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Sweet Little Lies

Annabelle woke up early, the sun had just come out and she could hear some birds sing their morning song. She turned to see if Jack was there, but the other side of her bed was empty.

Her chest got tight and she took a deep breath. Smiling sadly she thought back to what happened the past few months.

She had met Jack at the mall. He worked at the computer story and had helped her when her computer broke down. He was young, good 10 years younger than her. She was flattered by his attention and first she just thought he was like that, because she was a customer, but then he asked her out after she had come back another two times. An inner fight, which she was about to lose, kept her awake for a few nights. He was twenty, how could he be interested in an older woman at all.

Annabelle got up and stood in front of the large mirror in her bedroom. She for sure was not ugly, but she was too big and she knew that all too well. No matter what people told her, how nice she was and what a big heart she had or how caring she was, it changed nothing on her looks. When her boyfriend died a few months back, she had cocooned herself in her house and chocolate and pasta seemed to be her best friends, till she met Jack.

She started again to look after herself, to dress nice and to put make up on. And for what?

Jack had called her on a Saturday morning and had asked her if she would like to come for lunch with him. First, she said no, because it couldn’t be right to go out with a 20-year-old, but he was so sweet and charming that she gave in and they met the same day.

The restaurant was right at the beach and the view was fantastic, it was warm enough to sit outside and she enjoyed Jacks company a lot. He made her laugh and made her feel alive. His looks made her blush and she felt twenty again herself. It was all cheeky and flirty and she was happy.

After lunch they walked down the promenade and talked about their lives. Annabelle told him about her dead boyfriend and how much she missed him and about her work as web designer. Jack, in return, told her about his work in the computer shop and about his family as he lived still at home. He went quiet after he spoke about his family and she saw the sad look in his eyes. Instantly her heart opened for him. She wanted to hug him and comfort him, as she knew how it felt when your own family thinks you failed in life. Instead, she just took his hand in hers and like it was the most normal thing in the world, they stood like that for a while and looked out to the sea.

Later that day, he brought her home and before he left, he kissed her shyly on the cheek. She smiled as she watched him drive away and for the first time in months, she didn’t had the feeling to eat chocolate before she went to bed.

For about 2 months, they met or talked on the phone every day. Annabelle started to feel more for Jack then just friendship and one evening, after he brought her home from dancing, she asked him in. He grinned as he saw her blush.

 “You’re getting shy? Hun, we know each other since about 2 months now and you know stuff about me, not even my best friends knows. There is really no need to be shy or embarrassed.”

Annabelle giggled and pulled him inside, closing the door behind them. As she leaned against the closed door, he stepped closer, laying his hands at the door, on both sides of her head. She looked up at him, her heart beating fast in her chest and she felt as if she was sitting in a rollercoaster, ready for the looping. Jack smiled down at her and slowly lowered his lips to hers, kissing her gently first, then with more passion.

His aftershave tickled her nose and she felt that pulling sensation in her belly. Her lips parted and his tongue slipped inside, tasting her, testing how far she would let him go. It felt so good to be kissed again and without any rush she kissed him back, savouring every minute. Their tongues caressing and teasing each other, for what seamed an hour. Two pair of lips meeting in passion as if there was nothing else important in this moment.

Jack took his hands from the door and started to caress her hair and her face as the kiss got more passionate. He dove into her mouth, plundering her sweetness.

Annabelle slung her arms around his waist and pulled him closer; she wanted to feel his lean body against hers, his arms around her. Her hands moved to his pants and lower, cupping his butt cheeks and squeezed them slightly, making him thrust his hips a little forward in surprise. She moaned softly as she felt the hardening bulge in his pants, press against her lower belly. Gawd, she wanted him so much. She could feel her pussy get wet and her nipples pushing hard against the satin of her bra. If he only would touch her breasts.

As if he had heard her pleading wish, his hands moved down her shoulders and arms, moving up her waist and brushing the outside of her full breasts.

Holding her breath, she waited for him to brush over her poking nipples and he didn’t disappoint her. His strong hands cupped her breasts and pressed against her hard nipples. A load moan escaped her lips as he started to squeeze her breasts gently.

“Jack?” she whispered between kissing.

A low growl came from him and made her giggle.

“I think it’s time I show you my bedroom, don’t you think?” she said breathless.

“It’s upstairs and if you go on like this, I think my knees will be too wobbly to get up the stairs.”

Jack laughed softly.

“I would take you anywhere and if you can’t make it upstairs, I’ll love you right here at the door or on the stairs or on the carpet. I want you babe, more then I can say. You’re hot and I wanted you the first moment I saw you standing in the shop. You looked so sweet and lost.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her upstairs, dragging her to the bedroom.

Laughing they fell on the bed and from that moment on, nothing was the same again.

Feverishly they stripped each other clothes off. Tops, shoes, socks; everything flew around in the bedroom. Muffled giggles and laughter were heard as Jack found out where and how much Annabelle was ticklish and of course he took advantage of that. Tracing the tender spots with his fingers, lips and tongue, leaving silvery moist trails on her skin. There was only one weary moment, when Jack asked her to turn on the lights as he wanted to look at her. She hesitated, but then gave in.

With closed eyes she laid on the bed. Waiting for something bad to happen, but all that happened, was that she felt his gentle hands on her body. Slowly she opened her eyes and first thing she saw was his smile, and this was the moment she fell for him.

Slowly he placed himself between her legs, parting them with his hands, his hard cock, pressing against the closed lips of her aching pussy. He didn’t try to enter her right away. Taking his cock in one hand he rubbed it over her lips, sending shiver after shiver over her body, driving her crazy as the tip of his cock, rubbed against her sensitive clit. He teased her merciless, till she pleaded him to thrust deep inside her, to fill her out completely, to let her feel whole again. He parted her lips with two fingers and placed the tip at her tight entrance.

She held her breath, but he still didn’t push, but leaned forward to kiss her breasts, first one then the other. Flicking his tongue over the hard tips, letting them go harder even more.

Annabelle lifted her hips, to force him to pierce her with his big cock, but he refused her plead and just went on to tease her nipples, taking them into his mouth, sucking and licking them. Annabelle was close to come, just from his mouth and tongue on her nipples. She moaned frustrated, her body bucking under his and finally, with one strong thrust he entered her.

Annabelle came instantly; all the pent-up emotions broke free and washed over her body in a shattering climax.

Jack held her close till her breath normalized a bit. His hard cock still buried deep inside her, throbbing and twitching as her pussy squeezed it, still flexing from that orgasm. Gently he kissed her face, holding her in his arms. Slowly he started to move his hips, moving in, with gentle and deep thrusts.

Annabelle clung to his body, her arms and legs wrapped around his waist and neck, as she kissed him passionately. Her tongue caressing his mouth, like his cock caressed her pussy. Rhythmically she pushes her hips against his, meeting him with every thrust.

Beads of sweat ran down his spine as he gained speed, pushing faster and harder. The only thing he could think of was how good she felt under him and how tight her pussy was. Only minutes later, he came with a last hard thrust and unloaded his hot cum deep inside her pussy.

He lay in her arms, panting, feeling her cool hands on his back, as she comforted him. This was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship, between the two or that was what Annabelle thought. Finally she had found someone who loved her for herself. How wrong she was, but that was something she should find out soon enough.

Jack and she got invited to parties and he met her friends and even when some of them had doubts about their relationship, they soon got caught in Jack’s charm. And Annabelle was happy that everybody liked him, even if it bothered her a little, that he flirted so shameless with her girlfriends, but she tried to ignore that. Till one day one of her friends called.

“Hi Annabelle, it’s Linda. Do you have a second? I need to talk to you.”

 “Sure, what’s wrong?” Annabelle asked.

Linda was quiet for a moment, but then told her, that Sarah had told her, that Jack had slept with her, while they went out together. Apparently, he knew Sarah before Annabelle introduced them to each other at a party. Annabelle couldn’t believe that Jack hadn’t told her, but she tried to calm herself that it was before she had slept with him.

“Thanks for telling me, Linda,” Annabelle whispered into the phone, “I will talk to Jack when I see him next time.”

“Hun it’s not all, in the past 2 months he tried to date most of your friends and not just for a drink, if you know what I mean. I’m really sorry that I’m the one to tell you, but you deserve better and I don’t want to see you more hurt. Please believe me this.”

Annabelle sat on the couch; her knuckles white from her strong grip around the receiver. Her throat was tight from uncried tears as she hung up. How could he? She opened her heart to him, trusted him with her deepest thoughts, wishes and dreams. How could he cheat on her like that?

She hid herself in her house for the next few days, not answering the door or her phone.

Again, chocolate was her best friend, she couldn’t help it.

Annabelle turned in her bed and looked out the window. It was time she faced the world again. She needed to talk to Jack, now! Quickly she got up, showered and dressed. It was Sunday so he would be at home. Grabbing her car keys and handbag she hurried outside.

25 minutes later, she parked in front of the house, where he lived with his parents. She took out her mobile and called his number. He picked up after the third ring and she asked him to come outside.

With a big smile he came outside and joined her in the car. Without a word she drove to the beach and got out of the car. As it was still early, the beach was deserted, beside a few people with their dogs.

Jack looked down at her, wondering what was wrong.

“I know about you and Sarah and that you tried to hook up with most of my friends, while we have been together.” she said quietly.

Paling a bit, he looked out to the sea.

“Yes, its true, I slept with Sara, but I didn’t want to tell you, because it was before we got together, so I thought it wasn’t important.”

“And what about my other friends?” she asked bitterly.

“That’s not true! I haven’t asked them out. You have to believe me. I love you and you’re all I want and need.”

“Yeah right. Jack, I feel used and played and I can’t understand why you lied to me. I know your just twenty, but even at this age you should be honest, no matter what. I was always honest to you about my feelings and I was faithful to you. I even stopped talking to my male friends because you asked me to do so. And now see what I get back. You try to cheat on me with my best friends. I don’t think your ready for a faithful relationship and that’s why I will end this. Right here, right now. I’m still your friend and I’m here for you if you want to talk, but that’s it. I hope you will never have to experience what I’m going through right now.”

She tiptoed and kissed him softly on the cheek, then turned on her heel and walked back to her car. Not looking back at the young man who broke her heart.

And for the first time in months, she breathed freely and didn’t felt caged anymore. Deep down she always knew something was wrong and that he wasn’t 100% faithful to her, but sometimes it takes a bit longer to realise the truth, even if it hurts like hell.

Written in 2004

A bittersweet relationship between an older women and a younger man.