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It was a hot night in a small South American town. Rosa lay awake in her bed, little beads of sweat running down between her full breasts. She could hear the noises from the street and the loud music from her neighbours. Everybody was having a fiesta tonight. It was New Years Eve and her family wouldn’t be home before tomorrow afternoon or should she better say this afternoon?

It was already 4am and she couldn’t sleep. Smiling she looked at the guy lying next to her, sleeping with a little smile on his lips. A black strand of his curly hair hung into his beautiful face and Rosa reached over to push it back, carefully not to wake him up.

Raphael sighed in his sleep and moved a bit as her hand touched him softly.

His dreams hunted by Rosa’s smile and her smooth skin, her soft moans and sighs, her taste and smell. If all was just a dream, he didn’t want to wake up.

His smile grew wider in his peaceful and hot dream as he relived the past night.

It was 9:30pm and he was at the club “La Luna”, waiting for his brother, the bouncer, to let him in. About 10 minutes later José let him in and Raphael went straight to the dance floor, where his friends were already waiting for him.

The club was not yet crowded as it was still early, but in about 2 hours, the hottest club in town would be filled with people who wanted to dance to hot salsa rhythms. Sweaty bodies, pressed against each other, feeling the drums and congas, making their blood rush.

Raphael grabbed the hand of a girl and just started to dance with her, without even asking for her name. He loved to use the whole dance floor when he danced and she was a very good dancer. Filled with the joy of music and love of life he twirled her around, bending her backwards and swept her back up again. She laughed and shook her shoulders and head, sending her hair fly wildly. Her eyes dark brown and gleaming, the long black hair a wild mass of curls, framing her heart shaped face and her lips full and red, ready to get kissed by him. Her dress was fire red and thin straps held the top. Oh and her smell drove him wild, letting his loins burn.

The next song was a bit slower, but not less intense. Raphael held her close as the lights flashed over their faces, blinding them as they danced until they were exhausted. He twirled her a last time then brought her back to where her friends waited for her.

Rosa was a bit disappointed that he didn’t even ask for her name, after this hot dance. She had never felt like that when she danced with others. But with him, she felt so much alive. Like a flame burning in the dark, getting bent to one side then to the other, but never going out. She still could feel that inner flame burn as he walked away. Her heart racing and still feeling the rhythm of the last song. She could barely keep her feet still, she just had to dance, Salsa was her life, her soul, her everything.

Raphael stood at the bar and his look went from one side of the dance floor to the other and back, always brushing that girls face. Feeling her need for dance he took his drink and walked back to her. It felt so right to dance with her, he couldn’t just ignore that fact.

Rosa blushed a little and smiled at him as he came back.

“I’m Raphael and what’s your name?”

“I’m Rosa, nice to meet you. You dance fantastic.” she tried to drown the music out.

But the music was so loud, that he just took her hand again and started to dance. She laughed and just joined in. And again they flew over the dance floor.

They danced for the next 2 hours, till short before midnight.

The singer of the salsa band, did the countdown and the crowed joined in.

“…5..4..3..2..1…Happy new year everybody!”

Rosa looked at Raphael and he just leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

“Happy New Year, Rosa”

She smiled and said “Happy New Year, Raphael”

Their friends came over to wish them a happy new year too and pulled them apart. In the cheering and singing, they lost each other in the crowd.

Finally, 1 hour later they met again at the bar, both breathless from dancing.

Rosa thought for herself “Now or never, I’ll ask him if he wants to come home with me” and so she did.

Raphael couldn’t believe his luck and told her, that he would love to come with her.

They just sneaked out of the club and Raphael took her to where he had his Vespa parked. She climbed on the seat behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Raphael smiled as he felt her body press against his back.

Rosa showed him the direction to her family’s house and they arrived in less then 30 minutes. Rosa took a last deep breath, before she climbed off the motorbike, missing the feel of his strong body already.

Giggling and teasing each other they walked up the small path to the house, which lay in the middle of palm trees. On the other side of the house was the ocean, turquoise and nearly calm, the waves rolling on the beach and retreating again. The light in the hall was burning and the doors to the ocean side wide open, letting in the fresh sea breeze. Rosa took Raphael’s hand and let him upstairs to her room.

As they stood before her door, he pinned her against it, grabbing her hands and holding them above her head. Rosa smiled up at him, her lush lips slightly parted.

His eyes were sparkling in the dim light of the corridor as he leaned down to kiss her softly first, then with more passion when he slipped his tongue between her lips. Raphael’s leg pressed between hers, parting them till she practically sat on his thigh. She couldn’t withstand and rubbed her sensitive crotch against his thigh as she kissed him back, leaning into the kiss.

Rosa reached back and turned the door handle and the door opened under the pressure of their bodies. Raphael stumbled into the room, holding Rosa tight. His look quickly moved through the dark room, spotting the bed at the other side of the room. With her legs now around his waist, he carried her to the bed, their lips never parting. Carefully he laid her down on the bed and slid on top of her.

He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over, till she was on top. Hot and passionate were their kisses. Their bodies already covered in a thin layer of sweat. Raphael licked over Rosa’s neck, tasting her salty skin and inhaling her very feminine smell, which made his senses tingle. She was so sweet and smelled slightly of mangos and the sea.

Rosa giggled as his licking tickled her. Her hands moved over his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Kissing each bit of skin that was revealed as she pushed the shirt away. His tanned skin burning under her lips as she moved over his belly button, tracing the thin line of hair that vanished into his pants.

Raphael’s breath came faster now as he felt Rosa’s lips and tongue move over his skin. Her hair drove him crazy as it moved over his bare chest, like a very sensual caress. She was a dream come true, hot and passionate and still sweet and innocent. He lifted his hand on her head and ran his fingers thru her black curls, feeling the smoothness of them as Rosa slowly unbuckled his pants and the zip slowly moved down. Helping her to get rid of his pants, he lifted his hips and felt the fresh breeze from the open balcony doors, on his now freed hard member.

Rosa giggled as she stood up to pull the pants and jocks over his legs and feet, taking of his shoes and socks too. She blushed at the view of the naked man on her bed. 

“Oh my god, what would her father say, if he knew?” she thought as she slowly turned her back to Raphael.

“Would you please unzip my dress?”

She lifted her hair away and waited, hearing him move behind her. Shivering she felt the zip move slowly down. As the zip was open she wanted to turn, but Raphael whispered “Wait!” and she stopped. She could feel his hands slip into her dress on and move around her chest on both sides, till he could cup her breasts. With 2 fingers he gently pinched her nipples, pulling a little at them, till they grew hard, poking into his palms. Rosa moaned softly, stepping closer to him. Raphael leaned closer and kissed her back, licking his way down to her lower back, till he reached the rim of her panties, never stopping to caress and squeeze her breasts. He couldn’t wait to kiss her nipples and suck on them, hearing her moan of ecstasy.

He moves his hands to her shoulders and pushed the thin straps down and her dress slide down on her body, to the floor. Hooking his fingers into her panties he pushed them down over her hips and let them slide down her legs. He grabbed her hips and leaned over to kiss her butt cheeks, gently biting them and licking over the soft and warm skin, letting her shiver and moan in surprise. His strong fingers moved over her belly and as he pressed his face against her lower back. She held her breath and her pussy started to ache for his touch.

His fingers moved further down, caressing her thick pubic hair, combing through the black curls. One of his long fingers moved between her pussy lips, feeling her wetness and searching for her most sensitive spot. Her moans confirmed her readiness for him as he started to rub her clit, his finger dancing over it, like they had danced salsa before, that night.

Her knees buckled as she had her first small climax, but his hands steadied her.

Raphael turned her to face him and as he looked up at her, her eyes looked down at him, like two shining obsidians. He smiled and kissed her belly. Rosa ran her fingers through his hair and smiled weakly. Raphael grinned and quickly buried his face in her pubic hair, taking a deep breath. Rosa gasped and was a bit shocked first, but when she felt his tongue sliding over her wet lips she just gave in, parting her legs a little more to give him better access. His long tongue slide through her pussy lips, tasting her juices and as he hit her clit she dug her fingers into his hair, pulling him closer. For a while he just licked and sucked at her pussy, till he could feel her thighs tremble. He moved a finger between her pussy lips and gently slid it into her hot and wet love hole.

Rosa groaned and thrust her hips forward, pushing against his invading finger.

It drove her wild, her sense alerted and ready to burst. Raphael could feel her arousal and added a second finger, pushing faster and harder now. He could feel her juices cover his fingers, the soft walls of her pussy, flexing around them and he knew if he wouldn’t stop now, she would cum on his fingers. But he wanted to feel her cum around his cock, so he quickly withdrew his fingers and pushed her on the bed, positioning himself between her legs.

She spread her legs, letting him slide easily between the folds of her sex. His hard cock pushing into her softness, stretching her to the maximum. Her head fell back as she moaned out load and she climaxed instantly as the tip of his cock hit the back of her pussy. Raphael lay on top of her, holding her close as her body arched and shook underneath him, her hot pussy sucking his cock deeper, squeezing it.

Rosa head was spinning as her climax subsided and she kept her eyes closed for a moment. She could feel his big cock, buried inside her, but he didn’t move. Even after her second climax she still felt hot and hungry for more, so she started to slowly move her hips.

As Raphael noticed the small moves of her hips he grinned down at her and said in a deep voice “Not enough yet, baby?” and laughed softly.

Slowly he started to move, slow deep thrust. Rosa moved her hips to match his moves, getting the most incredible feelings as he lifted her higher and higher again. His moves gained speed and he pushed himself up on his forearms.

Rosa moved her hands over the hard muscles of his upper arms and around his broad chest, digging her fingers into the muscles of his back holding on to him.

Raphael looked down into her eyes as he felt his climax rise. He lowered his lips onto hers and kissed her passionately, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, like his cock thrust into her pussy. One more thrust and he was there, his hot cum shooting into her pussy. He groaned and moaned out Rosa’s name as he kept pushing into her.

Rosa climaxed only a few seconds later. Her third orgasm stronger then the two before, she was screaming in ecstasy. Nearly losing consciousness, she fell back on the bed, panting and still shivering. Her arms fell on the bed and her body felt weak and tired and she herself, exhausted and satisfied.

Raphael rolled down from her, lying on his back for a moment then he cradled her in his harms, kissing her forehead. She cuddled up to him and smiled already half asleep. Rosa sight softly as she drifted asleep, making Raphael smile even more as he followed her into the world of dreams, while outside the people of the city still were celebrating the New Year.

Written in 2004

Spicy and a little sweet.