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The BeacH - Part 1

Samantha walked down the way to the beach. It was her second week on this island and she really enjoyed the peaceful and relaxed way of life the people had. No rushing, no phone ringing and no annoying traffic jams. There was just one thing she was missing, a person to share this luxury with.

She was the owner of a growing catering service and this was her first holiday for 3 years. She was very proud of what she had achieved. She was single, 31 years old and knew how to enjoy life when she wasn’t working. Her business was growing and she had a nice bank account.

She kicked off her shoes as the small path ended and walked through the sand over to her reserved sun bed and umbrella. Taking off her sarong, she looked around. The towel was fast put on the sun bed and her long hair tied in a knot on top of her head.

The sand was warm under her feet as she walked to the water. It was still early and she was alone at the private beach of her hotel resort.

Only one of the hotel employees was about 50 meters down the beach, repairing a motorboat. She walked into the water, till it reached her hips, diving into the refreshing sea. Breaking through the surface a few meters away, she started to swim in slow strong strokes. Her slim body was shimmering in the crystal clear water. She was a very good swimmer and went swimming every day, if possible. She enjoyed water more than anything else, and the smooth feeling of water running over her skin. Her obsession for water led her to sometimes shower for one hour, just letting the warm water run down her body, feeling the wetness caressing her skin, like a lovers hands.

After 30 minutes she swam back to the beach, a bit breathless, but happy,  and laid down on her sun bed. She let her hair down and closed her eyes. The soft breeze and the sun dried her skin and hair fast. After a while she sat up and started to rub sun blocker on her skin; her long legs first and in long slow strokes, she rubbed the sun milk on her tanned skin. Then her arms and her shoulders, not forgetting her chest, or leaving out her bikini top covered full breasts and her flat tummy. She couldn’t reach her back properly, but she tried her best. She moved the sun bed into the shadow and lay down on her belly. Closing her eyes she slowly drifted away.

A soft touch made her frown, she was too lazy to open her eyes, but she could feel a hand on her back, rubbing in some sun milk. She smiled and thought it must have been one of the beach boys who saw her a few minutes ago. She mumbled “Thank you” and just lay there relaxing under the knowing hands. They seemed to find every knot in her tense muscles and rubbed it out. When she felt that the strings of her top were loosened she didn’t protest, it felt too good to say no. The hands moved from her shoulders to her arms and back again, sending shivers down her spine. She could feel them on her hips now; they moved down one thigh and massaged her calf and her foot and the same way up the other leg. First the foot, then her calf, caressing the sensitive spot in the back of her knee. Samantha started to get aroused and her breath became faster now. As the hands moved over her thigh, she spread her legs, just a little more. He must have felt her action, because he didn’t disappoint her. His fingers brushed over her clothed pussy and she moaned softly at the gentle touch, but it was gone as fast as it came. She wanted to say something, but decided to wait and see what else would happen. He hasn’t spoken a word, but his hands said more than a thousand words could anyway.

He put one hand on her shoulder and the other on her hip and slowly turned her on her back. Samantha kept her eyes closed; she didn’t want to know who this sensual man was, not yet. His hands started with her arms and shoulders again, moving down her sides and over her tummy. She hadn’t notice, that her bikini top had gone and her full breasts were in full sight and in reach of his hands. She gasped as he cupped her breasts, catching her already erect nipples between two fingers, rubbing and pinching them softly. Another soft moan escaped her lips, as she grabbed the bath towel. Her body was hot and aching for more than just his touch. She wanted more than just to feel his hands on her smooth skin. She wanted to feel him inside her, she wanted him to part her pussy lips and find out how wet she was. She wanted….she wanted him to bury his big hard cock in her…she wanted him so badly.

Frustrated she groaned as his hands left her body. Samantha wanted to protest as she felt how he hooked his fingers into her bikini panty, pulling it down slowly. She lifted her hips to make it easier for him. Not wasting a single thought that someone could see her. Feeling the warm breeze on her skin and on her wet pussy lips. He laid his hand on her pussy, caressing the soft skin and as if it was a secret password she parted her legs, and with them her pussy lips parted too, showing him the wet and deep red inside. Her clit was hard and waiting to be touched by him. With his knowing fingers he slid up and down her whole pussy, teasing her to the maximum, never touching her clit, just massaging the swollen lips, while his other hand caressed her breast and teased her nipples.

As her love juices had moistened his fingers, he slowly inserted one finger into her pussy. She moaned and arched her back, as she felt his finger intrude her aching pussy. Samantha licked over her lips, wanting more than just this one finger and again he fulfilled her wish and inserted a second one. He had slowly started to move them in and out. Finger fucking her gently, he increased his speed as he added a third one. She pushed her hips against his hand, taking his fingers as deep as possible. Finally his thumb found her clit and started to rub it as he moved his hand faster and faster. Moaning and moving her hips frantically she reached her first climax. Her body was shaking wildly as her juices floated over his still moving fingers, clenching them with her twitching pussy walls. Breathless she laid on the sun bed, feeling how he slowly removed his fingers from her pussy. As her breath slowed down, she wanted to see who this man was, but as she opened her eyes, she was alone. The only sign, that she hadn’t just dreamed all of it, were footsteps in the sand beside her sun bed.

She didn’t bother to put back on her bikini, as she walked down to the water with weak knees, still wondering who this mysterious man was, who pleasured her so well. She was wondering if he would come back.


Written in 2003

Stranger danger at the beach ;)