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One Wild Night

She was one with her body and soul. Feeling the beat of the sound vibrating through her dancing body. The flickering lights banned from her closed eyes. She was not only hearing the music, she was feeling it. Arms lifted over her head; she swayed her hips to the groove. Her feet moving to the rhythm, the same rhythm that let her heart beat and her blood rush through her veins. She couldn’t stop. Feeling like she was in trance, unreal. She felt ecstatic, sexy, wanted. She smiled, just enjoying herself and the music. Thinking of the last time she felt like that. Hot sex with her last boyfriend, making her smile even more. Her body smooth, going down, till she could nearly touch the floor and up again, hips moving.

The song ended and a slower one started. One of her favorite, En Vogue – Don’t let go. She moved slower now, no less sexy though. She didn’t flinch when she felt warm hands on her hips. Somebody was behind her, moving with her. She could smell him; sandalwood and a scent she couldn’t define, but it didn’t really matter. She loved it.

His thumbs moved over the soft skin of her waist, where her top ended. Strong hands. He pulled her nearer to his body. Still moving with her. She could feel his hard chest against her back and a nice big bulge against her butt. A sigh came over her full lips, as she imagined what it would be like to touch him. Not knowing his name or who he was.

Lowering her arms, she let her hands slide back, laying them on his hips. His mouth came close to her ear, saying nothing first, just blowing some warm air on it, then he whispered, “I want you”.

Nothing else, but it was enough to send shivers down her spine. Her nipples went hard, just from the thought of his hands on them.

Still dancing, he moved his hands up, his thumbs brushing the sides of her breasts. It was as if he had heard her thought.

She couldn’t resist and let one of her hands slide behind her back, between there bodies. Cupping the bulge, slightly squeezing it, hearing the intake of breath near her ear. A cheeky smile on her face, she unzipped his denims and slid one hand in between. Opening surprised her eyes as she touched skin and not the expected fabric of underwear. Already pulling back her hand, he whispered, “Please don’t”, making her stop.

Pressing her hand on his hard cock, she could hear his moan. She closed her fingers around his cock, looking around, instantly concerned that someone might see it, but everybody was so occupied with themselves, that she had nothing to fear.

Finally, she managed to pull her hand back out and closed the zip. She wanted to see his face. Turning in his embrace, she starred at his chest first. God, she could see the hard muscles through thin material of his shirt.

“Nice six pack, “ she thought, nearly starting to giggle.

Lifting her eyes slowly to his broad shoulders. She couldn’t resist and lifted her hand, letting it slide over his neck and shoulder, then finally her eyes moved over his chin and his lips. Lips made to please a woman in every way she wanted. She licked over her own lips. She couldn’t see the color of his eyes, but she guessed they were blue or grey.

His look was as hard as stone, but with a fire that could burn her skin. He slowly leaned down to her, conquering her lips with his. His tongue commanding her to open her mouth for him. She gave in, the moment his hands cupped her arse cheeks, pressing her body against his again. She slung her arms around his neck, clinging to his body.

After a while he broke the contact of their lips, kissing her neck. Then he whispered in her ear, “I need you, where can we go?” Trying to gather her thoughts, she motioned to a door in the back of the club.

He took her hand and moved fast through the crowed. Reaching the door, he looked back at her as he saw what was written on the door, “Ladies Room”, she nodded and walked past him, opening the door.

They entered the room, which was surprisingly empty. He looked at her as she closed the door and turned the key.

“Most women don’t know about this second restroom, that’s why it’s mostly empty,” she said to him.

He stepped closer, his hands again on her body. Slipping under her top and pushing it up. She was not wearing a bra, so he had full access to her hard and erect nipples. Her back hit the door, leaving her no way to go. Even if she wanted, she wouldn’t have wanted to move away anyway.

His lips closed over one of them, sucking hard, not gentle anymore. Her hands frantically unfastened his denims, while he sucked at her nipples. His hand moved over her hips and under her skirt, moving between her legs. She moaned as his hand cupped her pussy, softly caressing it through the silky material of her panties. He could feel how the material went moist from her juices.

She was ready for him, wanting him deep inside her. Lifting his head from her breasts he showed her a wolfish grin, making her hold her breath. Slowly pulling down her panties, going down on his knees, he lifted her skirt and pushed it up over her hips, giving him free sight to her shaved pussy.

She blushed as she saw his bold look on it. Never ever had someone looked at her most private part like this. Looking down she saw him moving closer and closer, till she felt his tongue lick over the still closed lips of her pussy. She bit her lower lip, as his tongue poked in between. With his fingers he parted the lips gently, touching the wet pink flesh.

Her knees buckled at the sensation of his licking tongue, flicking over the clit. A moan escaped from deep in her throat.

He could feel that she was nearly ready to cum. One last lick and he moved up. He pushed his denims over his hips, taking his hard cock into one hand. Slowly rubbing it, while he looked at her. She looked at his cock, already going down, when she heard him say, “Next time, baby”.

She looked into his eyes again, seeing the same lust she was feeling. With his body, he pinned her to the wall, grabbed her legs and lifted them so they wrapped around his waist. He slowly entered her pussy, filling her out, moaning at the soft and moist sensation. He didn’t move for a moment savoring the feelings. Her hands on his upper arms, she could feel the steal hard muscles.

“Please,” she begged.

Then he started to move, in and out, slowly. His cock covered with her juices now. Sliding deep inside her.

“Faster, faster, please,” she begged.

He couldn’t hold back anymore and started to fuck her hard and fast. His hands on her arse cheeks, squeezing them. His hips grinding against hers. She came first; feeling like her pussy would explode. Her scream of release made him bang her harder and faster, nearly tearing her pussy apart. He shot his load into her. One last thrust. He was still holding her tight, sliding his cock out of her flooded pussy. He went down on his knees again. He started to lick and suck her, making her cum again, she couldn’t stand by herself anymore. Her knees weak, she leaned against his shoulders, shivering and shacking, as he didn’t stop sucking on her clit. Then he finally ended this sweet torture and let go of her. Letting her slide down his body, until they kneeled face to face. His hand cupped the back of her head and pulled her to him. Crushing her lips with his. His tongue parted her lips once more, giving her a taste of their cum.

They kept kissing for a while, until he got up and put his clothes back on.

“Thank you, babe,” he said before turning the key and left the room.

Leaving her completely exhausted and satisfied. Still sitting on the cold floor, she started to grin, then to giggle until she burst into laughter. Oh what a night!

Written in 2004

A streight forward one night stand!