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Takeoffs and Landings

I sit in the plane with my boyfriend Mark. This is our first longer holidays together. We are on the way to the USA. First New York and then down to Florida. I’m so happy we could take both 3 weeks off from our jobs. I reach for Marks hand, squeezes it lightly as the plane starts to roll, smiling at him. He smiles back and leans over to kiss me on the tip of my nose. The plane is nearly empty. We sit in the last row, four seats just for us. The next 3 rows are empty too. The plane gets in row for take-off. The stewardess starts to tell us about the safety on board. I take the board magazine and look what cool stuff they have in the duty free. Mark is checking out what the onboard entertainment system is showing. The seatbelt and non-smoking signs blink, the plane is ready for take-off now. I got pressed into my seat as we take-off, it gives me a funny feeling in the stomach, but I love it.

The routine on a long flight goes on. Drinks, newspapers and food and after the food, the movie. Its night outside and they turned the lights out in the cabin, they show some drama, it’s not really interesting us. We have pulled the armrest between us up, I’ve cuddle up to Mark. He puts his arm around my waist. After a while he moves his hand up, brushing the side of my breast with his thumb. He waits to see if I will protest, but I like his touch and it’s arousing to know that someone could pass by any moment and see us. His thumb finds my nipple and caresses it, making it hard. I start to breath a bit faster. Mark cups my breast now with his hand, squeezing it slightly.

My hand rests on his thigh. I hold my breath, awaiting his next move. Asking myself how far he will go. I don’t have to wait long, he slowly starts to unbutton my blouse, reaching inside, caressing my soft and warm skin. I release my breath slowly, enjoying his touch. He slips his hand into my bra, teasing my hard nipple even more. I moan softly and close my eyes, sliding my hand up his thigh. My hand lies now between his legs, squeezing the bulge in his pants, feeling how hard he already is. My head rests on his chest and I can hear his heartbeat go faster.

Mark let me lean back more, so my head lies on his thighs. He bends down to kiss me hungrily and with passion, sucking on my lips, letting his tongue slide between them. God, I love his kisses so much, they are making me beg for more.

I can feel that I’m getting wet and it feels so sexy. He moves his hand out of my bra and down over my belly. He reaches down to the hem of my skirt and starts to caress the soft skin of my inner thigh. If I would look down, I could see his hand slide under my skirt, but I’m too busy to suck his lower lip and his tongue. My arm slides around his neck and my hand digs into his thick hair.

I part my legs for him and he reaches my pussy. He rubs it from the outside of my panties, making them wet with my juices. One of his fingers slip beneath the thin material and between my pussy lips, parting them, slipping in between. I lift my hips a little bit, pressing myself against his hand, just a reaction to his caressing fingers. My clit aches for his touch and I don’t have to wait long. He gently starts to play with it, making me moan. Then he slowly slides his finger down, teasing me, sliding his finger slowly inside me. I want to scream, ‘More, more’ but I’m so breathless I can’t even say his name. His finger slides in and out, slowly first, then a second finger joins the first, stretching me a bit more. I completely forget where we are, giving myself to him. When he slides his fingers out of my hot and aching pussy, I protest with one single whimpering tone.

He kisses me again telling me to sit on his lap, with my back to him. I get up, with shaky knees, but before I can sit down again, Mark grabs my hips, both hands sliding under my skirt and he pulls down my panties. They slide down my legs and I step out of them. I look around in the dark cabin, most people are asleep or watch the movie. The cabin crew is somewhere in the middle of the cabin and not in sight.

I can feel Marks hands again sliding under my skirt. I lean over the seat before me. Mark pushes my skirt up over my hips. I can feel his warm breath on my bare arse cheeks. He licks over one cheek first then over the other, squeezing them with his big hands. Then he pulls me back on his lap. He let’s his hard and long cock push against my pussy. With my hands on his knees, I let myself slide down.

Marks cock slides deep inside me, stretching me. I have to bite my lower lip to keep me from moaning out loud. Closing my eyes at the overwhelming feelings the spiral through my body. He slings his arms around me, pulling me down on his lap, thrusting deep inside me. One of his hands squeezes my breast playing with my hard nipple, the other slides between my legs, finding my clit again.

I moan at the double pleasure and start to ride him fast. My hands grab the seat in front of me. He slides in and out of my pussy, again and again. Deep and hard thrusts. My juices run down his cock, making even his balls wet. I cup my other breast and pinch my nipple and I hear a soft laugh from Mark as he whispers, “I love when you touch yourself, my hot little rabbit.”

That makes me even hornier and I ride him hard and fast now. I can’t hold back anymore; my pussy is getting tight around Marks pumping cock and my body tenses. Mark feels that I’m ready to cum and before I can explode, he puts his hand over my mouth, muffling my loud moans with it. My body shivering and shaking, I bite into Marks hand as I feel him cum too. Shooting his load into my pussy.

He presses his face against my back, both of us panting. I get up and slide back in my seat, still trying to catch my breath. I pick up my panties from the floor and put them back on. As I look at Mark, I can see the grin on his face, while he closes his jeans and tugs the shirt back in. I start to giggle. Looking into Mark’s eyes.

“That was crazy!”

Mark leans over to me and kisses me softly on the lips.

“I love when you do crazy things.”

Written in 2003

When you are young and can't restrain yourself in a public place.