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Valentines Day - Email


I wish you a very nice Valentines Day.

I try to imagine what we would have done, if I had been there with you :)

I think we would have gone out for a romantic candle light dinner. I would be wearing a dress with a very low v-neckline, showing my belly button, stockings, high heels and a G-string and no bra. Everything in red.

While sitting at our table I would take off my high heel and would slide my foot up your leg, between your thighs, rubbing over your cock from the outside of your trousers. I can feel how u get hard. I slide back down your leg and put my high heel back on.

We finish dinner and take a taxi back to my hotel. We are both aroused. You start to kiss me passionately, letting your hands wander over my body. Teasing my nipples with your fingers. They’re getting really hard now. I open the first 2 buttons of your shirt, letting my hand slide into it, touching your warm skin, while our tongues are entangled.

You push my dress over my legs revealing the lace-rimmed end of my stockings and the soft skin of my thighs. Your hands caress my inner thigh. I moan, my lips against yours. I slide my hand down your chest to your trousers. I open the zip and let my hand slide in. Cupping your hard cock, rubbing slowly. Completely forgetting, that we are still in the taxi.

We arrive at the hotel; we pay the taxi and enter the hotel, moving fast to the elevators. We enter the elevator, where we are alone again. You push me back to the wall, kissing me passionately. One hand on my breast and one you slide up my leg, pushing up my dress. “We will never make it to my room, I want u so much”, I whisper to you. I search the stop button of the elevator and push it. The elevator stops instantly.

You shove the dress aside, where it covers my breasts. Showering my breasts with kisses, sucking on my hard nipples, licking them. Then you push my dress up and my G-string down. Going down on your knees, you bury your face between my legs. You start to lick the lips of my pussy. I spread my legs more for you. You caress the lips with two of your fingers, sliding up and down and slowly parting them. My pussy already wet, you start to lick me out. Up and down. Then the clit, you suck it hard, making me moan and quiver. First you push one finger into my pussy, moving it in and out, then a second, till I beg u for more. You get up and you open your trousers pushing them down together with your underwear. Your cock hard as steel. You lift one of my legs up to your hip, making it impossible for me to move away. Your cock in one hand, rubbing it over my pussy and then, finally thrusting deep inside me. I moan and bite my lower lip. God it feels so good. My pussy is hot and wet, as u start to move your hips, sliding in and out of me. I sling my arms around your neck, both legs around your waist now, my back against the door of the elevator. I tug on your shirt letting some buttons fly to the floor. My hands wander over your warm skin. I lick over your neck, biting and kissing it. While you increase the speed of your moves, in and out, deeper and deeper. I claw my nails into your back, feeling my climax building up. You can feel my inner muscles flex and that makes you even hornier and your cock harder and faster.

I get tenser and tenser now, moaning and then… I explode, seeing stars before my eyes. The contractions of my muscles harder and faster, making you move faster and faster till u cum too. I can feel your seed rush into my pussy. Making my whole body shake more and more. I cling to your body, still pressed against the door, breathing hard and fast. I smile at you and kiss you softly on your lips. Deepening the kiss, before we put our cloth back on and let the elevator move again.

I hope u like that one

Kisses Kat

Written in 2003

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