Kat's playground!


Tom was sitting on the porch in front of his parent’s house. He was waiting for his friends to pick him up; they wanted to hang out at the shopping mall. What else could a 19-year-old do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It was October and still warm enough to wear a t-shirt. Bored he looked over to their neighbours’ house, hoping to see Grace, the woman living alone there. He knew Grace since 6 years. That was when she and her boyfriend moved in across the street. After 2 years she threw her boyfriend out, because she found out he cheated on her.

Tom remembered the night he woke up. He was 12 and it was a warm summer night. His window was open and he walked over to have a look outside, maybe he’d see what woke him up. He moved the curtains aside and his eyes locked on the lighted window of Graces bedroom. He could see her lie on her bed, only wearing a bath towel. A faint sob caught his attention and he could see her shoulders shake. It dawned him, that she was crying, he wished then he could do something for her, but he was only a teenager and she was a grown woman. What could he do to sooth her pain? Sighing he went back to bed and fell asleep.

The slamming of a door brought him back to reality and he saw Grace leaving her house.

“Hi Grace”, he called.

Grace turned and smiled at him, “Hi Tom”.

She was looking so sexy in her tight jeans and her stretch top. Sitting got a bit uncomfortable and he shifted in his seat.

She bent over and tied her shoelace, giving him a full view off her ass.

“Oh dear god”, he thought, if he could only touch her, just once, he would give 10 years of his life.

She got up again and walked over to her car, with a last wink and a radiating smile she got into her car and drove off. This woman just looked fantastic; she was 30 and had long black hair and the greenest eyes he had ever seen. Her skin had a creamy colour and looked so smooth.

A basketball hit him in the head and the daydream vanished.

“That was very useless, Jack”, he shouted at one of the guys standing at the street.

Jack laughed and answered, “We called you 5 times and you showed no reaction. Now move, we want leave.”

Tom jumped down the few steps and walked to the car, joining his friends.

When his friend’s car pulled into the street back to his house, he saw Grace standing at her car, two big bags in both arms. She pushed the car door close with her foot and walked up the short path to her house. In the middle of the path, one of the bags ripped apart and all its contents fell to the ground.

He jumped out of the car and called out a short bye, running already over to Grace, to help her with her shopping’s.

“Here, let me help you”, he picked up some of the goods lying on the ground and stuffed them into the other bag.

“Thanks Tom. The bag must have gotten wet. Would you please carry this one in the house as I get the other one from the car?”

“Sure thing, is it open?” She nodded and walked back to the car, as he picked up the bag and entered her house.

He could smell her perfume, the moment he stepped in. He walked over to the kitchen and put the bag down on the big kitchen table. After a few minutes she came in putting a second bag on the table. She smiled at him and blowed a strand of her long her out of her face.

“Thanks Tom, that was very nice of you. Would you like something cold to drink?”

“Yes please, I’m pretty thirsty.”

She opened the fridge and took out a coke. As he took the coke his fingers brushed hers. It was like he got stroked by a lightning. He just could stare into the depths of her green eyes.

Slowly she moved her hand over his arm, stepping closer. He shivered, not able to make a move. He just waited for what would happen next. Grace took the can out of his hand and put it on the table behind her.

Moving one hand up his arm and the other over his chest, she asked softly, “Would you like to kiss me?”

He gulped and nodded, not able to say a single word. He leaned down and gently brushed her full lips with his. She was not the first woman he kissed, but she was the first older one. She was not one of the girlies he had sex with. She was fully aware of her sexuality and her body and what she could do with it. He took her lower lip between his and ran his tongue over it, feeling her hips rubbing against his. His cock reacted immediately on that and got hard. Tom could feel how she smiled as she sucked at his upper lip. Her tongue slowly pushed against his lips; he opened his mouth for her.

Tasting her sweetness, he moaned and moved his hand over her hips to her back. Pulling her closer, he parted her legs with his knee.

She was practically half sitting on his thigh, her jeans covered pussy rubbing over it. He grabbed her hips and lifted her on the table.

She gasped at the unexpected action and laughed softly.

“Are you sure you want this? I’m 11 years older than you.”

He smiled at her and answered, “100%, you have no idea, for how long I wanted you. Wanted to feel your body move under mine. touch your wonderful breasts and suck and lick your nipples.”

Grace’s breath went faster as she listened to what he said. She grabbed the end of her top and just pulled it over her head, revealing her bare chest. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were already hard and pointing at him.

Tom moved his hands up and cupped first one breast then the other, feeling the weight and soft skin of them. His thumb brushed over the erect nipples and made her moan. He leaned forward and kissed her shoulder then moved down to her breasts. She shivered as she felt his mouth take one of the hard sensitive nipples into it. Gently sucking on them, he made her moan louder. Was this really happening, was the only thing he could think. He was here in Grace’s kitchen, sucking at her nipples. His wonderful Grace! He finally was where he wanted to be since so many years.

Over half an hour he played, sucked, licked and kissed her breasts, sending shiver after shiver over Grace’s body. Making her moan and plead. He loved when she pleaded for more.

He made her lay down on the table and kissed her flat tummy, his hands unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them over her hips. To his surprise she was not wearing any underwear. That made him blush a little as he got a full sight on her bald pussy. She was completely shaven and that was something he hadn’t seen before. Shyly he laid a hand on her pussy, feeling the smooth skin; he moved his fingers over her pussy lips.

“Touch me”, she whispered looking up at him.

Slowly he parted her pussy lips, pushing a finger slowly into the wetness of her pussy. She was hot and his hard cock started to ache in his jeans. He wanted her, need her, right now!

Grace spread her legs wider apart, pushing her hips against his hand.

He pulled back his finger and started to unzip his jeans. Pushing them down, his boxers followed even faster.

Grace sat up again, looking at his hard member.

“What a nice hard cock you have there”, she said in a soft voice.

She reached out and took him into her hands, caressing the hot skin. With her fingertip she catches a drop of his pre cum and licked it off. His cock was twitching as he watched her suck her finger. He pushed her hand away and moved between her legs. Parting them as far as possible and led his hard cock to her pussy. There was nothing that could keep him away now from her. He pushed fast and hard into her and as his cock was buried deep inside her. He just stayed there, not moving, just feeling her hot and wet pussy pulsating around his cock.

Their lips locked in a passionate kiss as her hands moved under his shirt, caressing and pinching his nipples. He gasped as a new sensation ran through his body. Tom had never known how sensitive his own nipples were. Gawd this woman was a goddess, a dream come true. He loved her body, her voice and the way she looked at him.

Grace slung her legs around his hips and pulled him closer. He then started to move slowly, in and out in slow strokes, it cost him a lot not to just ram into her pussy, but he tried to control himself. He wanted it to last as long as possible. But Grace had her own way, she leaned back and arched her back, moving her hips against his, making him sink deeper with every stroke, till she could feel his balls slap against her ass.

She told him how fast he had to move and she wanted him to move faster and hard. There was no way he could resist and so he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, her juices were running down her legs and covering his balls. He started to stroke her clit as he could feel he would cum any moment. Tom wanted her to cum with him so badly.

She screamed his name as she climaxed only seconds after he started to rub her clit. Her pussy getting tight around his cock, flexing and squeezing it. A few more strokes and he came too, his hot seed flooding her still twitching pussy. Tom moved in and out, a few more times, till his cock softened a bit. Then he fell on top of her, exhausted and breathing fast.

His mouth was not far from her nipple and he just poked out his tongue licking over it. He could feel her pussy clench around his cock, squeezing some more seed out of him. Feeling her hands move over his head, caressing his sweaty shoulders, he closed his eyes.

After a few minutes he slowly looked up into her lovely face. Smiling he moved out of her and pulled up his boxers and jeans. He took her in his arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. She was already half asleep as he laid her down on the bed and put a blanket over her naked body. He kissed Grace on the forehead and left silently.

As he left her house through the front door, he took a deep breath, filling his lungs with fresh air. He felt like newly born. With a smile and a whistle, he walked back home.

Written in 2004

Young man and older women, living in a very friendly neighbourhood