessie leaned back against the woman, she was ready to cum. She bit her lower lip, trying to keep herself from moaning out loud. The moment her body went tense and her pussy got tight around the fingers moving in and out, she could feel how her juices wet her inner thighs. Cuming hard, body shaking, she sobbed silently.

The woman slid her hand out of Jessie’s panties. Slowly she lifted her hand to her lips and sucked and licked Jessie’s juices off of the fingers, while her other hand was still caressing one breast. The lady took Jessie by her shoulders and turned her to face her. She leaned forward and kissed Jessie on the lips, parting them with her tongue, giving Jessie a taste of herself. Then she moved back and closed the buttons of her jacket, smiling at Jessie.

“Don’t forget to pay, when you leave,” she said to Jessie, turning to the mirror, checking her lipstick and her hair.

“You taste as sweet as you look.”

Then she left the cabin leaving a panting and satisfied Jessie behind. Jessie grabbed her handbag and searched for her mobile. She punched Kenny’s number in and waited until he picked up. “You will never believe what just happen to me.”

Written in 2003

Women know what women wants ;)