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Stacy woke up and smiled, today she would talk again with her Cyberlover. She giggled at that thought. If somebody had told her that she would have a Cyberlover someday, she would have laughed in their face.

A lot of people didn’t understand it. They couldn’t understand how arousing it was not to know, who the other person really was. The fun, to make the other one as horny as she was herself. This tingling sensation to make up a cyber.

Finally she moved out of the bed and to the bathroom. After a shower she felt fully awake and went to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast. In the back of her mind always her Cyberlover. What would he do to her this time? Would it be as exciting as last time or would she feel nothing?

She looked at the clock at the wall. He would be on in 15 minutes. Stacy went to her desk and switched on the screen. She clicked on connect and while she waited she searched out some good songs and put them into the play list, so she didn’t have to bother to choose them later.

And there she was connected to mIRC and waiting for him.

Session Start: Sat Apr 09   11:25:47 2003

Session Ident: Crow

[11:25am] Session Ident: Crow (

[11:25am] Crow: licks

[11:27am] Snowflake: kisses

[11:27am] Crow: how you going babes

[11:27am] Snowflake: i'm ok

[11:28am] * Crow kisses you

[11:28am] Snowflake: ty honey :)

[11:28am] Crow: anytime

[11:33am] Snowflake:  :)

[12:18pm] Crow: gropes

[12:18pm] Snowflake: licks

[12:18pm] Crow: nibbles

[12:18pm] Snowflake: sucks

[12:18pm] Crow: caresses

[12:18pm] Snowflake: feels

[12:19pm] Crow: fingers

[12:19pm] Snowflake: kisses

[12:20pm] Crow: holds

[12:20pm] Snowflake: hmmmm

[12:20pm] Crow: hugs

[12:20pm] Crow: cuddles

[12:20pm] Crow: snuggles huggles

[12:20pm] Snowflake: lol

[12:21pm] Crow: :)

[12:22pm] * Crow pulls you onto his lap and encases you in his arms as he kisses you

[12:23pm] *Snowflake can’t move, so she just kisses u back :)

[12:24pm] Crow: Laughing Out Loud

[12:25pm] * Crow caresses your sexy body

[12:25pm] Snowflake:   :))

[12:26pm] Crow: can I go to bed with you?

[12:27pm] Snowflake: now??

[12:27pm] Snowflake: lol

[12:27pm] Crow: yes, just to snuggle

[12:28pm] Crow: Laughing Out Loud

[12:28pm] Snowflake: sure np :)

[12:29pm] Crow: sounds good hey

[12:29pm] Snowflake: yep :)

[12:30pm] Crow: Be Right Back Soon, going to find food

[12:30pm] Snowflake: ok

Session Close: Sat Apr 09 12:31:26 2003


Stacy stood up and stretched. She was hungry too and with a little smile on her lips she went to the kitchen to make herself a ham and cheese sandwich. With a bottle of water and her sandwich, she went back to the computer.


Session Start: Sat Apr 09 13:46:31 2003

Session Ident: Crow

[01:46pm] Session Ident: Crow (

[01:46pm] Crow: Back

[01:48pm] Snowflake: wb honey :)

[01:48pm] Crow : Thank You baby

[01:54pm] * Crow hugs you

[01:54pm] • Snowflake hugs u back

[01:54pm] * Crow caresses your face

[02:12pm] * Crow kisses you

[02:12pm] • Snowflake hugs and kisses u back

[02:12pm] Crow: mmmmmmmmmmm

[02:41pm] * Crow licks you

[02:43pm] • Snowflake sucks u

[02:43pm] * Crow cums

[02:43pm] Crow: Laughing Out Loud

[02:44pm] Snowflake: lol

[02:44pm] Crow: trust me it wouldn’t take much to make me cum

[02:44pm] Snowflake: really?

[02:44pm] Crow: really

[02:44pm] Crow: it’s been a long time babes

[02:45pm] Snowflake: ok :)

[02:46pm] Crow: not that I would be complaining

[02:48pm] Crow: just like I know it wouldn’t take you long to cum with me eating you out

[02:49pm] Snowflake: right :))

[02:50pm] Crow: then we kiss

[02:50pm] Crow: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[02:50pm] Snowflake: lol

[02:52pm] * Crow snuggles with you as we watch the screen go by

[02:54pm] Crow: Be Right Back

[02:56pm] Snowflake: ok

[02:56pm] Crow: Back

[02:57pm] Snowflake: wb hugssssssssssss

[02:57pm] Crow:  right back at ya

[02:57pm] Crow: I went and got a vanilla coke

[02:58pm] Snowflake: how does it taste?

[02:59pm] Crow: a slight taste of vanilla in it

[02:59pm] Snowflake: I only saw the commercial on TV

[02:59pm] Crow: want me to send you a bottle?

[02:59pm] Crow: Laughing Out Loud

[03:00pm] Snowflake: lol

[03:01pm] Snowflake: I think its cheaper when I buy one here :)))

[03:01pm] Crow: Laughing Our Loud  Okay

[03:01pm] Snowflake:  :)

[03:02pm]  * Crow pulls you close to him and kisses you with passion

[03:03pm] • Snowflake kisses u passionately back, slinging her arms around ur neck

[03:03pm] * Crow lets his hands roam about your body

[03:04pm] • Snowflake breath is going a bit faster, as she can feel ur hands on her body

[03:04pm] * Crow cups your butt and nibbles on your neck

[03:06pm] * Crow picks you up and carries you to the bedroom

[03:06pm] Snowflake: lol, no one ever carried me somewhere, since I was 10 years old :)))

[03:07pm] Crow: you think you would like that?

[03:07pm] Snowflake: sure I would

[03:07pm] Snowflake: lol

[03:07pm] Crow: then it shall happen

[03:08pm] * Crow slowly undresses you as each bit of clothing comes off he kisses the skin as it comes into view

[03:09pm] * Crow takes one nipple into his mouth and suckles on it while rubbing the other

[03:09pm] * Crow lays you on the bed and slowly undresses for you

[03:10pm] * Crow removes his shirt then his pants and underwear

[03:11pm] * Crow stands before you naked and slowly runs his hand up and down his cock before getting on the bed next to you

[03:11pm] [03:11pm] • Snowflake caresses ur chest, down ur belly to ur cock, closing her fingers around it

[03:12pm] * Crow kisses you sucking on your tongue as he cups your pussy

[03:12pm] * Crow feels your wetness

[03:13pm] * Crow runs a finger up and down between your lips before finding your clit

[03:13pm] * Crow rubs your clit before dipping a finger deep inside you

[03:14pm] * Crow hooks his finger inside you and drags it back trying to find your g spot

[03:14pm]  • Snowflake moans into ur mouth, as ur finger is pushing inside her hot and wet pussy

[03:14pm] * Crow licks your neck before kissing his way down your body

[03:15pm] * Crow licks and sucks on each nipple before going lower

[03:15pm] * Crow reaches the top of your pussy and starts to run his tongue all over the area

[03:16pm] * Crow parts your legs wide and slowly starts to fuck you with 2 fingers as he sucks and nibbles your clit as he fingers you he is still finding your g spot

[03:17pm] * Crow pulls his fingers out of your wet pussy and rubs your clit with your juices before finger fucking you again

[03:17pm] Snowflake: I think I would already been cum by now :))

[03:17pm] * Crow starts to suck and nibble your pussy lips before thrusting his tongue in with his fingers

[03:17pm] Crow: I know honey

[03:17pm] Snowflake: lol

[03:18pm] Crow:  how close are you to cuming now?

[03:18pm] Snowflake: very close

[03:18pm] Crow: want me too keep going babes?

[03:18pm] Snowflake: yes

[03:18pm] Crow: Okay

[03:19pm] * Crow licks at your juices that are coming out with each stroke of his fingers and moans at your taste

[03:19pm] * Crow changes hands and moves up your body

[03:20pm] * Crow thrusts 2 fingers back inside you as he offers you the other fingers covered with your juices

[03:20pm]  • Snowflake licks at ur fingers, tasting herself. Sucking harder and in the same rhythm u finger fuck her

[03:20pm] * Crow moans as you lick and suck his fingers clean

[03:20pm] * Crow looks you in the eyes as me moves between your legs

[03:20pm] * Crow rubs the head of his cock up and down your wet slit

[03:21pm] * Crow slaps his cockhead on your clit before thrusting deep inside your now wet tight pussy

[03:21pm] * Crow moans out loud at your wet tight pussy around him

[03:21pm] * Crow takes long slow strokes sliding his cock in and out till just the head is inside then sliding all the way back in

[03:22pm] Snowflake: oohhh yesss

[03:22pm] * Crow then just stops so we can both feel it inside you

[03:23pm] * Crow hears you starting to cum and feels your pussy get tighter and moans

[03:23pm] * Crow starts to fuck you harder and deeper feeling his own cum rising

[03:23pm] * Crow moans and asks you where you want his cum

[03:24pm] * Crow keeps fucking you deeper and faster his balls hitting you

[03:24pm] Snowflake: deep inside me

[03:24pm] * Crow fucks you faster and with one final deep thrust he starts to cum deep inside spurt after spurt hitting deep inside you

[03:25pm] * Crow kisses you and holds you tight till we both finish cuming

[03:25pm] Crow: the end

[03:25pm] Crow: how was that babes?

[03:26pm] Snowflake: gooooooooood

[03:26pm] Snowflake:  :))

[03:26pm] Crow: god I wish I was there now baby

[03:26pm] Crow: feels good?

[03:27pm]  • Snowflake nods

[03:27pm]  • Snowflake smiles

[03:27pm] Crow: mmmmmmmmm

[03:27pm] Crow: did you have to touch yourself to cum?

[03:27pm] Snowflake: yes

[03:28pm] Crow: mmmmmmmmmmm

[03:28pm] Crow: I’m glad I could help you my babe

[03:28pm] Snowflake: ta honey :)

[03:28pm] Crow: no need for thanks

[03:28pm] Snowflake: always a pleasure to read what u type :))

[03:29pm] Crow: I’m glad you like what I type

[03:29pm] Crow: as that’s how I do it in real

[03:29pm] Snowflake: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[03:29pm] Crow: is that the first time you have cum while we have cybered?

[03:29pm] Snowflake: lol no

[03:29pm] Crow: Okay :)

[03:30pm] Crow: I was tempted to call you half way through it

[03:30pm] Snowflake: I had the feeling u would try to :))

[03:30pm] Snowflake: I know u already that good

[03:30pm] Crow:  :))

[03:30pm] Snowflake:  :))

[03:30pm] Crow: what would have happened if I had of

[03:32pm] Snowflake: can’t say, perhaps I wouldn’t have picked up

[03:32pm] Crow: No Problem

[03:32pm] Crow: that’s why I didn’t and it would have fucked the moment

[03:33pm] * Crow loves to cuddle and kiss after sex

[03:33pm] Snowflake: me too

[03:35pm] * Crow kisses you

[03:35pm] Crow: and you know what I would do after we had recovered a bit don’t you

[03:35pm] • Snowflake kisses u back, her body gone all soft and warm in ur arms

[03:36pm] Snowflake: tell me

[03:36pm] * Crow kisses his way back down your body

[03:37pm] * Crow parts your legs and runs his tongue up and down your slit tasting our cum as he does so

[03:37pm] * Crow parts your lips wide and thrusts his tongue deep inside suck and licking up a mouthful of our cum before moving up and kissing you

[03:38pm] * Crow kisses you with passion and lets you taste our cum

[03:39pm] Crow: Id go back a few times till I got all of our cum out I could

[03:39pm] Snowflake: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[03:39pm] Snowflake:   :)

[03:40pm] Crow: you have a huge smile on your face don’t you babes

[03:40pm] Snowflake: lol

[03:40pm] Snowflake: yep

[03:40pm] Crow: kind of glowing as well

[03:40pm] * Crow shuts up now

[03:40pm] Snowflake: after I cum i’m always kind of glowing :)

[03:40pm] Crow: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[03:41pm] Snowflake: and I usually smile a lot :)

[03:41pm] Crow: and by the time I had finished licking up our cum Id be ready again

[03:42pm] Snowflake:  :))

[03:43pm] Crow: I can see us now

[03:43pm] Snowflake: describe it

[03:43pm] Crow: after the first night neither of us being able to walk

[03:43pm] Snowflake: lol

[03:44pm] Snowflake: quite possible :)

[03:44pm] Crow: the way I see the first night is how I put it in my story

[03:44pm] Crow: but a lot more tender

[03:45pm] Crow: as I want you to enjoy it to its fullest

[03:46pm] Snowflake: that’s very sweet of u :)

[03:47pm] Crow: I want you to feel special cause I know you are

[03:48pm] Snowflake: if I say ta now, u will say again no need to

[03:48pm] Crow: yep

[03:49pm] Crow: hun we are so much alike

[03:49pm] Crow: I have trouble taking it when ppl say nice things about me

[03:49pm] Snowflake: but u r nice :)

[03:50pm] Crow: Thank You

[03:50pm] Crow: I won’t fight you on that

[03:50pm] Snowflake: yw :)))

[03:51pm] Crow:  :)

[03:52pm] Crow: what ya thinking sweetness?

[03:53pm] Snowflake: I don’t dare to think too much atm :)

[03:53pm] Crow: Okay babes

[04:00pm] * Crow caresses your naked body

[04:01pm]  • Snowflake stretches her body under ur caressing hands

[04:01pm] * Crow pulls you on top of him and kisses you

[04:02pm] * Crow runs his hands over your erect nipples as he kisses you

[04:03pm]  • Snowflake moans softly at ur touch, playing with ur tongue in her mouth

[04:03pm] * Crow moves a hand between us and moves his cock so it is touching your slit

[04:04pm] * Crow places his hands on your hips and pulls you down onto his cock so its deep inside you

[04:05pm] * Crow sucks on your tongue as he flexes his cock inside you

[04:05pm]  • Snowflake holds her breath as she can feel u deep buried in side her hot pussy, starting to move her hips slowly, only little moves, just to tease u

[04:06pm] * Crow rubs your clit as you start to ride him hard and fast

[04:06pm] * Crow takes a nipple in his mouth and nibbles on it as you ride him

[04:07pm] * Crow moans at the feeling of your tight pussy gripping him deep inside you

[04:07pm] * Crow starts to thrust up to meet you coming down

[04:08pm] Snowflake: I really like to be on top

[04:09pm] Snowflake:  :)

[04:09pm] Crow: I know honey you told me

[04:09pm] * Crow has left IRC

[04:10pm] Crow: oppsssssssssss

[04:11pm] Snowflake: lol

[04:11pm] Snowflake: wb honey :))

[04:11pm] Crow: ta babes

[04:12pm] Snowflake: yw :))

[04:27pm] * Crow wouldn’t want to do anything you didn’t like

[04:28pm] Snowflake: I would tell u

[04:50pm] * Crow hugs you

[04:51pm] Snowflake: hug u back :)

[04:52pm] Crow: I’m off to bed soon baby

[04:53pm] Snowflake: ok

[04:53pm] Snowflake: sweeeeet and wet dreams :)

[04:53pm] Crow: soon I said

[04:53pm] Crow: you want me to go

[04:53pm] Crow: :þ~~~~~~~~~~

[04:54pm] Snowflake.  ;)))

[04:54pm] * Crow kisses you and rubs your pussy

[04:54pm] Snowflake: hmmmmm

[04:55pm] Crow: I’m betting you love to be fingered as you are kissed

[04:55pm] Snowflake: yep :)

[04:56pm] Crow: thought so

[04:56pm] Crow: what about while being kissed your butt groped?

[04:59pm] Snowflake: not in public :)))

[04:59pm] Crow: Okay

[04:59pm] Crow: so if we are kissing in the room I can do it

[05:00pm] Snowflake: yep

[05:01pm] Crow: I can promise you this

[05:01pm] Crow: if we do take the step to sex

[05:01pm] Crow: I will lick and kiss every inch of your body

[05:02pm] Snowflake: hmmm, I would really enjoy that

[05:02pm] Crow: I thought you might

[05:02pm] Crow: as funny as this will sound

[05:02pm] Crow: if we take that step

[05:03pm] Crow: I will worship you and your body nothing will be too good for you

[05:04pm] * Crow wants you to feel special and loved

[05:04pm] Snowflake: ta honey :)

[05:04pm] Crow: to give you everything you have missed out on

[05:04pm] Snowflake: that’s so sweet of u

[05:05pm] Crow:  if you say so babes

Session Close: Sat Apr 09 17:07:48 2003

Stacy watched the screen, a little sad but with a satisfied smile on her face. He was gone and she would have to wait two days until she would speak with him again. She disconnected from mirc and went to the bathroom to get ready for the party tonight.

Written in 2003

The good old Mirc days.