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The Vampire's Pet - The Begining

He smiled as he woke from the soothing purring, next to his face. Sleepy he reached out and his smile grew wider as his fingertips touched the silken fur. A low chuckle escaped his lips as he felt the rough tongue lick over his hand.

“Hello kitten. How was your hunt?” he asked as he opened his eyes to look at the cat that lay next to him on the silk covered pillow.

The deep hazel green eyes looked lazily at him as if she didn’t care at all. Her front paws were curled under her body, making her look like a furry big ball. The only thing that moved was her ears as she was listening to his words. She answered him with a soft ‘meow’.

Mackenzie checked the clock on the bedside table. 10pm, it would be dark outside by now. Slowly he pushed the bed sheets aside and sat up, his naked feet touching the marble floor.

He loved his bedroom; the black polished marble was interspersed with silvery lines that gleamed in the dim light of the few burning candles. His bed took up almost one third of the room, with its huge four posts and the heavy black velvet drapes that kept any sunlight out. He only used black satin sheets. Some would call it a foible. The walls were covered in a mix of black and silver tapestry and from the ceiling hung a huge candelabrum that held 50 candles.

He shivered softly as he felt her silken fur brushed over his bare back, as she walked past him over the bed and then, in an elegant move, jumped from the bed. He laughed softly as she streaked through the room towards the door, her tail high up in the air and her paws making no noise on the polished floor. Mac got up and grabbed a silken robe, slipped in and followed his kitten, wondering who the master was and who the servant.

As he went down the stairs, to the kitchen, he remembered when he first met her.

It was one of those nights you wouldn’t send a dog outside. Storms rattled on blinds and deracinated trees. Nobody was outside in the rain and wind, nobody but Mac. He drove his black stingray through the empty streets and then parked at the promenade. Quickly he got out of the car, pulling his black leather coat tighter together. The rain wiped his face as he walked over the beach, getting closer to the rocks and caves in it. It was one of his favourite places to watch the storms over the sea. He reached the caves and got in. Tired he sat down into the sand and pulled a bottle of scotch out of the deep pocket of his coat. As he opened it, he heard a hissing behind him, he turned quickly, and instinctively he caught the fur ball that attacked him. It wasn’t much bigger then his hand, but it had sharp claws and fangs.

‘Ouch. Hey kitten, calm down. I’m not gonna hurt you.’

The kitten hissed and growled as it tried to get free.

‘Shhhh. I really don’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry if I disturbed you, but these caves are also my favourite place.’

Slowly the kitten calmed and he could feel the little body shiver in his hands. Carefully not to scare it, he pulled his coat open and placed the kitten inside to keep it warm. Quickly the kitten warmed up, the warmth of his strong body and the strong steady heartbeat, which matched the growling of the passing thunder, comforted it and made it purr.

Mac smiled as he felt the purring more then he could hear it.

‘What you say kitten, do you want to come home with me?’


He chuckled and got up from the cold sand and walked back to the car, the rain still pouring down on him. Carefully so he wouldn’t squish it, he sat behind the steering wheel and started the engine. As he drove through the dark and cold night, he felt the kitten move slightly as it tried to get more comfortable. Mac knew he had found a new friend in this little shivering bundle of energy.

That had happened 1 year ago and Tam was still with him. Tam that was the name he had given her. It was the name of his great-grandmother and it meant heart in Scottish. It fitted her; she had grown to his heart. Something he thought would never happen again, after his last love was killed in a car accident.

Tam was a funny little thing. Sometimes she vanished for hours and then he was worried if she would come back, but each night, when he woke up, it was to her purring. It was as if she was watching over his sleep. When he looked into her eyes, he sometimes wondered what she was thinking and if she understood what he was telling her or if she just reacted to his voice. There were times when she acted like a young kitten again, when she bounced after a moth or played with a tassel on the curtains and then there were times when she seemed to look at him as if she knew all the secrets of the world and was just waiting to tell him about it. It made him smile to watch her sleep or chase things or just when she cuddled, up to him or got comfortable on his chest. But one thing was really strange; she always seemed to sense his mood and knew what to do to cheer him up.

Mac walked into the kitchen where Tam was already sitting on the workbench waiting for him. He knew exactly what she was waiting for. He opened the fridge and got out the pack of shrimps he had bought yesterday and put half of it onto a plate and put it in front of her.

Tam sniffed on them and first did as if she wouldn’t eat them, but then changed mind and started to eat them, quickly.

‘Slow kitten, nobody will take them away from you.’

Grinning he put the rest back into the fridge and took out a bottle filled with a red liquid. He reached for one of the large wine goblets, filled it with the creamy blood, and put the bottle aside. As he watched Tam, he nipped on the goblet, enjoying the taste of the cold blood on his tongue. He could feel how the blood energized him and filled his stomach.

Mac wasn’t like his kindred brothers; he didn’t like to feed from the living prey. It was so animalistic and he was too much of a human, even after 1500 years as a vampire. Even though he was also a psy vampire, he needed a bit of blood now and then, so he cherished it like a good glass of wine every 2nd or 3rd night.

Tam finished her shrimps and got closer, pawing his hand that held the goblet.

‘You want some too kitten?’

He dribbled a bit of the blood on his palm and held it out to Tam, who quickly licked the blood up and purred. Quickly she bit his thumb, not hard enough to split the skin, but enough to make him wince.

‘Oi!! Behave kitten or you won’t get any more shrimps’

Tam purred and rubbed her head against his hand as if she wanted to say sorry and as she looked at him, her eyes almost seemed human. Mac blinked and the moment was gone. He had seen that look before, actually a few times already in the past two weeks. Did it have something to mean?

Mac went back upstairs to his office and started to go through some paperwork, while Tam got comfortable in the big chair in front of the fireplace.

When Mac looked at the clock the next time, it was almost 4am. He stretched and the muscles rippled under his shirt. He ran his fingers through his short hair and yawned. His eyes wandered to where Tam was sleeping and he smiled at the peaceful picture. She looked adorable with her reddish brown fur. It looked as if there were little sparks in it as the light danced over her body. Her colouring was extra ordinary for a cat. He had never seen something like that before.

He frowned when the phone rang. Picking it up with a growl, he listened to the voice on the other end.

‘Do you know what time it is? I’m about to go to bed. What do you want?’ he asked the female on the other end.

‘Oh sweetie, I only wanted to know if you could help me tomorrow night. I really neeeed you.’

He frowned even more as she prolonged the word need, like a little child. Jane was after him, since they met a few years ago and a friend’s house. He already told her back then, that he wasn’t interested, but she had made it her goal to get him into her bed. If he wanted or not.

‘Sorry Jane, I’ll be busy for the next weeks. Night.’


The click when he hung up was the last she heard, when he hung up. Sighing he looked over to Tam who had lifted her head to look at him while he spoke on the phone. She got up and stretched, jumped on the floor and walked over to him. With an elegant move, she jumped on his desk and sat down in front of him.


‘Yes kitten; it was the bad woman again. I wonder what I have to do that she finally accepts that I’m not interested. Too bad we are not allowed to kill other vampires or I would show her a true flatline.’

Tam dipped her head to one side and kept looking at him, her eyes so knowingly. Her tail swished over the papers as she listened to his ranting. Patiently she waited until he was finished then she jumped on his lap and curled up.

Mac smiled and leaned back, starting to tickle her chin and moving to her ears.

‘What you say, shall we go to bed? It’s almost dawn.’

‘Meow.’ was her single answer as she hopped off his lap and led the way to the bedroom.

He crawled into the bed and waited for Tam to jump on the pillow next to his. He gave her a last pad on the head and closed his eyes. It was about 3 hours later when he woke up.

Blinking into the darkness of the bedroom, he wondered what it was that woke him up. He noticed a motion next to him in bed and already reached for the dagger he always had on his bedside table, when he felt a soft hand on his arm.

‘Don’t, please. I won’t do you any bad.’

Mac tried to see in the dark and after a while, he saw the silhouette of a female next to him in bed. The second thing he noticed was that she was naked and the silken sheet was just covering her lower half. His mouth went dry as he looked at her big and heavy breasts. He reached for the matches and lit one of the candles. The dim light was enough to let him see her completely. She had reddish brown hair and these eyes, they were so familiar and the way she had her head dipped to one side. He almost told her not to, when she pulled up the satin sheet to cover her.

‘Who are you? And what are you doing in my bed???’

‘I’m sorry Mac. I couldn’t tell you earlier. I had to wait for the right moment.’

‘Why do you know my name??’

‘Mac please, let me tell you. It’s me, Tam.’

Tam looked at him, scared of what he would do or say know that he knew. She didn’t move, just watched at the different emotions, running over his face as he realized what she just had told him.

She wasn’t just his kitten, she was a feline. One of the ancient cat people he had heard about. As funny as it sounded, even though he was a vampire, he had always thought the stories of the cat people had been pure fantasy. Now he had one in his bed and a pretty one too. He loved her look already as cat, but as a female, she was even more beautiful. Her long hair reached her waist and her face was delicate. From what he could tell, she had a full figure, an hourglass figure to be precise. All he could think of was to caress the soft skin to find out if it was as soft as her fur. Would she purr as human too?

‘Stop looking at me like that. I feel like the shrimps must feel when I’m looking at them.’

‘Uhm sorry, but this is just a bit strange. I never believed in the stories I was told about the cat people. I didn’t think you were real.’

‘Tsk, you’re a vampire. Shouldn’t you be a bit more open minded?’

Tam moved a little closer. She wanted to feel the heat of his body. Wanted to know if it felt the same as when she was in her cat form. She reached out to touch his bare chest, right over his heart.

Mac held his breath as her warm hand moved over his chest. His groin twitched and he let his breath out. He still wasn’t sure, if he was dreaming or if she really sat next to him in the bed. Slowly he lifted his own hand and laid it over hers. His heart beat quickened as she leaned closer, her soft lips only a heartbeat away from his. The air seemed to crackle around them, like after a storm as their lips met in a first lingering, then more passionate kiss. Mac moved his free hand into her neck, pulling her closer to him, deepening the kiss.

She sight softly as the satin slid from her body over her already erect nipples. Finally, her body touched his and she wrapped her arms around him. Tam knew already how his body felt underneath her, from when she laid on his chest as feline, but this was so different. Skin on skin, it was like an aphrodisiac for her and hungrily her tongue teased his lips as they parted to let her in. Her fingers ran through his hair as she now fully sat on his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist, she could feel the bulge under the sheets press against her own most intimate part. She smiled inwardly as she started to gently rub against him, chuckling breathlessly as she heard him groan.

‘God kitten, you drive me crazy. You did that already as feline, but now…’

With a kiss, she cut of his words and sucked gently at his lower lip, before letting it go, just kiss him again passionately. The moves of her hips went more urgent and she tried to pull the satin sheet away, which was stuck between them, without success. Tam frowned a little and the next moment she found herself on her back, feeling his muscled and hard body on top of her. The satin was gone and there was just skin. With big eyes, she looked up at him and gasped as she saw the fire in his almost black eyes.

Instinctively she tried to back away from him, but he grabbed her wrists and held them to the bed, above her head.

‘Too late kitten. You are going nowhere. You are where you always belonged to, in my bed and with me.’

A cheeky smile reached her lips as she kept fighting his grip, but she knew already she was lost and she didn’t mind at all. His hard cock pressed against her lower tummy and made her bite her lower lip. In the past months, she had seen him naked countless times, but this was different. Tam was in her human form and it reacted different, had different needs.

Mac leaned forward and kissed her lips, moved to her cheek and down to her slender neck. He kissed the spot where he could see her pulse beat. The sharp fangs graced her skin, but not enough to make her bleed. He wanted to save this for later. He held her wrist with one hand and moved his other down her arms, feeling the shivers running through her body and how her muscles flexed under his palm. Smiling that he was able to give her such pleasure just with the caress of his hands; he leaned forward to take one of her nipples in between his lips. Her back instantly arched and softly moaned. His tongue flicked over it and as he sucked them into his mouth, they seemed to grow even harder. He moved to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment and enjoying the soft moans coming from her.

God, his mouth felt so good on her breast. She almost forgot to breathe, when he first touched her nipples. Nobody had ever touched her like this, which wasn’t surprising, since the only time she had sex, was in her cat form and that was just to feed her hunger and had nothing to do with the sensual touch she experienced from him. Her body felt like molten silver as every nerve in her body seemed to come alive under him. Almost as if they had a mind of their own, her legs wrapped around his hips and pulled him closer, binding him to her in an erotic embrace.

Groaning he let go of her nipple. He lifted his head to look at her. Her long hair was spread underneath her, living strands of fire on the black satin. The paleness of her body an extreme contrast to the black, but he had never seen something more beautiful, then Tam in this very moment. Carefully he reached down between her legs and what he found made him moan. She was wet, hot and ready for him. He slid a finger in between her wet folds, caressing her entrance as he placed himself above her. The grip of her legs on his waist grew tighter, as if she wanted to tell him to get closer and closer. He was not able to withstand an invitation like this and let his hard cock slide deep into her pussy. Mac clenched his teeth as the wet satin like walls engulfing his cock. Could there be a better feeling?

Tam hissed softly as he entered her. It felt as if she was bursting from his size, but her body adjusted quickly, taking his full length. Still in her helpless position, she arched her back, flexing the muscles in her thighs as her heels dug into his butt cheeks. As he moved out again, she sobbed from the feeling of loss and moaned as he came back to her. His slow moves send shivers after shivers down her spine and through her pussy. She could feel the heat rise and the tension in her body with it. How much she wanted to touch him, but she knew he wouldn’t let her, not this time. He was a predator and for now, she was his prey. She was at his mercy and she loved it.

Mac looked into her eyes as he thrust into her steadily. Her eyes where half closed and glowing in the dark and her lips red and swollen from his kisses. He could feel her body strained like a bow, her hips moving with his as he gained speed. A little bead of sweat ran down his temple as he tried to hold back, but she was just so tight. Pulling out of her and turning her on her tummy before she could even protest, he took her from behind. Mac let go of her wrists and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her back to him, plunging as deep into her hot pussy as he could. His hunger for her was so very irrational, but he couldn’t stop it, he just needed to have her, here and now. She was his for eternity.

He reached between her legs, to find the little nub and started to rub it, play with it. Her moans and pleads to let her cum, drove him wild, but he wanted her to come first and so he kept thrusting into her deep and fast.

‘Come for me kitten. Let me hear you scream in pleasure.’

He whispered into her ear as he pulled her closely to him, her back glued to his chest now.

Breathlessly she moaned, it was almost too much for her to bear, his hot breath on her neck, making her head spin. She could feel the tension build in her lower belly and her juices running down her inner thighs likes tears. Grabbing his hips, digging her nails into his skin, she felt her climax build and when he started to rub her clit faster she tensed and a deep moan became a scream of pleasure as her orgasm exploded. Her pussy flexed around his still thrusting cock, milking him, seducing him to cum too. She thought he would come now too, but he kept caressing her clit and send more spasms of pleasure through her body. It was unbelievable, but she could feel another wave swap over her as he started to thrust harder. She leaned her back against his chest as he went on, making her feel all dizzy.

Smiling, Mac watched his kitten cum hard; her flexing pussy walls making him wince and almost made him loose control. He kept on caressing her as he thrust deeper and as he looked at her throat, another hunger joined. The hunger for blood.

As he felt his orgasm rise, he sized the bow of her neck, lowering his mouth over it. He gently dug his fingers into her hair and bowed her neck a little more, until she was totally helpless again in his arms. With a hiss, his fangs came out and as he reached his climax, he sank his fangs into her neck. As his cock filled her womb with its seed, her blood filled his mouth and her moans and shaking body, gave him the rest.

Sated they both sank into the pillows. Tam, like always, half on his chest as he cradled her in his strong arms. Her purring, soothing and calming his nerves.

‘Damn kitten that was a hell of a ride. You taste as sweet as you look. I’m just wondering, will you turn back into a feline now?’

‘Hmmm yes, but I will be human, whenever you want me to or maybe not.’

She giggled and shrieked as he pinched her butt.

‘Rotten little kitten.’

He said grinning at her. Kissing the top of her head, he reached for the covers and pulled them over them.

To be continued…

Written in 2012

Vampire and shapeshifter, what a combination.