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Once Upon A Time

“Once upon a time”…

Isn’t it like that, all fairy tales start …

There was a young princess who was married to a much older king. Her life was peaceful and she had everything she needed.  Except one thing. A child…

Laina stopped to type and looked at the words.

“What a crap”, she said to herself.

Sighing she ran her hands over her face and rubbed her eyes. Maxi her cat jumped on the desk and rubbed his head against her arm, demanding some caresses. She patted him behind the ear and Maxi started to purr.

“Oh Maxi, I feel so bloody alone and sad. I have no idea what I shall do with my life. I’m 30 and live with my cat and I talk to it. Isn’t that pathetic. I have to write a fairy tale for adults and I have no clue.”

Laina slammed her fist on the desk, missing her keyboard only by an inch. Maxi hissed at her fast move and jumped down from the desk, walking to the couch in the corner, his tail up in a very arrogant manner. Laina chuckled at the sight, but fell right back into her lonely feeling. Her eyes stared out of the window, but not really seeing what was outside. She didn’t notice the tears running down her cheeks and falling on her hands.

It started to get dark as she finally stopped crying and went into the kitchen to cook something for dinner and feed Maxi.

Laina was not the average woman. She was a size 20, was 5’6’’ tall and looked like one of those ancient figures of Mother Earth, with big breasts and wide hips. If she wanted, she could have written a book about diets, but now she was at a point where she just accepted herself for who she was. She also accepted that men didn’t want someone like her.

Too independent and too self-confident, combined with her figure, her long red brown hair, big amber eyes, a mouth that always looked like she was pouting and a little nose, she was too unattractive for men. They wanted some slim, girl with a naïve look and big boobies and best was if she just followed orders, the perfect bimbo.

The kitchen alarm went off and pulled Laina out of her thoughts. She took the noodles out of the water and mixed them with a nice self-made sauce. She didn’t notice she had eaten half a package of noodles, within 10 minutes. Still feeling hungry she went back into the kitchen to look in the fridge. Taking out some cheese and ham she made a sandwich.

She started to feel sick, from all the food, she had stuffed into her face and laid down on the couch. Maxi jumped on her belly and lay down on her chest where he could feel her heartbeat. She started to watch TV to get her thoughts away from the loneliness. After a few mins she fell asleep and started to dream.

Once upon a time in a far country, lived a princess, she wasn’t a beauty like her sisters, but everybody loved her as she had a very kind heart and an open ear for everybody. Her father and mother were worried, as she was still not married at 30 years of age, but the princess was happy with her life. There was only one thing she wished for and that was to have children.

One day a horse came through the gates of the castle. Its rider lying unconscious on its back. The guards called for the king and the doctor. They pulled him from the horse and brought him to a chamber and laid him on the big bed. His clothes were stained with dirt and his hair stuck to his face, where the blood had dried.

The princess followed the doctor, to see if she could assist him, like she had done a million times before. Together with 2 maids she stripped the man of his clothes and washed him. His body was covered with bruises and little cuts, but nothing seemed to be broken. It was the body of someone who was used to train every muscle and he was very tall. The maids giggled as they helped the princess to wash him and dress him into one of her fathers’ nightshirts. The whole time the man was unconscious and didn’t move a muscle.

The princess took a damp cloth and started to wash the man's face, careful not to cause more pain. As she moved the cloth over the bruise on his cheek, a hand closed around her wrist and squeezed it so hard, that she dropped the damp cloth. She looked into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. They were a dark green with a few golden sprinkles and at the moment they were looking angrily at her.

He spoke with a low voice,

“Who are you and where am I?”

“You came on the back of your horse Milord and this is my father’s kingdom.”

She stayed calm and smiled as she spoke. The man sat up slowly, holding his head as everything started to turn before his eyes.

“Lay back, you have a wound at your temple.”

Her hands on his shoulders she pushed him back on the pillows. The princess took a small flask from the table and put a few drops of the fluid into a goblet of water. She held it against the man’s lips, supporting his head with her other hand.

“Here, drink this; it will help you to sleep.”

He first wanted to say no, but then he looked into the eyes of the princess and saw only kindness in them. He drank the water. It took only a few minutes till he fell into a deep sleep. After all his wounds had been looked after, the princess told the maids to leave her alone.

It was long past midnight, when she woke up, still sitting in the chair beside the strangers’ bed. He was having a nightmare and had grabbed her hand as if she was the only thing that could keep him from the bad thoughts. She gently touched his shoulder and shook him a little to wake him up.

“Milord it’s just a dream, wake up.”

With a gasp he opened his eyes and stared into the dark room.

“If you let go of my hand, I can light a candle”.

She tried to pull her hand away, but his grip was too strong.

“No please don’t go away. Just talk to me.”

Just like that, the first night of many began. The princess watched over him during the night, giving him comfort by telling him stories in the dark.

Her parents started already to wonder, why she was always tired during the day, till they found out, what she was doing.

In the second week, the man started to feel better, but still hadn’t told anybody who he was. Nobody was pushing him and he started to gain strength. He could then leave the bed for a few hours.

When the sun vanished behind the mountains, the princess took her place in the chair beside his bed and like every night before this, he took her hand and asked her for a story.

When the story was finished, the man spoke to the princess.

“I am a king of a big and wealthy country in the west and I want you to come with me and be my queen.”

The princess first was quiet and then started to laugh.

“Pardon me, Milord I understood you want to marry me.”

“Yes, that’s what I said”

“But that can’t be. I’m sure you would rather want to marry one of my beautiful sisters who are still young. I’m rather old, too old to get married.”

The king shook his head and lifted her hand to his lips.

“No, my beautiful princess, it is you I want. You were here for me when I felt sick and bad. You watched over me, every night and kept the nightmares away. I can’t think of a life without you near me anymore. Your kind heart has captured mine. Please say yes and come with me.”

A single tear ran down the cheek of the princess as she answered with a breathless “yes”.

The king sat up in bed and pulled her onto his lap. He captured her glowing face in his hands and started to kiss her gently. She first reacted shyly, but then started to kiss him back, with all the passion she had hidden for so long.

Slowly his hands moved from her face to her shoulders. His fingers, running over her neck and the swell of her breasts, over her corslet.

Her breathe coming faster now she ran her hands thru his hair admiring the softness of it. His hands moved over her back pulling open the strings of the corslet, freeing her heavy breasts from it. They moved to her front again and cupped her breasts thru the thin shirt, the only barrier between him and her warm skin. He broke the kiss and moved his hot mouth over her neck, licking over the spot where he could feel her pulse. His tongue licked its way down over her shoulder and down the front. He reached her nipples and slowly sucked first one and then the other, moistening the shirt till it was nearly transparent. Her dark nipples were visible now. She moaned softly as these new and hot feelings ran through her body, sizzling and making her feel so alive.

“I want to see your hair floating down your back, “ he said softly as he started to kiss her again on the lips.

She lifted her hands to the back of her head and started to pull out the pins, letting them fall to the floor. Her long hair fell down her back in heavy waves, filling the king’s nose with the scent of roses. He ran his fingers through her hair, feeling its silkiness.

“Your scent drives me crazy, woman, “ he whispered in her ear.

His words sent a shiver down her spine or maybe it was his hands. She couldn’t tell anymore what aroused her most. She felt as if a dam had been open.

The king pulled at her skirts and opened the buttons and strings he found. Pushing away the layers of silk and linen, till she was only in her thin shirt.

“Take it off,” he ordered and she followed with pleasure.

She shivered when the cool night air hit her bare skin and she tried to cover her breasts.

“Don’t do that. You are beautiful. I love every pound on you.”

She blushed, but he couldn’t see that in the moonlit room. She let her arms drop and leaned over, kissing him shyly, getting more passionate as she felt him respond. He took off the nightshirt, before he embraced her and laid her down on her back, her hair floating over the pillows. His hands started to caress her full body, kissing and caressing every single bit of skin he could reach.

The princess melted under his smooth hands. When he gently parted her legs, he found her pussy wet and ready for him. He didn’t want to scare her and told her it would hurt the first time. She nodded and said that she was not scared of it. The king gently pushed a finger inside her pussy, till he could feel the barrier. Moving his finger in and out of her pussy, while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. The princess had feelings she had never felt before. Everything seemed to turn and every muscle in her body got tense. She couldn’t stop the moan. It felt so good.

From her reactions he knew she was close to orgasm and he moved up, lying beside her. He moved his finger faster as he wanted her to cum. She grabbed his wrist and dug her nails in it. Her body got tense and she arched her back as she had her first climax. He pulled out his finger and fast laid between her legs, his hard cock pushing against her pussy. With one fast move he entered her and breached the thin barrier. She cried out, but the climax was still shaking her, so she wasn’t much aware of what happened. As she started to breath slower, she could feel how her pussy got stretched by the kings big hard cock. He covered her face with little kisses and it took him all his strength not to move. He wouldn’t move till she wanted him to. Sweat ran down his back, as he felt her pussy walls squeeze his cock, the pleasure of it nearly killing him.

The princess looked deep into the kings’ eyes as she started to move her hips a little.

“Jesus, girl, don’t move or you want to kill me?”

“Oh I’m sorry, but I feel like moving”

“Let me do that, just enjoy and tell me if it hurts”

The king slowly pulled back and moved in again, not leaving her face. She just bit her lower lip. He moved faster now and he could see in her face that she enjoyed. It didn’t take him long to cum as she was so tight around his pumping cock. With a loud moan he released his cum into her pussy, setting her off too.

He kissed her gently on the lips. Holding her in his arms he rolled over so she was laying on top of him, his cock still in her pussy. She felt funny, but very relaxed.

She smiled at him-

“Is it always like that?”

He laughed

“Yes it is and it can get better every time we do it.”

She giggled and kissed his chest. Both could feel how his cock got hard in her pussy and the princess sat up.

“Hmmmmmm, that feels good, “ she said in a low voice.

He chuckled and ran his hands over her big thighs and over her wide hips.

“Ride me like you would ride a horse”.

The princess started to move her hips, letting him slide in and out of her pussy, her big breasts bouncing as she moved faster. He looked up at her, and admired her beautiful face, the slightly flushed cheeks, her slightly parted, full lips and her dreamy eyes. He lifted his hands and started to rub and pinch her big and erect nipples, she moaned and moved even faster as she felt her orgasm to start. Her body began to shake and she moved as fast as she could, her pussy sucking at his cock, sucking it deeper inside her as she came, her juices running down his cock and over his balls. Her squeezing pussy set him off too and he shot his load into her pussy, not stopping to pump, till she fell over, laying panting on his chest, her big breasts pressed flat on his chest.

Long strands of her hair were covering his upper half and hiding her face. After a few minutes of recovering, he stroked some of the strands out of her face, her breath was going deep and slow now. He gently moved out from under her and got a wet cloth. He first cleaned himself then he cleaned her from her own blood and his cum. She didn’t awake. She just sighed as the cold cloth touched her sore pussy. He lay back besides her, pulling her into his arms as he fell asleep himself. It was a sleep like he hadn’t had in years, peaceful and deep.

One week later, they got married and the king and his bride left the kingdom and as they arrived at the castle the people greeted them with cheers and they threw rose petals on the was they came.

The king and the queen had a lot of children and as in all tales, they lived happily ever after.

Bang, bang and bang. Laina woke up, first not knowing where she was; it was dark in the room. Again she heard a bang. Someone was knocking at the door. She got up and opened it. A stranger was standing in front of her and he was holding his head. A thin line of blood ran down his cheek.

“I’m terribly sorry to disturb you, but I just moved in and I had a little accident with a cupboard. Do you have something I can disinfect the wound with?”

“Yes sure, come in”.

She stepped aside to let the man in and switched on the light in the living room, telling the man to sit down. Laina went to the bathroom to get some cotton pads and the disinfection liquid. She had a look at the man when she came back in the living room. He was tall and had long black hair coming down to his shoulders. She sat down beside him and told him to take away his hand, so she could have a look at his wound. It looked worse than it was, because of all the blood. With a few moves she had the wound clean and a band-aid was covering it. The whole time the man had his eyes closed.

When she was finished, he turned his head and looked at her. She could only stare at him with open mouth. His eyes, dark green with golden splinters. That couldn’t be. It was just a dream.

The man smiled and held out his hand.

“My name is Rex King. Thank you very much for your help, you were my princess in…”

he looked down at her and grinned

“ cotton pants.”

Laina took his hand and laughed. “Your welcome and my name is Laina de Monte.”

…And they lived happily ever after? Sometimes a fairy tale can come true, if you believe strong enough into it.

Written in 2003

Even grown up women can still believe in fairytales.