Kat's playground!


I was lying in bed and all I could think of, while watching the movie, how it would feel to kiss his full lips and how to run my hands over his broad shoulders and chest. My imagination drove me nuts, as I could almost feel his skin and the muscles move underneath, against my fingertips. In my imagination, he didn’t move, he just looked at be admiringly as I pressed my lips against his neck, his stubbly chin scratching over my cheek. I sucked in my breath hard, moaning softly as I pressed my soft body against his hard one, smelling his male scent. My nostrils flared from the impact it had on my nerves and I could feel my nipples instantly harden. My hands moved to the buttons of his shirt and opened them slowly, kissing the skin I revealed. His skin tasted slightly salty and I couldn’t resist to give his bare chest a long lick. The shirt fell off his shoulders and a low growl came over his lips.

“Damn girl, you try to kill me with your tongue?”

I giggled cheekily and bit playful into his chest. His hands came up and grabbed my upper arms. With a brute force, that pressed all the air out of my lungs, he pushed me up against the wall. His muscled body pressing against mine, while his hard thigh, pushed between my legs, spreading them slightly. He didn’t bother to open the zip of my dress, but just ripped it open in the front.

I gasped as the cool air of the air condition, touched my skin and I reached for his shoulders. I shivered as his lips plundered my mouth, his tongue exploring me. My knees felt weak for the rush of pleasure as he pulled the bra from my big breasts. They spilled out of the fabric, saggy from their weight. He started to play with the big nipples, making them even harder. I moaned out loud as I felt the tingling sensation, run from my breasts down to my pussy, as he took a nipple into his mouth. His wet tongue twirled around it before he sucked on it gently.

“Please.” I whimpered, as his other hand moved down to my panties.

He pushed the dress down over my hips, until it pooled around my feet. I stepped out of it and spread my legs a bit more as his hand slipped into my panties.

Feeling her moistness on her pussy lips, he run a finger in between them. He could feel her shiver as he brushed over her engorged clit and he laughed softly. Gently he moved a finger to her hole and slipped it into her, putting a little pressure onto her g-spot. He grinned as he felt her knees buckle and watched her soft cheeks blush. She wasn’t a slim girl, but that’s how he liked it. He loved the rounded belly and her big butt. This girl was just perfect for him.

I could feel the heat rise in my body, as his steal blue eyes pierced into mine. His look made me tremble. It made me feel as if I was a goddess. Was it that like all the slim girls felt like when they were with their good-looking boyfriends? I leaned my head against the wall as I looked back at him and my eyes widened as I felt his finger in my pussy. I wanted him, needed him, here and now. And I didn’t care who he was and who I was or what I looked like. I just felt this animalistic need to ride him, to feel conquered by him. I licked over my lips as I moved my hand around his strong neck and pulled his face down to me, kissing him passionately as I grinded my hips against his.

He groaned as he felt the same urge as she did. His hands tore her panties off, then moved around her to grab her big butt. He lifted her up as if she weighted next to nothing, pressing her hard against the wall.

Franticly fumbling for his zip, I opened his jeans and pulled out his big and hard cock. It felt hot in my hand as I placed it against my pussy hole. With one quick push, he thrusted deep into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck.

He kissed her starting to thrust in and out of her, feeling her juices run down her big thighs. God she felt so good against him, so soft and full of passion. His lips crushed onto hers and he kissed her as if there was no tomorrow as he rammed his hard cock into her. Each and ever of her moans made him hornier for her. He couldn’t believe a gorgeous woman like her would let a guy like him have her. She was all he dreamed of. His fingers dug into her cheeks as he kneaded them. Her tight pussy felt so good around his cock, that he was almost ready to cum.

Never have I felt such a passion for a guy. He was so tender and still so full of strength. I knew he could snap my neck with one hand if he wanted to and still I trusted him. My back arched as he moved faster, filling my pussy with his tool. I could feel the first shivers rise from my upcoming climax. My eyes closed and I just concentrated on the feelings he woke inside me. My eyes shot open again as I could feel his thump against my clit. Omg, he was rubbing it. I gasped in surprised, but had not time to say something as my body tensed and exploded into the most exquisite orgasm I ever had.

Gaining speed his cock thrusted harder and faster. He could feel how close she was to climax from the flexing of her pussy walls around his hard cock. He moved her slightly so his leg would support her and reached between their bodies, until he found her clit. Rhythmically he rubbed over it, gasping as he brought her to climax and quickly followed her into the bliss of an orgasm. His cum shot up into her pussy, making her shiver and shake in lust.

Gently he pulled out. He reached under her knees and lifted her into his arms as if she weighted nothing. Her soft purring made him smile as he walked over to her bed and let her gently down on it.

I couldn’t believe that he just lifted me up. Never ever was able too, but he did it as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I nuzzled his neck and kissed him softly in the afterglow of my climax. As the mattress move and he let me down, I sight happily. Last thing I felt was his warm and soft lips on mine.

When I opened my eyes, the TV was showing commercials and I was on the couch. I moved slightly and could feel how moist my panties were. ‘Damn’ I thought, ‘It was all a dream!’

Written in 2006

Every woman needs a dreamman.