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Zlutty goes to confession - Deep in the woods

Zlatanna was a cute girl of the age of 20. Her grandmother had suggested that she go to confession in the church of the small town she lived in. Zlatanna wasn’t overly religious, but she loved and respected her grandmother a lot. She put on her skirt, which barely could be called that, since it was so very short and a white blouse that was so tight, that the buttons strained over her DD breasts.

Underneath she wore a white lace bra and matching panties, that barely covered her round butt and pussy. She was glad she had waxed off all pubic hair. She hated when they showed on the side of her panties. A light jacket and ballerinas completed the outfit.

When she came down the stairs, her grandmother stood there and tsked at her outfit, but then just shook her head and handed her the old rosary.

‘Here child, take this with you. You might need it.’

Zlatanna thanked her Nanna and left the house.

The church wasn’t to far, around 15 minutes by foot and it was a warm day. It was still early and there were barely people on the streets. Just a few cars and some school kids who were on their way to work or school.

Zlatanna arrived at the old church and entered it threw the huge front door. It was dark inside the church. Little light filtered threw the colourful windows and she could see some dust flitter in the light. She walked past the rows of benches and then turned to the right, where the confessional box was. Pulling the curtain aside, she slipped into the box, pulled the curtains closed and knelt down.

It has been years since she confessed the last time, but the words she had to say where ingrained into her mind and she spoke to them like it was yesterday she last said them.

‘Forgive me father for I have sinned. It’s been several years since my last confession.’

‘Tell me what troubles your soul child,’ the father behind the screen answered.

She couldn’t see him properly, but she knew what he looked like from previous visits to the mass. He was in his late 40s, slim with dark hair. He was quite handsome for a priest and his brown eyes always looked kind upon his flock.

Zlatanna looked at her folded hands and her mind wandered off to the day she lost her virginity in the woods.

‘Father, it was in late spring about 2 years ago, when I went for a walk in the woods behind my grandmother’s house.’

It was a lovely day and the air was warm. Her outfit was her usual favourite one. Short skirt and white blouse with puff sleeves. Instead of the ballerinas she wore more sturdy shoes, since the paths in the woods would be difficult.

She had been walking for about one hour, when she heard voices coming towards her. When she walked around the corner of a few trees, she saw two hikers. Two young man, both looking fit. When Zlatanna got closer, the two men noticed her and the stopped in front of her.

‘Well hello there. We didn’t expect to see such a pretty young lady all alone in the woods and so early in the morning,’ one of the guys said.

His eyes travelled from her face to her chest. Leering at her boobs. The other guy gave her a lusty look as well, as he introduced himself as Jack and when he pointed at his friend, he called him Mark.

Zlatanna smiled and introduced herself as well. They did some small talk and Zlatanna didn’t notice how Mark had moved behind her. She suddenly felt hands on her shoulders and they gently massaged her. She looked over her shoulder and Mark just smiled at her. Slightly irritated she turned back to Jack who stood now really close. His hands moved from her wrist up her naked arms and a shiver ran down her back.

She wasn’t sure what to do, but this was kinda exciting and she could feel a little pull in her pussy. A feeling she usually only had when she was alone in her room, masturbating.

Mark’s hands moved from her shoulders and down her back, till they reached her round butt. He squeezed the soft flesh threw her skirt and slowly pulled the material up.

Jack on the other hand, had moved from her arms to the top of her breasts. Without warning, he took both her boobs into his hands and started to squeeze them. He could feel her nipples grow hard quickly under his touch and his smile grew wider.

‘My such a pretty girl and so sensitive to touch,’ Jack whispered and gave one nipple a pinch, which made Zlatanna moan.

With big eyes Zlatanna looked at Jack and then down on his hands. It just felt so good, that she couldn’t move or tell them to stop. She could feel her panties getting moist, when Mark, behind her slipped a hand into her undies and caressed first one cheek and then the other, before rubbing one finger between them. Nobody had ever touched her bum hole, but it made her feel hot and excited. Her hips pushed back against Jacks hand and her upper body leaned slightly forward, pushing her breasts into Jacks caressing hands.

Jack laughed as he saw the way she moved and with a grin he said to Mark,

‘Wow look at her, she already goes into the perfect position. I think it’s time to get rid of some fabrics, don’t you think?’

Jack grinned back and started to unbutton her shirt and pushed it down over her arms. Mark took over and removed it completely, dropping it to the grassy floor. With another move, her opened her bra and pushed it down as well. Her boobs jiggled s they were freed from their confinement and both guys admired the soft skin and the dark round nipples, which stood hard and invite.

Jack bend down and licked teasingly over one nipple, then took it between his lips and sucked hard.

Zlatanna moaned out loud and gripped Jacks hair, as he took more of her breast into his mouth. Mark watched his friend and since he stood so close to her, he could feel the hard bulge in his pants press against the crack of her arse. She wiggled her hips, getting him even more aroused and she smiled as she could feel his hands again on her butt.

With a quick move he pulled her panties down, so all she was still wearing was her skirt, socks and shoes. The cool air, brushed over her now wet pussy lips and it made her horny even more. She could hear the sound of a zipper being pulled down, then some rustling of clothes and then the something big, push against her butt.

Jack had moved to her other breast and was giving it the same treatment. Licking and sucking on her sensitive nipples. Her moans had become more intense and needy as her own hands kneaded his shoulders. But Jack didn’t stop at her nipples. His free hand moved between her slightly parted legs and after caressing her pussy lips, he slid between them, his fingers instantly getting wet with her juices. He rubbed over her inner lips till he felt the hard little nub on top. He circled it and pinched it, till Zlatanna screamed softly from the pure pleasure. She had never felt like this when she pleasured herself. She wanted more!

Since she had her eyes closed, she didn’t see the looks Jack and Mark exchanged, so when she felt Marks hand on her back, pushing her down, she was a bit surprised, when she opened her eyes. Jacks massive cock was right in front of her face. A single drop of pre-cum, lingering on the tip.

She had never given head and it was the first time she had seen a cock so up close and personal. Without thinking twice, she poked her tongue out and licked the drop of the tip. It tasted salty and she liked it. She gave the tip another lick and then wrapped her lips around it, sucking on it, hoping for more of this liquid.

Jack moaned and put his hand on the back of Zlatanna’s head, forcing his cock deeper into her warm mouth. It felt so good. Even though he could tell she hadn’t done this before, she knew exactly what to do. She was a natural. He reached for one of her now dangling big breasts and played with her nipple. Tugging on it and twisting it between his fingers.

Mark just stood behind her for a moment, watching his friends cock vanish into the girl’s mouth. It was such a hot sight and he could feel his own cock twitch and grow hard. He looked down at her butt and caressed the white globes. Then moved between her legs to rub over her wet pussy. Slowly he inserted a finger and then stopped in surprise. There was a small barrier, she was a fucking virgin!

Mark looked up at his friend who was standing there with closed eyes, enjoying the feeling of Zlatanna’s wet mouth around his dick.

‘Hey Jack, our little fuck toy is a virgin.’

Jack’s eyes sprung open as he looked at Mark in surprise, then grinned.

‘Looks like we got the jackpot. She sucks dick like a pro, I tell you. You have to let her suck you too. But I think first we need to deflower the little lady, don’t you think?’

Mark put his hand around his shaft and stroked it a couple of times, then rubbed the tip between her wet lips, making sure her lube covered his cock. Placing the tip at her entrance, he gently pushed.

Jack’s fingers held on to her long hair as he watched Mark’s cock vanish between her legs. His cock now as half in her mouth, but he wanted to go deeper. He wanted to get lodged in her throat.

With a silent agreement, they both thrusted at the same time into Zlatanna. Jacks cock sliding into her throat and Mark pushing threw her hymen and sliding deep till he was all in.

Zlatanna screamed around Jacks cock as a quick pain ran threw her and tears fell from her eyes, running down her cheeks. Her fingers dug into Jacks thighs as she desperately tried to get some air into her lungs, but both guys stood still and pressed into her. It made her feel like she was the little piggy on a spit roast. The pain in her pussy subsided slowly and it started to feel good, to be so full.

Jack pulled out of her mouth and let her catch her breath for a moment, but not too long, then he pushed back into her mouth and she started to hungrily lick and suck his big cock.

Her pussy flexed around Mark’s cock and he took it as a signal to start to move. He let his big cock slide almost fully out of her pussy and then rammed it back in. Out and in again, he pushed his hard cock. Her screams and moans around Jacks cock, made him even more horny and he sped up. His hands kneaded her butt and then he gave it a hard slap, enjoying the sight of the red handprint on her white skin.

Jack kept fucking her sweet mouth and slowly started to feel his cum rise, till the pressure was almost too much.

Zlatanna was half delirious between the two guys. The sensory overload almost too much for her. Her pussy juices had run down her inner thighs and the cock in her pussy made these wet noises as it slide in and out of her tight pussy. She had never felt such pleasure before and it drove her crazy.

She had wrapped her hand around Jacks cock and what didn’t fit into her mouth, was stroked. When Jack had deepthroated her, she thought she had to die from lack of air. But he had pulled out just in time, before she blacked out and the feeling was so intense, that she had almost cum.

When Mark slapped her butt, she screamed softly and pushed back against his cock. She felt the tip hit her cervix and the feeling of pleasure and pain, gave her the rest. With an earthshattering scream, she climaxed. Her pussy squeezing Mark’s cock hard and she almost bit down on Jacks cock as she came over and over again. All this also triggered the guy’s climax’ and they both shot their load into her mouth and pussy, making her feel so full. Zlatanna’s eyes went wide she felt the hot liquid run down her throat and out of her pussy down her legs.

Mark had put his arm around her tummy to hold her up, as he pushed a few more times into her now flooded pussy. He could feel like he pressed his cum out of her hole with every thrust.

Laughing Jack watched as cum came out of her nose and he slowly pulled out.

‘Be a sweetheart and clean my dick,’ Jack ordered Zlatanna.

Eagerly she licked his cum covered cock clean, swallowing every bit of the salty stuff. When she was done, Jack turned her around, so she faced Mark and his cum covered cock. Without waiting for Mark to say anything, she started to clean his cock as well.

While watching her pink tongue flick over Marks cock, he stroked her between her arse cheeks. Using the juices running out of her pussy, he lubricated his fingers and started to smear it around her butt hole. Slowly Jack pushed the tip of his finger into the tight sphincter. Zlatanna resisted at first, but then Mark caressed her breast and told her to relax.

Mark played now with her nipples as she licked and sucked his cock. He could feel how he got hard again. With a smirk he pointed at Zatanna’s bum and mouthed something to his friend. Jack nodded and pushed his hole finger slowly into her arse. He slid it in and out a couple of times, then scooped up more juices from her pussy and added a second finger to her arsehole. He flexed his fingers and stretched her a little more.

Zlatanna couldn’t believe it, when she felt Jacks fingers push into her hole, but she did her best to relax. It did hurt a bit and felt uncomfortable, but also exciting. She wiggled her butt a little, hoping he would put more than just two fingers into her butt. She wanted to feel full again.

She moved her hand to Marks balls and squeezed them, caressing them till she could hear him moan. His cock was not as thick as Jacks, but longer which made it almost impossible for her to take it all.

Mark pulled back out of her mouth and back in, just like he had done when fucking her pussy. He loved the feel of her mouth around his cock and the way she caressed his balls, made him want to unload into her mouth, but he and Jack had other plans.

Grabbing her hips, Jack pushes his cock between her legs and into her pussy, then pulled out again. His cock now glistened with her juices and he smiled. With a quick move he bent over and picked Zlatanna up. His arms under her knees, so that her arse and pussy were both thrusted forward and easily accessible.

Mark stepped closer and with the tip of his fingers, he rubbed her sensitive clit. He could see her pussy open and close and so did her bum hole. They both seemed to beg to be filled and Mark and Jack wanted that too. Mark reached for Jacks cock and led him to her arsehole. Holding it still, Jack started to lower Zlatanna onto it. It wasn’t easy since her arse had never been taken and they had no proper lube, beside her juices, but it would do.

Zlatanna gasped and held still as pain shot threw her body and Jacks cock pushed passed the tight ring of her butt. She screamed as his thick cock pushed deeper and pain slowly turned into pleasure. Reaching for her own breasts, she pinched her nipples and looked up at Mark who still stood between her legs, moving his cock up and down between her pussy lips to distract her from the pain in her butt. It worked. The pleasure got stronger than the pain and she relaxed.

Jack groaned as he bottomed out in her arse.

‘Fuck she is so tight and hot. Your turn now bro. This will feel so amazing,’ he said to Mark.

Mark leaned over and gave Zlatanna a long hard kiss before he pushed his cock into her wet pussy. He watched her face and saw her eyes growing bigger as both their hard cocks filled her holes at once. Her pussy started to squeeze him hard and he groaned in pleasure.

‘Fuck her pussy was so tight and hot,” was the only thing he could think at the moment.

Jack moved first and pulled almost fully out of her butt and then pushed back in hard again. Then Mark pulled out and pushed back in and so they started to fuck both her holes. When one pushed in, the other pulled out.

Their moans could be heard threw the woods, as they fucked harder and faster. And with a triple scream, they all climaxed again. For a moment they just stood still. Both cocks pulsing and still spitting cum into her holes as they came down from their high. Mark was the first to move and he pulled his cock out of her spasming pussy. The Jack moved himself from her arse, his cock wet from his cum.

Mark stared at her pussy and bum hole and watched their cum dribble down and drop onto the floor. He reached out and stuck his finger first into her pussy, twisting it around in the wet mess. Then he let her lick his finger clean. As the obedient little slut she was, she cleaned it properly. When she was done, he pushed his finger up her butt, wiggling it in the very tight hole and wondered how Jacks cock did even fit into it without splitting her apart. He would have loved to try it out, but his cock was already too soft. And as exhausted as he felt, it would take a bit till he could get hard again.

With a groan, Jack released Zatanna’s legs till her feet touched the ground. But Zlatanna was so exhausted that she sat down on the floor. When she looked up, both men stood clothes enough to her, that she could easily reach their now flaccid cocks. She reached up and started to lick first Jacks cock, tasting the cum and something tangy.  Her tongue licked the whole length and also his balls, cleaning every bit of juice from him. Once she was done, she turned to Mark and cleaned his cock the same way.

Both guys looked satisfied and dressed again. They both pulled her up from the floor and gave her a deep kiss, tasking her juices and their own cum on her tongue. Both gave her boobs another caress and squeeze, making her shiver once more.

They helped her get dressed again and after another kiss and a few grateful words, they parted ways.

Zlatanna sat quietly in the box and waited for the priest to say something. All she could hear though was fast breathing.

‘Father?’ She asked into the dimness.

Father George cleared his voice.

‘My child that was very naughty. You are not supposed to lay with a man who is not your husband. I hope this was the only time. If not please tell me in details what happened.’

Zlatanna sighed.

‘Well it was last summer, when I went on holidays with my grandmother.’

To be continued..

Written in 2023

Zlatanna, called Zlutty is a tween who just started her sex journey. A priest wants her confessions.