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The Beach - Part 2

Another day has passed since that arousing adventure at the beach. Samantha was on her way back to her suite. She had waited all day at the beach for that mysterious man, but he never showed up. Maybe tomorrow, she thought as she opened the door to her room.

She threw her bag and towel on the couch and opened the doors to the terrace, letting the fresh sea breeze in. 

Slowly she undressed, still thinking of those wonderful hands on her skin and as she turned to the bathroom, her eyes caught her erect nipples in the mirror at the wall. Giggling, she walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Samantha pulled out the pins from her hair and shook it loose till it fell over her shoulders and down her back. Slowly she stepped into the glass cubicle and stepped under the refreshing spray. She reached for her shower gel and lazily started to spread the foam over her body. Her hands moved over her full breasts, teasing the sensitive nipples with her palms. She closed her eyes and felt the warm, wet skin under her hands, shivering when she moved her hands over a sensitive spot.

Her hand slid between her legs and her fingers parted her pussy lips, massaging them gently. Samantha couldn’t tell if she was wet from her own juices or if it was the water and soap but it didn’t really matter. As she slid a finger inside herself, her knees went weak and she leaned against the glass wall to keep herself upright. The spray on her breasts felt like little needles on her erect nipples. She reached for the shower head and took it out of its holder. In slow movements she led the jet of water over her body, always coming back to her breasts, brushing over them teasingly, lifting her higher and higher. She lowered the showerhead between her legs and moaned loud as the jet of water hit her clit. With two fingers she spread her pussy lips wide and held the jet of water directly on her clit. The impact of the stimulation made her whole body shake violently; she could barely hold herself up. Slowly, she moved the showerhead from one side to the other, as though someone were flicking her clit with his finger or tongue. She came hard. Her knees buckled and she sank to the floor, the showerhead still between her legs; her pussy pulsating and squirting out a mix of water and pussy juices. Panting and moaning, Samantha dropped the showerhead, kneeling and all fours in the shower. After a while she stood up. Grinning to herself, she turned off the water and stepped out of the glass cubicle. She grabbed one of the soft bath towels and wrapped it around herself. Picking up her hairbrush she walked outside, and sitting in one of the comfy seats, she brushed her hair till it was dry. 

She sat dressed in a flimsy red dress in the bar, sipping her cocktail and watching the sunset. Soft music from big speakers made a perfect scene for every lover and she sighed, wishing again she wasn’t alone.

Samantha put her glass down and walked to the beach, deciding to take a stroll before dinner. The sand felt warm under her bare feet as she walked over it. She left the bar behind her and walked out of the light of the big torches that threw their flickering light on the sand. Reaching the single palm that grew on the beach, she leaned against it. She usually saw kids sitting on this special palm that grew horizontal to the ground. It looked weird, but made a good playground for children. 

As she began to push herself away from the tree, someone pushed her back against it. She gasped and wanted to resist, but as she felt strong hands move over her back and hips, she kept still. Her belly and breasts were pressed over the trunk as he made her bend over. It felt as if he was on his knees, when he moved his hands over her ankles and up her calves, pushing her thin dress up over her thighs and hips. His lips kissed her butt cheeks and bit them gently as his hands forced her legs apart. Samantha breathed harder and tried to move against his hands and mouth. He didn’t let her move an inch, holding her firm against the trunk. He tore the thin material of her g-string apart and spread her bum cheeks. She shivered as she felt his hot breath at her skin, short before he ran his long, strong tongue from her butt hole to her pussy hole. Gasping she spread her legs more for his teasing tongue. She could feel his big hands kneading her butt cheeks as his tongue licked her again and again. Her pussy juices ran down her legs as she got wetter and wetter. As the fingers of his right hand spread her pussy lips wide; she held her breath, her heart pounding against her chest. The tip of his tongue at her pussy made her shiver and she pleaded silently for him to push his tongue inside her. As if he had heard her silent plea, he trusted his long and hard tongue deep into her wet pussy, tongue fucking her, while he slowly pushed his finger into her bum hole. She bit her lower lip as she felt the intruding finger to keep herself from screaming out in pleasure. He laid his thumb on her clit and put some pressure on it… that was all she needed to climax. Samantha came in a big explosion, her pussy pouring juices onto his face. He didn’t stop sucking and licking her until she calmed down again. Her pussy felt so hot, she needed…wanted more. She could feel him getting up and she heard how he opened the zip of his pants. Panting she wanted to look back, to see who this man was, who’s tongue had given her so much pleasure, but with one of his big hands on her back, he pressed her down on the trunk again  so there was no way she could turn around. She submitted to her lust. She wanted to get fucked hard and fast, right here, right now. But what came now, she had never expected. He rubbed his big and hard cock between her legs and between her swollen pussy lips, lubricating it with her juices, teasing her till she nearly screamed for him to fuck her.

His hand moved up her back and around her neck, till his finger laid around her throat, then he slowly started to squeeze, making it nearly impossible to breath for her. She tried to fight him, but his muscular body held her down on the trunk. Samantha started to panic as she felt dizzy from the lack of air and that moment the head of his cock, pushed into her butt hole, spreading it wide apart. She felt as if a hot iron got shoved up her virgin ass.

The second his cock was buried deep inside her, he let go of her throat and all happened at once. She climaxed the moment she took a deep breath, her lungs filling with fresh air and his cock pushing hard into her. Nearly fainting from the impact of this unexpected orgasm, she screamed her release out into the dark night, her body shaking and shivering, sweat dripping down her forehead and down between her breasts. The man stood still for a moment then slowly pulled out of her. Refusing to give her a minute to recover, he switched from one hole to the other, thrusting deep into her soaked pussy. She moaned and thought that she wouldn’t be able to take any more, but the man thought differently and showed her.

In long slow strokes he brought her to another orgasm and as she climaxed, her pussy walls spasmodically pulled his big, hard cock deeper and deeper.

Finally, he came, spurting his hot cum inside her, he made a few more moves, till she could feel him on top of her, his hot breath, caressing her moist neck. After a while he pulled out of her leaking pussy. Samantha slid down from the trunk and rested on her knees, breathing fast, she slowly turned to finally see who this man was.

Her eyes grew wide as she just saw him vanish into the tropical jungle. That wasn’t possible, not again.

Written in 2003

Oh no, it hapened again lol