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Erik's Last Goodbye

Teresa sat at the table, drinking a tea. Her eyes were burning and her head drumming. It was late at night and through the open doors of her balcony came a warm breeze. It was spring, and Teresa had thought her life couldn’t be more perfect.  She had a good job, a nice apartment and a boyfriend she loved from the bottom of her heart. There was only one problem; he was not here with her and would never be again.

About 6 months ago, he received a call from the army and had to leave within a week. Since then, Teresa had only spoken with him a few times on the phone. She never knew where he was and in what danger he could be. There had been nights she just cried herself to sleep, because she missed him so much and was so worried that something could happen to him. It seemed that her worst nightmare had come true.

Early in the morning, a week ago, she got a phone call from his mother. Erik was dead.

“What you mean?” she had asked Erik’s mother a bit slow.

“Erik is dead. He got killed on his last mission. Hun, I will call you later again. I have to tell the rest of the family. If you want to come to us, you’re more then welcome. You don’t have to stay alone.” Erik’s mother hung up.

Teresa stared at the phone, still not really getting what she just heard.  Erik was dead….gone. He would never come back. Never would she hear him laugh or get teased and tickled by him. No more mornings, when she woke up first and just watched him sleep, happy to be with him. Never again would they cook together in her small kitchen, feeding each other. No soft caresses and tender kisses anymore.

One week later...

Tears ran down her cheeks again. The funeral was over. A lot of his friends had been there, shaking her hand and hugging her, telling her how sorry they were. Had anyone of them an idea how she felt? She never felt so alone in her whole life like she did now. A part of her heart got ripped out, and left was an empty space that still bled. She knew she wasn’t the first to loose a loved one, but still, it hurt so much she felt like dying herself.

With the sleeve of her shirt she wiped away the tears. She didn’t want to cry anymore. She had to be strong, work was calling and she couldn’t afford to lose her job. Her boss gave her one week to grieve. As if one week would be enough.

Slowly getting up, she left the living room and went into the bedroom. The windows were wide open and she could see the stars and the moon from her bed. Erik loved to snuggle with her and watch the stars, talking about their future and what they would do together. Teresa shivered as a breeze caressed her face and the curtains gently moved. It felt as if it was Erik, caressing her comfortingly, telling her not to worry.

She took off her clothes and slipped into the nighty Erik loved so much, feeling the satin flow over her body. Making herself comfy in bed, she turned off the light, starring out the window, loneliness filling her heart and soul. “Oh Erik, how could you do that to me? Didn’t you tell me that only the good guys die young? You swore you would come back to me,” she whispered to herself, tears filling her eyes again. Tired from the stress of the past week and the crying, she fell into a restless sleep.

Warm hands moved over her back, pushing away the cover. Teresa sighed as the touch was welcomed and felt very comforting. Smiling, she turned on her back. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Erik. Erik!!!! “Oh my god!!” She jumped out of the bed, pressing her back against the wall and starring at the man who was sitting on her bed. Was she going mad now? Or was everything what happened last week, just a bad dream??


Erik smiled and his brown eyes seamed to twinkle in the moonlight, which spilled through the open window. “Yes Resa, it’s me.”

“But I thought you were dead. I saw the coffin. I was at the funeral and I spoke with your family.”

With her hands she rubbed over her eyes to get the last bit of sleep out of them.

“Come back to bed and I’ll explain you everything, please.”

He held out his hand to her and, still hesitating, she came closer and laid her hand into his. It felt as if she got an electrical shock when she touched his hand, letting the soft hair on her forearms stand up.

“You’re real!! But how can that be?”

“Yes I’m real, at least for this night. I got granted this few hours with you, till the moon goes away. There is more when you die then just nothing or heaven, but that’s all I can tell you.”

Teresa’s eyes filled with tears again and she threw herself into Erik’s arms. Feeling his strong body again against hers was like heaven. She cupped his face with both hands, kissing it all over.

“God, I love you so much Erik and I missed you even more,” Teresa smiled happily.

“I know darling, that’s why I came back for a short time. I wanted to say properly goodbye to you and I wanted to tell you, that I’m fine. You have to move on sweetheart. I want you to be happy and have all you dream of. Don’t burry yourself in sorrows. You’re a wonderful person that deserves to be happy. “

She frowned at his words “But I want to be with you. Can’t you stay with me?”

“No I can’t. My life on earth is over, but I’m glad I could spend some time of it with you. You have a big heart and care for a lot of people. Keep on doing that, it shall not be your loss. Believe me when I say, your future will be great.” Erik smiled at her, caressing her face with his fingers, pushing back a lock that had fallen into her face.

He lowered his lips to hers, kissing her tenderly. Teresa pressed herself against him, opening her lips for him. Like someone who was dieing of thirst she kissed him back. Savouring the taste of his kiss, the touch of his hands, that moved to her shoulders.

His fingers moved under the thin straps of her nighty and pushed them over her shoulders. Like a whisper it just fell from her upper body, resting as a ring of satin around her hips.

Erick pushed her gently on her back, running his hands over her wonderful breasts. He smiled as he watched her nipples go harder, the moment his fingers brushed over them. Teresa moaned softly arching her back a little, an invitation for him to close his lips around them. He willingly followed that sweet request and took one of her hard nipples into his hot mouth, sucking it gently. His tongue flicked over it and moistened it even more. Slowly he let go of it and paid the other nipple the same attention.

Teresa digs her fingers into his long black hair, shivers running up and down her body. How much had she missed his caresses, licks and touches. His simple presence was already arousing her, the thought of what he would do to her body irresistible.

Erik groaned as he felt her arousal, his own passion growing by the moment. No matter how heavenly it was where he would go, it couldn’t be better then to be with Teresa. Slowly his mouth made its way over her tummy, putting little butterfly kisses on her warm skin. He could feel every breath she took, as he touched her body.

Her skin was a warm creamy white and as soft as silk under his mouth and hands. He adored her, loved her. He knew they would meet again, in another place, another time.

As his tongue moved around her belly button, she lifted her hips, rubbing them against him, wanting to feel more of him. His hands pushed the satin nighty over her hips and over her legs, letting it fall down at the end of the bed. A low rustle was heard as the nighty fell and Erik moved back to lie between Teresa’s legs.

She had parted them slowly as he had moved up again, giving him space to admire her shaved pussy. The lips still closed, he ran a finger up and down, teasing Teresa to make her move her hips. It didn’t take her long, till she couldn’t withstand his touch and started to rock her hips gently back and forth, making her pussy lips slowly part.

Erik moaned as he could see the pink wet flesh of her pussy. He took a deep breath, groaning in anticipation to taste her again. They haven’t felt, touched, kissed and tasted each other over half a year, but he didn’t want to rush it. He wanted to take his time, pleasuring her as much as possible.

“Please,” Teresa whispered softly. He had to smile, she was as impatient as always, but it didn’t bother him. Erik loved Teresa, no matter what.

He flicked his tongue over her clit and made her gasp. Erik repeated that a few times, till she moaned softly for him. He dived between her legs, burring his face into her pussy, tasting and licking her all over. Her body squirmed under his sensual attack, pleading for relief. Gently he pushed a finger into her pussy, moving it in and out a few times and added a second one.

Teresa moaned his name, pushing her hips against his face and fingers. The lust she felt, caring her higher and higher, till her vision blurred and she exploded. Moaning out loud, she cam into Erik’s mouth. His head caught between her legs, till she calmed down a little. He laughed softly as he moved up again, wiping his mouth with his hand. “Baby you still taste wonderful,” he said grinning cheeky

“Oh you,” she said blushing. She slung her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, kissing him passionately on the lips, getting a taste of herself.

“I want you,” she whispered between kissing.

“Hmmmmmm, I want you too,” he replied in a low voice. This was all she needed to hear. Teresa forced Erik on his back, straddling his hips. Looking down at him, she ran her hands over his broad shoulders, caressing his upper arms up and down and back over his chest. Her hands moved over his six packs, where she could feel the muscles ripple under the smooth skin, as he took a deep breath.

Erik shivered as her hands searched his upper body for every sensitive spot, finding them easily, as she knew him so well. His cock pressed against her hot pussy, wanting to pierce her, to fill her completely. Making her his, forever.

He laid his hands on her hips and lifted her a little, till the tip of his cock pushed against her entrance. Teresa moaned as his hard member slowly pushed into her aching pussy. With every inch he entered her further she felt more and more stretched. Shivers of pleasure ran up and down her spine.

“Aaaahhh yes,” she moaned, “Gawd I have missed you so much.”

He kept pushing till he filled her completely. For a moment neither of them moved, just enjoying the absolute closeness. Erik looked up into her eyes, lifting his hand to caress her cheek gently. He really would miss her. She was such an inspiration and he loved to make love to her. To please her was a pleasure in itself, to watch her cheeks blush in passion and her eyes glitter, when she got a cheeky idea to tease him. He traced her cheekbones and her full lips, god he really loved to kiss her. He could do that for hours.

Teresa couldn’t wait any longer and slowly started to move. First just little circling motions, then slowly she started to ride him. The friction of his big cock let her moan in ecstasy.

Tracing the outlines of her face, down her neck and shoulders, he finally cupped her breasts with both hands, feeling their weight. Playfully he touched her hard nipples, pinching and squeezing them. Teresa closed her eyes and arched her back, riding him faster and harder now.

Erik dropped one hand between Teresa’s parted legs, searching for her clit. Finally his thumb made contact and send Teresa flying. She moaned out loud and moved wildly on top of him. Both climbed higher and higher on their way to the absolute fulfilment. Teresa was very close to cum, but she wanted Erick to cum with her, so she leaned a bit back and reached between his legs, cupping his balls.

Erik pushed his hips up to meet Teresa’s, her hands on his balls, squeezing and caressing them, driving him wild with pleasure. It took them just a few minutes more till Teresa cum first. In a blast of light she shook and shivered, calling out Erik’s name. This was all he needed to make him shoot his load into her tight pussy.

Teresa collapsed on top of him, panting, her skin shimmering in the afterglow.

After what seemed an eternity, Erik rolled over with her. He kissed her lips, caressing her body tenderly, looking into her beautiful eyes. “I love you, Teresa. And no matter what, I will always love you, my little monkey.”

She smiled at his words and with a sleepy voice she answered “I love you too, tiger. “ She giggled and was still smiling as she fell asleep, snuggled against Erik’s chest.

A fresh morning breeze woke Teresa up. She shivered as she lay naked and uncovered on the bed. She pulled the quilt over herself and reached out for Erik. Her hand touched the empty pillow and Teresa opened her eyes. He wasn’t there.

“Erik?” She sat up, hoping to hear him somewhere in the apartment, but she already knew he wouldn’t be there. She wasn’t sure if it was real what happened last night, but she felt quieter and not so alone anymore. Smiling she touched her lips, who where still swollen from passionate kissing. He had been here to say a last goodbye. Still smiling, she got up and got ready for the day. Erik was right, life would go on and who knows what it was holding for her.


Written in 2004

Saying goodbye to your loved one, is never easy.