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Lovesong For A Vampire

She ran through the empty streets of this big city, avoiding the dark areas between the blocks, always staying in the light. She stumbled and fell; bruising her knees and hands, but she didn’t stop. Getting on her feet again and breathing hard, her mind screamed, “Run, run faster! You are nearly at home; you’ll be safe there.”

A sob escaped her swollen lips and tears ran down her cheeks, but she didn’t recognize them, running for her life. She passed the drugstore one block from her apartment and nearly started to laugh hysterically when she saw the entrance of the apartment house. Running over the street, she nearly collided with an oncoming car. She didn’t stop; she just ran past the doorman and into the house.

Stopping at the lift, she pushed the button a few times. She tried to slow down her breath while searching for the keys. The lift came and the doors slid open, letting her in. She entered, pushing the button to the 31st floor.  The doors closed silently and the cabin moved while Lisa watched the display counting up…10..11..12. With the keys in her hands, she arrived at her floor. The doors slid open and she rushed out, turning left to the fifth door on the left. Nervously she tried to put the key into the hole, her hands numb from the fall, but the keys fell on the floor. She bent down and grabbed them, trying again to open the door.
Finally she made it! The door swung open; two steps and she was in her apartment. Closing the door with a slam behind her and locking it safely, she leaned against the door and slid slowly down until she sat on the floor. Her chin rested on her knees as deep and loud sobs escaping her mouth. Everything began so amazingly…wonderful…normal….

Two days earlier…

Lisa got ready for her gig at the “The Blue Pool”, a small but exclusive club in the city. She worked there at weekends, and sometimes the owner asked her for a little appearance on special occasions. This night was one of this special occasions. Some very rich businessman was celebrating his birthday. She didn’t like nights like that, but she could use the money.

It was 10:00 pm when she stepped on the little stage, wearing her long blue dress, leaving her shoulders and most of her back free. She went to the microphone and gave the piano player a sign that she was ready. When the first notes floated through the room, it went quiet. First song was Gloomy Sunday. She started to sing, her voice clear and sad. “Sunday is Gloomy…my hours are slumber less...dearest, the shadows I live with are numberless…little white flowers will never awaken you…” Lisa leaned on the piano, the microphone in her hand, looking at Jeff, the piano man, a little sad smile on her lips.

“Not where the black coach of sorrow has taken you…Angels have no thought of ever returning you…Would they be angry if I thought of joining you…Gloomy Sunday…” She stepped down from the stage, moving through the room.

From time to time, she touched the shoulder of one of the guests. By the time she came to the VIP-corner of the club, where this special guest and his friends were seated, she finished the song. It was quiet for a few seconds, then the crowed started to applaud and cheer. She bowed a few times and then turned back at the VIP-corner. “Mr. Jensen, do you have a wish for a song?”, she asked him.

“Yes, I have. I would like to hear Hey, Big Spender!" He and his friends started to laugh, like the idiots they were.

Lisa kept up her friendly smile, turned to make eye contact with Jeff and started to sing,” The minute you walked in the joint…I could see you were a man of distinction…. a real Big  Spender….good looking, so refined….Say, wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind?” The moment she wanted to sing the second verse one of the guys grabbed her around the waist and pulled her on his lap. She tried to get up, but failed. The guy's sweaty fingers on the soft skin of her back, made her shiver.

Lisa didn’t really see what happen, she just saw another man in a expensive looking black suit coming out of the nothing. His fist hit the man in the face. The guy squealed like a pig and pushed her from his lap, holding his nose. Before she hit the floor, this man grabbed her on her upper arm and held her against him. She looked up into his beautiful face. His piercing look seemed to go into the depths of her soul. She forgot to breathe, to think and just felt. She could hear her heartbeat.

He had black eyes; not just dark brown, they were pitch black. Slowly, his hands slid from her arms. Feeling like this had taken hours, she started to breathe again, hearing the noises of the crowd in the club again. “Thank you,” she managed to say and turned to the stage. Slowly she moved away from the VIP-corner. Professional like she was, she gave Jeff a sign to play. She finished the song without any further interruptions from the guests.

After two hours, she was drained and her voice sounded smoky from the singing. She left the stage and went to her dressing room, a little room in the back of the club. When she opened the door, she could smell the scent of roses. She switched on the light and was overpowered for a moment. The room was filled with roses in every imaginable colour. Stepping into the room still overwhelmed from the beauty and the scent, she saw the little white card stuck in the frame of her mirror. She slowly took it in her hand and started to read: Dear Miss Lisa, my name is Warrick and I would like to invite you for dinner tonight. I expect you in front of the club at midnight. Yours sincerely.

She was flattered, but also a bit upset. How could this man dare to invite her first, and then order that she should be there at midnight? Looking in the mirror, she decided that she would accept the invitation. She was curious who this man was.

It was 11:55 when she exited the club through the front door. Nobody was around and she already wanted to walk to her car, when a car came down the street. Well, it was not only a car, but also a black limousine, which parked where she stood. She waited until the driver got out of the car and walked around to open the door for her. When she slid into the car, she smelt sandalwood. It reminded her of the man in the club.

Sinking into the soft leather of the seat, her eyes adjusted to the dim light. On the opposite of her, he sat motionless, looking at her with a seductive smile on his lips. “I’m glad you accepted my invitation, Miss Lisa.”

“I was curious, that’s all. I usually don’t accept invitation from guests, “ she answered. The car started to move. “Where will we go?”

“That is a surprise,” he replied, still smiling. He took an already opened bottle out of a cooler beside his seat and poured the bubbling liquid into two glasses, offering her one of them. Her hand a little shaking, she took it from his hand. When his fingers brushed over hers, a shiver ran down her spine.
They drove for about 30 minutes, leaving the city behind.

The car stopped and the driver left to open the door. Warrick left first and helped her out, holding out a hand. She left the car and saw a castle! She stood there, too stunned to say anything. “That is lovely. Does it belong to you?” she looked at him. He smiled even more and nodded, leading her to the huge wooden portal that led into the castle. A butler was already waiting for them in the big hall.

“Good evening sir. I hope it is everything as you wished”, the butler welcomed them.

“I’m sure it is, Jeffrey.”

They crossed the hall and entered a smaller room, which was lit with hundred of candles. A table was set in front of a huge fireplace, where a nice fire was burning. Warrick pulled a chair back and let her sit down.

And with that, the most wonderful evening in her whole life started. She ate things she never had heard of before and drank French champagne. She felt like in a fairy tale. Warrick was charming, always refilling her glass when it was empty. He fed her from his plate. Lisa didn’t wonder where the food came from or why the fire in the fireplace never went smaller the whole night.

Warrick got up from his chair and walked around the table, holding out his hand to her. She looked up and into his dark eyes.

“Would you like to dance, Lisa?”

Lisa took his hand and stood up. Taking her into his arms he started to dance; she could hear a soft and slow melody, coming out of nowhere. Losing herself in the moment, she felt like she wasn’t touching the floor anymore. Lisa closed her eyes and let her head rest on his shoulders.

He held her closer now, his hand on her back, caressing the skin of her back, making his way down to her butt. He lifted her chin with two fingers, looking deep into her eyes. He lowered his lips to hers, brushing them. He captured her upper lip between his, sucking it gently. His tongue slipped between her slightly open lips, plundering the sweetness of her mouth. She laid in his arms, hypnotized from his kiss and touch, not noticing that her dress lay on the floor, a little blue pool around her feet. Her nipples rubbed against his shirt, as he pressed her against him. His hands all over her body, touching and caressing every inch of her skin. He hooked his thumbs into her g-string, pushing it down, letting it slide over her thighs; it followed her dress to the floor. Lifting her onto his strong arms, he carried her through the room, pushing open a door that led into a bedroom with a huge four-post bed.

The silken sheet cooled her heated skin when he let her down. He made a move with his arm and the curtains slid open, letting the moonlight flood the room and the bed, illuminating her body in a silvery light. She couldn’t move, and didn’t want to. The only thing she could think of was Warrick; his body, his touches, his lips and his eyes, his eyes burning. Slowly he started to undress, never breaking eye contact.

His skin was pale in the moonlight, and as more skin he revealed, it was clear that he kept himself fit. Muscles bulging at the right places. She couldn’t wait to touch them, to feel the strength. Her look caressed his chest and moved down to his belly, waiting for the moment that his pants would slide down. He didn’t make her wait for long.

She held her breath as his hard cock came free. He was big, and even seemed to grow under her hot look. Warrick just stood there and watched her. Then he finally moved, lying beside her on the bed. One finger touched her shoulder and moved down over one of her breasts, brushing her nipple, making it go hard from his feathery touch. He moved his finger over her belly, circling the belly button, down her lower belly. She expected that he would slide his finger between her legs, parting the lips of her pussy, but he didn’t; he moved down her thigh, over her knee, her body quivering. When he touched her foot, she was already breathing heavy. He lowered his mouth, starting to suck on her toe. It tickled first, but then a hot sensation crept up her body, making her moan.

Warrick’s tongue and mouth took the path back that his finger had done, licking over her shin and putting little butterfly kisses on her knee. He lifted her leg and licked the sensible hollow of her knee. Lisa sighed, her head moving restless on the pillows. He let her leg down and moved up, kissing her inner thigh.

She opened her eyes and looked down. There he was lying, between her parted legs. His eyes not black anymore, but kind of a glowing gold. She dived into his eyes, hypnotized; she would have done everything for him. He slowly lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and kissed the skin of her inner thigh. She could feel a pulse beat there. A little scream left her lips, when he bit her thigh with his fangs. Then he started to suck on the two little holes his sharp teeth had left.

Her blood so sweet and warm! It ran down his throat, filling him with power and heat and…. triumph. He wouldn’t drink too much, just a little.
Lisa felt every heartbeat twice as strong as the vampire sucked her blood. She could feel the arousing tension between her legs grow. Her pussy was hot and aching for a touch. Her hips moved restlessly. She moaned and sighed. When he finished, he pressed two fingers onto the two little wounds, and they closed immediately.

He moved up, staying between her legs. Face to face with her, he commanded her to open her eyes. She slowly opened them. Lisa lifted one hand and her fingers softly touched his high cheekbones, the line of his nose and his full lips. He licked the tip of her fingers, then started to suck on one finger. Her lips parted and a sigh came over her lips. He let go of her finger and kissed her, his tongue thrusting between her lips, mixing his saliva with hers.

He slowly entered her, still kissing her, stretching her tight pussy and filling her out completely. Warrick didn’t move for several minutes, resting in her, waiting for her to adjust, to feel comfortable. He knew he was big and he didn’t wanted to hurt her, even though he knew he would kill her when he had enough of her.

For now, though, he wanted her unhurt and he wanted her to trust him. He began caressing her body, arousing her even more. Lisa started to move her hips, wanting to feel him moving in and out. Finally, he started to withdraw his cock, but before he completely would have left her, he pushed back inside, deeper then before. Her body quivered under his hands. He lifted her leg, until it was over his shoulder. Thrusting deeper into her hot and wet pussy, little cries of pleasure escaped from her mouth. Some of them he muffled with a passionate kiss. He moved faster now, but every time he felt her ready to cum, he slowed down again, making her crazy.

Lisa started to bite his shoulder, furious that he wouldn’t let her cum, wouldn’t give her relief. After a while he rolled over with her, never leaving her. She was now on top. She started to ride him, hard and fast, her hands on his chest. Her nails left little half-moon shaped marks on his shoulders. He took her hands in his, sitting up. One of her hard and now so sensible nipples vanished between his lips. Sucking it hard now, following the same rhythm, her hips were performing. She moaned loud, her fingers running through his hair.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and laid her back on her back. Pounding her pussy, he didn’t hold back anymore. She came with a scream, shacking in his arms, crying his name, and then he came too. A loud growl and a moan, his eyes closed, feeling the shudders running through his body.

Lisa went limp in his arms and he kissed her gently on her forehead, rolling down off her. He took her in his arms and let her head rest on his shoulders; she snuggled to him, falling asleep that very moment, too exhausted to do something else.

Hours later, she woke up. Thinking of what happened earlier brought a smile to her lips. She stretched and opened her eyes and froze in the move. What she saw were not the posts of the bed and the ceiling high windows of the castle, but her own light blue painted walls and her normal sized window.
That couldn’t be, she couldn’t have dreamed everything. She could still feel his touch and his lips on hers. She lifted her hand to her lips; they still fell swollen from his passionate kisses. She slowly got up and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the water in the shower and took off the nighty she was wearing and stepped under the shower.

One hour later she was showered and dressed. She sat at the little table in her kitchen, eating scrambled eggs with mushrooms and fresh herbs and drinking a cup of steaming coffee. Staring at the wall, she let the evening and night pass again. Why couldn’t she remember how she came home?
She couldn’t have been that drunk, she only had a few glasses of champagne. The ringing of the phone made her jump. She picked up and it was her boss, asking her again, if she could come to work tonight. And as usual, she said yes.

Five hours later she was on her way to the club. It was a normal evening; nothing special happened. The whole evening, she was looking for Warrick, wondering if he would be there again. When she finished the last song, she left the stage and went to her dressing room. When she opened the door, she was a little bit disappointed to find it empty. No roses or a note. She changed into a shirt and a mini skirt, took her handbag and left the club through the back.

The night was warm, but the streets empty. She started to walk into the direction of her apartment, when she had the feeling, someone was following her. She stopped, turned, and…. nothing. The side street was dark, and she started to feel uncomfortable. She walked faster and screamed as someone touched her shoulder from behind. An arm strong as steal grabbed her, pulling her to a rock-hard chest. She tried to catch her breath and wanted to scream as a hand closed over her mouth, making it impossible for her to scream.

“It’s me, Warrick”.

She sighed in relief, then he lowered the hand from her mouth, but his arm still around her. “And I thought already I dreamed everything what happened yesterday,” she whispered. He laughed silently. His hand over her breast, he started slowly to stroke it. His other hand moved between the waistband of her skirt and right into her panties. Finding her clit, he started to tease it with one finger. Lisa breathed hard and tried to protest, but managed only to moan. She leaned back against his chest and let herself go into the growing sensation. It took only minutes till she was ready to cum.

Her head fell back and freed her neck from her long hair. Warrick kissed her neck, licking over it. His fangs grew in an instant, lowering his mouth wide open, he bites her neck, the very moment she came in his arms. She screamed in pleasure and then in agony when she felt the bite. Struggling in his arms, she tried to get free, but it was useless. She wanted already to give up when someone opened the backstage door of the club. She screamed again, and Warrick let her go. She started to run, but this time, she wanted to run for her life.

The door was safely closed behind her back. It wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be! Vampires were non-existent! She slowly got up and walked into her bedroom, taking off her clothes and putting on a bathrobe. She wanted to take a long hot bath and forget everything.

She went to the kitchen and fetched a glass of red wine and some salted peanuts. On her way to the bathroom, she switched on the light in the living room, when an open window caught her look. She was wondering how she could have forgotten to close it before she went to work. She walked over to it and leaned out to look into the sky. That same moment, she saw Warrick, hovering before the window. In a fast move he grabbed her by her bathrobe and pulled her out of the window. She was so shocked that she didn’t even manage to scream before his fangs sank again into her neck, but this time nobody would be able to help her. This time he would finish for what he came for. Her blood was his.

The next day her brother found her dead in her bed. Her bloodless body tucked nicely into her bed and a single white rose in her hand. He would never find out what really happened to her.


Written in 2012

Happy End? Depends from which point of view you look at it.