Kat's playground!

The Vampire's Pet - The End

A few weeks had past since Mac found out what his little feline really was. Both enjoyed each other’s company whenever they got the chance and after a while, their love grew stronger.

When Mac went out, Tam wasn’t far. Mac tired a few times to keep her inside because it was just too dangerous for her, but she wouldn’t listen and always found a way to get out of his house. Nothing could keep her from his side. She was like his shadow and a few times, she had saved his back, when he got into a fight.

He couldn’t think to be without her again. She was his companion in the lonely dark nights, when he was out hunting or just driving around. Even when he was in a bad mood and sitting brooding in his favourite seat in front of the fire, she always managed to make him laugh again or at least smile. It brought comfort to him to have her little body on his lap when he worked or her human body, next to his in bed. Many hours he laid awake, holding her in his arms, just listening to her soft breathe and a grin went over his face, when she made this little cute snoring noises, now and then.

But there were also nights when she trashed around in bed, having nightmares and woke up screaming. He tried to ask her about them, but she refused to tell him, so all he could do was take her into his arms, when she still was shivering from whatever she experiences in her dreams. Mac wished she would talk to him, tell him what bothered her.

One day she would tell him and then he would be there for her, but until then, he would just enjoy her company, like tonight. He had ordered a meal from the near by deli. Salmon, shrimps, different sauces and salads. With a move of his hands, the candles started to burn in a soft light. Now he just had to wait for Tam, whom he heard was still in the shower. For a cat, she was pretty much in the shower or in the pool or if they went to the beach, in the ocean. But then, there was nothing normal about Tam and he liked it that way. He loved her with all her quick changing moods, her compassion for other animals and her intelligence and charm. She wasn’t easy, but easy to love. Mac sat down and waited.

Tam hummed a little tune and washed her long hair, until it squeaked. She turned the water off and stepped out of the cubical, grabbing one of the soft towels from the hook. Quickly she wrapped her hair into it, and then got another one to wrap it around her body. She loved the softness of the towels and almost forgot that she should hurry or Mac would get grumpy if she let him wait for too long. Walking into the bedroom, she rubbed her hair dry, which unlike a humans hair, dried within a few minutes on its own. Tam tossed both towels onto the bed and walked naked over to the wardrobe. The dress Mac bought her earlier this week hung on the outside of the door. It was of green silk, with tinny emeralds all over it. Not bothering with underwear, she slipped into the dress, the silk wrapping around her curves. The green of the dress let her skin look like cream and her hair on fire. She turned in front of the mirror and admired herself.

Her thoughts wandered off to Mac, who was waiting for her and her smile turned a bit sad. If she only knew, if she could trust him fully. The bad experiences that still gave her nightmares let her held back something. She was scared he could turn on her too. When it happened, she was only a little kitten, but the pain was still deep inside her. Tam moved her hands over her hips as she went back to the night Mac found her in the cave. Shivering she wrapped her arms around herself, pushing the thoughts of her past away. Would he just keep her as his toy too?

‘Oh stop it you silly cat.’ She said softly to herself as she walked to the door, like usually forgetting to put on shoes. Wiggling her nose, as she smelled the seafood, she hurried down the stairs, her soles barely touching the cold marble of the steps. Tam streaked into the living room and stopped in awe. It looked beautiful with all the candles and the plates of food. Her eyes wandered to where Mac sat and ran to him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissed him noisily on the lips.

‘It looks beautiful. Thank you!’

‘Anything for you kitten. Want your gift before or after dinner?’ he asked grining.

She slipped onto his lap and laughed.

‘You know I‘m not the most patient person, so now please.’

‘Fine, turn your back to me.’

Tam did as he asked her and put her hands into her lap, waiting for what may happen.

Mac took the blue velvet box out of the pocket of his jacket and opened it. He smiled and picked the necklace up, then gently moved his hands around her neck, whispering into her ear, telling her to lift her hair. As she did, he snapped the lock close and the almost 2 inches wide chocker snuggled coolly against her skin.

The diamonds glittered like stars on her neck and as she opened her eyes and lifted her hands to feel it, she gasped as she moved over the strands of small diamonds. She jumped up to run over to the mirror on the opposite wall and just stared at herself. The sound of the little silver bell at the bottom of the necklace, chiming as she moved.

‘Oh my god, this is beautiful, thank you thank you thank you.’

‘I’m glad you like it.’ He smiled as he watched her playing with the little bell and giggling in delight.

‘Now lets eat, I’m hungry and I’m sure you are too.’

Tam turned to him and walked back to sit on his lap, rather then on the chair to his right. She picked a shrimp from a plate and started to feed him, placing little kisses on his jaw and neck, as he nibbled the tip of her fingers. Softly she moaned as little shivers ran down her spine. She opened her lips as he held a little bit of smoked salmon to it and gently took it off his fingers, snapping cheekily at them. His deep laugh made her quiver as she looked into his eyes. The moment seemed to last for eternity as she softly whispered ‘I love you’.

For a moment, they both froze, just staring into each other’s eyes. Tam could feel her heart drum in her ears as she waited for a reaction of him. Did she say the wrong thing? Didn’t he feel the same as she did?

‘I love you too kitten.’

She blinked, not sure, if he really said it. But then a burning need ran through her body and a giggle rose from deep inside and she felt like cheering. Instead, she sat still and lifted her hand to his face, caressing it gently as she leaned forward to kiss him.

Mac kissed her back, knowing he did the right thing. He loved his little kitten and he didn’t want to be without her again. Not in a million years. The night went on, while they fed each other using their fingers. And as the moon had made place for the sun, he led her to the bedroom. It was pitch black and with a move of his hand, the fire in the fireplace started with a whoosh. Gently he peeled Tam out of her dress, sucking in his breath as the silk slid down her naked body.

Tam’s eyes glittered like gold in the light of the flames as she looked at him with her cat’s eyes. She stepped closer to him and rubbed her front against his, purring softly as her hands reached for the buttons of his shirt. One by one, she opened, while her tongue and lips moved over every inch of warm skin she revealed.

As she was finished with unbuttoning his shirt, she slid it over his broad shoulders, her nails scrapping over his upper arms. With a tug, she got it out of his pants and let it drop to the floor behind him. Leaning against him, she tiptoed to kiss his neck, her erect nipples pressing against his chest, making her moan softly. He moans went louder as she felt his hands running over her backside and cupping her bum cheeks, pressing her hips against him. She could feel the erection in his pants pushing against her lower belly and it was extremely arousing.

Deep in his throat, he growled, as he felt her breasts pressed against him. Her slender arms wrapped around his waist as she nibbled his neck. He couldn’t resist and ran his hands over her back, squeezing her bum with his big hands. An aching pain in his loins made him groan and lift her from the floor, until she wrapped her legs around him. He could feel her moist pussy lips against his tummy as she rubbed against him, the smell of her lust, driving him crazy.  With a few big steps, he reached the bed and placed her on it. Mac could feel her hands on his fly and within a few seconds, she freed his big and hard cock. It just took him a few more seconds, to plunge deep into her wet folds, thrusting deep inside her.

The both moaned in unison at the hot feeling of their melting bodies. Tam’s fingers dug into his back, her sharp nails leaving red scratch marks on his skin. This just made him drive harder and deeper into her tight folds. He leaned a little back and grabbed her legs, putting them over his shoulders, so he could thrust even deeper, in and out over and over again.

Tam licked her lips as his hard cock filled her completely. She loved to feel him deep inside, to feel his heavy body on top of her own. Craving to feel his lips on hers, she pulled his face down to hers, kissing him hungrily. Her teeth caught his tongue and sucked on it hard, making him yelp as he drew back.

‘Rotten little kitten’ he hissed, ‘you gonna pay for that.’

Giggling breathlessly she looked into his eyes, ‘And how?’

His eyes in dangerous slits, he slipped out of her pussy and with one quick move, he turned her on her back. His hands grabbed her arms and held them together on her back as he spread her pussy lips with the tip of his cock and drove back into her. Her face pressed into the satin sheets, she gasped at the sudden move and she tried to move away from him, but his iron grip held her in place and rendered her completely helpless. Mac could feel every shiver of her body, while her hard and sensitive nipples rubbed over the sheets, heightening her lust even more. Reaching around her, he slipped a finger over her wet clit, lubbing his finger with her juices. As he rammed into her pussy, he kept rubbing her clit, feeling her walls contract around him as she got closer and closer to climax. But before she could come, he stopped and moved his hand over her arse check.

Tam shivered and felt as if she was close to explode as he teased her clit so merciless. She wanted to cum so badly and pushed back against him, wanting to feel his hot cum deep inside her. His hand on the smooth skin of her butt cheeks made her groan and as she felt it move between them, she held her breath for a moment. His finger rubbed the puckered hole and little electrical shocks made her jump as he finally pushed passed the entrance. She moaned out loud, as he finger fucked her butt hole, while his hard cock drive faster into her pussy. It took her just a few more minutes, before she arched her back in ecstasy, screaming out in pleasure as she climaxed.

Mac’s climax roared through his body as he felt her pussy contract around his cock and the muscles of her butt hole squeeze his finger. He leaned over her back as he drove his cock a last time deep inside her, unloading his cum into her pussy. Her body shivered underneath him as spasms of orgasm made her moan over and over again. His own climax making his body tense and his cock pump load after load of hot cum into her.

It took them both a several minutes to gain enough strength to move. Mac spooned up against her, holding her tight as a deep purr came from her. He smiled and cupped one of her breasts with his hand, playing with her nipples as they both slowly calmed down again.

Three nights later

Mac opened the front door and instantly he felt something was wrong.


His deep voice echoed through the empty hall. Where was she? Usually she was already waiting for him, pouncing into his arms. He set the keys down on the table as he walked into the living room. The fire was crackling and then his eyes caught a figure sitting in Tam’s favourite chair. He could see how her ugly hands stroke something on her lap.

‘What do you want here? And what did you do to Tam?’

‘Oh no worries, she is still alive.’ The woman said in a weird tone.

‘I’m here cause of you. You belong to me and I’ wont let you go that easy. She doesn’t deserves you, that dirty little cat whore. Yes, I know of her little secret. Did you know that she turns into her cat form when sedated?’

A crazy laughter went through the room and made Mac’s skin crawl. She was totally nuts. He had to be careful; he didn’t want Tam to get hurt.

‘Give me Tam.’ He said as he made a step toward the woman.

She stood up, holding Tam at the neck.

‘Ah I don’t think so. I want to see you suffer, like you made me suffer.’

‘Don’t you dare to hurt her or I will kill you!’

Furiously he looked at her, his eyes glowing in anger at her, but she just laughed hysterical. He could see that Tam started to wake up slowly. Her eyes focused on him as she looked pleadingly at him. A soft moan escaped her lips as she tried to struggle in the grip of the woman’s hands, but she was too weakened from the sedative.

‘Do you really think you can scare me? You forget who I am. Oh good, she is awake, now that will be much more fun then. Say goodbye to your little slut kitten.’

Everything happened the same time. Mac ran to the woman, but he wasn’t fast enough. A quick move of her hands and a loud cracking went through the room, as she broke Tam’s neck, right before Mac.


Mac reached the woman and grabbed Tam, before she hit the ground. Her limp little body, still warm, she lay in his hands. He pressed her little soft body against his chest and anger wallowed up in his heart. He looked at the woman as his fangs grew.

‘You will pay for this.’ He said as he grabbed her neck and sank his fangs into it before she even could try to run away. With a gargling noise, her life was over. Mac just dropped her to the floor like a bag of garbage.

Still numb from the feeling of loss, he slowly sat down into Tam’s chair and cuddled her dead body as silent tears ran down his cheeks.

The End

Written in 2012

Did he fail to protect her?