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Unexpected Moments

The sun shone warm this spring morning when Sean sat in the Street-Café. He enjoyed the day he had off from work and study. Tomorrow was his twentieth birthday and his friends had planned a party for him. For sure they had booked a stripper, this thought made him smile. He lifted his cup of coffee to take a sip while his eyes wandered over the street. Something red came into his view and he had to look twice, till he noticed that it was a beautiful woman in a red dress. Her curly, black, shoulder long hair giving her a cheeky flair. She was not like the other girls he knew. She had, like some friends of him would say, hips and tits.

He put down the cup, without drinking and just starred after her. Wishing he could see the colour of her eyes. He paid his coffee and followed her. First, she stopped in front of a jewellery shop and looked at the pieces in the window. Rubies and diamonds, that would be perfect for her, he thought.

“Sean, get a grip. You just spotted her and you think already of buying her jewellery, with money you don’t even have”, he muttered.

Next stop was a bookstore. She entered it and walked over to a shelf, taking out one of the books. Sean followed short behind her. He pretended to look at different books.

He had to ask her for her name, he needed to know. Slowly he got closer to her. Only a few steps between them now. As he heard her giggle he had to smile. It sounded as sexy as she looked.

She looked up to see if somebody noticed her giggles and her big brown eyes met Sean’s. A little smile curved her full lips, as she looked at him. Sean started to sweat, getting nervous. She put the book back on the shelf and walked to another shelf, her fingers moving over the back of the books.

Transfixed he starred at her long, red painted nails. How would it feel if those nails would scratch down his back? How would it be to kiss, this full red lips? He shivered at this thought and his jeans started to get uncomfortably tight, but he couldn’t resist and followed her.

When he stood beside her, he took a deep breath and said, “Hi…you’re beautiful!”

The woman laughed softly and her cheeks flushed slightly, “Thank you very much.”

She held out her hand and said, “My name is Carla and what’s yours?”

“Sean…my name is Sean.” he managed to smile and not make it look to dumb. He took her hand into his and shook it.

“How old are you, Sean?” she asked smiling.

“I’m twenty. I mean tomorrow I will be. At the moment I’m still nineteen.”

Sean blushed a little. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

“Do you live with your parents or do you have your own apartment?”

“I share an apartment with a friend, but he is visiting his brother, so I’m alone for the next few days”.

She nodded and licked her upper lip.

“It’s really hot and I could need a swim. What would you say if I invited you to come home with me? I have a pool and you look like you could need a swim too.”

He gulped and answered, “Yes I could need something to cool me down a bit...ahm…I mean I would like to swim, but I don’t have my swim shorts with me.”

“That’s no problem, I’m sure we will find a solution for that little problem.”

She turned and left the shop, Sean at her heels.

After 15 minutes drive, they reached her house in the hills. It wasn’t too big but looked expensive. They went down the few steps to the entrance and as she unlocked the door and let him enter first; his breath got caught in his throat.

A huge living room opened before him. The whole front was made of high glass windows, showing the amazing view and the pool. Everything was held in warm colours, light wood and glass.

Carla closed the door and walked down the 3 steps into the living room. She dropped her handbag on one of the three big couches and smiled at him.

“Now let’s see if we can find you a pair of swim shorts.”

She went down the hall on her left and opened a wardrobe. She chose a blue one, because it would fit his eyes and came back, holding them out to him. Slowly he grabbed it and asked where he could change and she showed him an empty guest room.

5 minutes later he came out of the room. He felt a bit insecure about what might happen, but then, how many times would he have the chance to be together with a hot woman like Carla.

As he couldn’t find her, he went out to the pool. He tested the water and it felt perfect. Looking around he admired the pool and its surroundings. There was a small cave and a waterfall and in one corner there was a Jacuzzi lowered into the ground.

“What an exciting life must she lead”, he thought.

Carla came outside, only wearing a very small red bikini. The top was barely covering her dark nipples, which poked already through the thin material. Smiling she held out a glass of champagne. He took it out of her hand and sipped on it.

A blubbering noise made him turn and he saw that the Jacuzzi had been started.

“Would you like to swim or to relax in the Jacuzzi?” she asked him, as she walked into the cool water.

Graciously she dived and swam the whole length under water, just to come up by the waterfall. He watched the water pearls glistening on her shoulders, and felt his cock harden in his shorts. Quickly before she could see it, he jumped into the water and swam over to her.

Carla brushed her wet hair back; her eyes wandering over Sean’s toned young body. He shivered under her hungry look and stepped closer. Giggling she swam to the other end and climbed out of the water. She walked over to the sun bed and lay down on her belly. Sean followed her out of the pool and stopped beside her. Carla reached out for the sun lotion and held it out to him.

“Would you please rub it on my back? I don’t want to get a sunburn.”

“Sure.” he replied, taking the bottle from her hand.

He put some of the lotion onto his palm, and then rubbed it between his hands. Tenderly he laid his hands on her shoulders and started to rub it in. She sighed and notable relaxed under his gentle hands. Her skin felt smooth and warm and as he moved lower, he could feel her heart beat.

“Could you please untie the top, I don’t want to get white lines.” she said in a low voice, as if it was the most natural thing.

Sean’s hand shook as he untied the bikini top, moving the strings aside. Her skin was flawless, tanned and smooth. Slowly his hands moved further down to her lower back. Leaving out her butt, he got more lotion and rubbed it over her long and well shaped legs. His cock got harder and harder and Sean started to feel very uncomfortable.

Carla spread her legs a little, so he could also rub the lotion over the inside of her thighs. Her soft moans and sighs sent shivers down his spine, letting him bite his lower lip to keep him from moaning just over her moans.

“God, this woman is so hot!” he thought and slowly got up from the bed.

Carla opened her eyes and looked at him.

“And now my front.” she said cheeky, her eyes glittering as she turned.

Her top just fell on the sun bed and he could see her big breasts in full glory. Round and juicy like two grapefruits. He barely could keep himself from starting to drool, wanting to touch, suck, lick and kiss them so much. His hands fisted and opened again as she looked up at him, her hands moving over her belly to her bikini panties.

Slowly she pushed them down, lifted her hips a little to get them over her butt and moved them down over her slender legs, dropping them to the floor. She leaned back on the bed and now Sean could see her bald pussy. His breath caught in his throat. She looked like a sun goddess. Not a single white spot was left on her body. She was tanned all over.

His cock started to throb and he didn’t care anymore if she would see how hard he was or not. He just longed to have her, to love her, to cherish her. He was her slave; he would do anything for her.

Carla smiled knowingly as she watched him. Without hesitation she picked up the sun lotion and held it out to him again.

“Don’t you want to finish what you started?” she asked friendly.

“Yes, sure….anything you want. God you’re ….you’re heavenly. I mean you look gorgeous.”

She chuckled softly and watched him sitting back on the bed.

He poured some lotion onto his palms. Then, with trembling hands he started on her belly. And no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering to her dark nipples. Gently he moved his hands upward, brushing the underside of her breasts, but he wanted more. He wanted it all! He lifted his hands from her body then lowered them carefully onto her breasts. He groaned at the feeling over her hard nipples, pushing against his palms. His fingers started to squeeze her full breasts, enjoying the feeling of their softness. Her breath came a little quicker and he felt her back arch, pushing her breasts into his hands.

Sean couldn’t resist any longer and leaned forward, kissing her passionately on the lips. His tongue pushing feverishly between her full lips. Plundering what she had to give him. Her arms came up and she wrapped them around his shoulders, pulling him on top of her.

It felt as if this kiss would never end.

Carla could feel how her pussy slowly got wet, his young and virile body pressed against her own. It was like an aphrodisiac to her. It made her blood race through her veins and her heart beat faster. She moved her hands over his broad shoulders and over his back. His hard cock was pressing against her crotch and she dared to open her legs a little more, till it brushed over her sensitive clit.

Her nipples ached for his mouth and so did the rest of her hot body.

“Take off your shorts…please. I want to feel you all over.” she said breathless between kisses.

He quickly followed her request and pushed off his swim shorts. His cock sprang out in full glory a drop of pre cum already showing on the tip. Wasting no time, she sat up and grabbed his hard and young cock with one hand. The pink tip of her tongue flicked over the tip, catching the drop before it could fall. Savouring the salty taste on her tongue she closed her eyes, hearing his moan. She opened her eyes again and looked up at him, just to see how he stared at her with wide open eyes.

“Could you…..would you take it into your mouth? Please?” he whispered shakily.

Carla smiled and replied, “With pleasure, darling.”

She opened her lips, just enough to close them around the first half of the head. Suckling and licking it, she slowly started to move her hand too. Stroking it gently and with a tender touch. His moans let her know, that he really liked what she was doing and she slipped his cock deeper into her hot and moist mouth.

Sean fought his climax, he didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted it to last forever. But forever was over too soon and as she cupped his balls with her other hand he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh fuck I’m cuming...oooohhhhhhh gooooood!!”

Carla closed her lips around the head and kept sucking, swallowing his hot cum.

She kept sucking and licking him till nothing was left and he was clean again.

Sean sat weakly down on the bed, trying to catch his breath as he looked at Carla, her cat like smile making him grin.

She leaned over and gently kissed him on the lips.

“That was good, but we are not finished yet. I guess its time for a little break. You go into the Jacuzzi and I get us something to eat.”

She grabbed the sarong from the end of the sun bed and slung it around her hips, leaving her breast bare. Barefoot she walked back into the house and Sean got up to slide into the Jacuzzi, the bubbles tickling his sensitive cock.

A bit later Carla came back with a tray, filled with little bowls with different dips and finger food. She put it near the Jacuzzi and took her sarong off, lying it back on the sun bed.

Naked she stretched in the sun, giving Sean time to explore her body with his eyes. Smiling knowingly, she walked over to him and graciously slid into the bubbling water.

Carla leaned over the rim and picked up a mini spring roll and dipped it into the sweet ‘n’ sour sauce. Joyfully she ate it and offered Sean one too. He opened his mouth as she fed him some cracker with Parma ham. For a while they enjoyed the food and to feed each other. Giggling as sauces dribbled on skin and the other one licking it off.

As the tray was empty, Carla moved closer to Sean, sitting on his lap, straddling him.

She kissed him softly, her tongue licking over his lips, teasing them to open for her, what he willingly did. His tongue welcomed hers and they caressed each other in passion.

Carla gasped as she felt his cock harden and push against her pussy lips.

Her hips started to rock back and forth, letting the head brush over the soft lips, sending showers of pleasure over her body.

His moan and hers were filling the warm air of this early evening as she moved her hand between their bodies. Her hand reached for his cock and led it between her swollen pussy lips, till it pushed against her love hole.

Sean lifted his hips as she lowered hers, a load moan escaping both their lips as his cock slid into her. Filling her hot pussy completely with his big cock. A hot kiss made both shiver as Carla slowly started to ride him. His cock sliding in and out of her throbbing pussy. Sean moved his hands from her back to her front, grabbing her breasts, squeezing them slightly. He pinched her nipples with two fingers, twisting them a little till Carla moaned in delight. She increased her speed as her body started to feel like on fire. Her nails dug into his shoulders as Sean started to push back into her pussy, driving her wild.

He moved his mouth to her throat licking his way over her neck to her shoulder.  Softly he bit her shoulder and sucked at the soft skin between her neck and shoulder, while one hand moved down her body, till his thumb found her clit. He started to rub it and instantly he could feel her pussy walls flex around his thrusting cock, her breasts bouncing before his eyes. Sean could feel how close he was again to cum, but he wanted to see her climax first, so he took a deep breath and tried to think of something else. Her body wet and glistening in the last light of the day, making this nearly impossible.

Carla moaned out loud as Sean started to rub her clit, sending her nearly over the edge. Wildly she moved faster, slamming down on his rock-hard cock.

And finally, her body tensed and her head fell back in a giving up notion. Sobbing and moaning her body started to shake and shiver in Sean’s arm as she climaxed. Her pussy walls squeezing his still thrusting cock, penetrating her sweet hole.

Sean couldn’t hold back any longer and finally shot his hot cum into her body.

Panting she fell against him, showering his neck with little kisses.

“Hmmmmmmm I liked it.” she whispered close to his ear, making him chuckle.

Sean tenderly caressed her back, his cock still buried deep inside her and it looked like she didn’t want to change this so soon.

“I like to stay like this for a bit, I hope u don’t mind.”

“No, it’s ok, it’s a good feeling.” Sean replied.

For the next 3 hrs they loved each other under the star lit sky. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. But each time it felt better then the time before.

Around midnight they moved into the house and to her lush bedroom. Where they made hot passionate love, till both of them fell asleep in each others’ arms, exhausted and satisfied.

Written in 2004

Another older woman and younger guy story.