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Call Me!

Francine was out for a drink with her best friend Mary. They knew each other since high school and went through a lot of fun and trouble together. Francine was married to a 20-year-old man, she loved him, but it kind of didn’t work out anymore in bed and she was pretty frustrated about it. Mary was still single with 38 years, but she was happy with it. She was not the type to move in with a guy and marry him. She would rather have had a few affairs and a boyfriend from time to time. She loved to have sexual experiments, with both genders and with her job as art director of a big cosmetic company, she was too busy for a family anyway. Mary had to travel a lot in her job and that wouldn’t leave much time for kids, so she rather stayed free.

This evening Francine sounded more depressed than any other evening they met.

“What’s wrong with you, Francine? I haven’t seen you that down, since James told you, he was not able to have kids.”

“To say it in a few words, I didn’t had sex with James in the past thirteen months.”

Mary’s jaw dropped open. “I knew you don’t get it as much as you would like, but thirteen months!!!!! That’s horrible. No that’s a shame. Hmmm why don’t you get yourself a little toy boy? I’m sure that would be fun.”

Mary giggled at the thought and Francine gave her friend an angry look, but after a while she had to laugh herself. She and a toy boy, what a funny idea.

“Francine, if you ever have the feeling, that you need good steaming sex, I’ll give you a number of a….how shall I say…a call boy. I have this number for my female business partners, who like some company when they visit me.”

Mary gave Francine a piece of paper. Francine pushed the paper back to her friend.

“Are you crazy!! What shall I do with that? You know I would never cheat on James.”

“Don’t be stupid Francine, only because your husband is too old or too lazy to make you happy, it doesn’t mean you can’t look after yourself to get satisfied. Take the number. Maybe you will change your mind later.”

Francine put the paper in her handbag and they changed subject.

She came home after midnight, her husband was already in bed, snoring. They had a big house up in the hills. She loved the house and the fantastic view out of the big front windows. She took her clothes off and went to the pool. Diving into the cool water, washing away all the tension. The water soothed her naked skin. she swam in slow moves, from one side to the other. Francine turned onto her back and floated on the surface, looking up into the dark sky, where millions of starts twinkled down on her.

How would it be to have a lover with her now? He would touch her wet skin, finding her hot pussy, ready to take his hard cock. She shook her head and started to swim again, hoping the exercise would make her forget her fantasies.

After 30 minutes, she left the pool and dried herself with a fluffy towel. She sneaked back into the house and went upstairs to her bedroom. Silently she lay beside her husband, making as less moves as possible, to not wake him up. Francine fell in a deep sleep.

The next morning, when she changed her handbag, she found the paper with that phone number. She looked at it and was already walking to the bin, but then stopped. Francine thought about the fight she had with her husband before he left for work. Why should she be unhappy? She took a deep breath, picked up the phone and dialed that number.

A woman picked up “Chez Rosalie, what can I do for you?”

“Yes, hello, I have the number from a friend. Ahm.. she told me…ahm…I could find company under this number.”

Francine blushed. She couldn’t believe what she was doing.

“What is your friends name please?”

Francine gave the woman Mary’s name and got asked to wait a moment. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh yes, you would like to have Greg as escort for when?”

“Oh, would it be possible this afternoon?”

The woman said yes and they made appointment in a nice hotel outside of the city. She gave Francine the address and the name under which the suite would be booked. Francine hung up and felt a bit dizzy. She sipped her coffee and then called Mary.

“Mary!! I did it!! I have an appointment with Greg, in about 5 hours! Can you believe that???”

Mary laughed and congratulated her to this step.

“Greg is the right one for your needs. He is absolutely gorgeous and he knows what a woman needs”

After another 5 minutes of talking, Francine hung up and walked to her wardrobe to figure out what she should wear for that appointment.

It was shortly before 3pm, when she arrived at the hotel. She parked her car and went to the reception. She signed in and got her key. Nervous she pushed the button to call the lift. The lift came and she entered. Right behind her, a very handsome man joined the lift. He looked down at her, cause even in her high heels she was a foot shorter than him and she was not really short with 5’7’’. He had dark blonde hair and the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen. He was dressed in a suit but without tie, she could see the tanned skin and was wondering, if his whole body was tanned. He smiled at her and reached out to take the key from her hands.

 “Give me the key, Francine. You look like you will drop it any second. You really don’t have to be nervous. I’m Greg.”

His smile was as beautiful as the rest of him and she could do nothing else than to give him the key and smile back. The lift stopped and they both left it. He led her to the suite and unlocked the door, letting her enter first.

The whole suite was held in blue, carpets, curtains and furniture. There was a big living room and an even bigger bedroom with an enormous bed. The bathroom was made of marble and had a Jacuzzi. He walked over to the bar and opened a bottle of champagne, filling two glasses. She followed him and took one of the glasses he offered her.

“To an exciting afternoon.”

He drank and then smoothly set the glass back onto the bar. He took his jacket off and had a look at the stereo. Francine was so nervous that she didn’t dare to move. She emptied her glass in two gulps. He smiled at her and switched on the music. Some soft soothing tune filled the room and she started to relax a little. And the second glass of champagne did the rest.

Greg came over to her, gently he took the glass out of her hands and set it on the bar. Leaning forward he kissed her neck and moved up to her cheek. She was caught between his arms. His hands on then bar, embracing her. Shyly she lifted her arms to his chest, resting them on the firm muscles; she could feel under his shirt. Greg started to nibble at her chin and then kissed her fully on the lips. It was a good feeling and she could slowly got more and more aroused. It was so long ago, that a man had kissed her like that. Her fingers began to move over his chest, as the kiss grew more passionate. Greg unbuttoned her blouse, his fingers caressing the skin he revealed by brushing aside the silky material of the fabric. His tongue plundered her mouth, the sweetness of his kiss, making her feel wanted and full of passion. Restless fingers started to unbutton his shirt. She wanted to feel his skin too, as it was so long ago.

Greg was experienced enough, that he noticed how much restrained passion was burning behind those beautiful brown eyes. He pushed her fingers aside and just pulled the shirt out of his pants and over his head, throwing it to the floor beside them. A second later her hands were on his warm tanned skin again, caressing him, enjoying the smooth skin, but she wanted more and he knew it. The pants followed the shirt, together with his boxers and socks. There he stood, in his whole glory. He looked like a Nordic god, the muscles rippling under the skin, as he moved closer to her. His hard cock pointing at her as if he wanted to say, take me I’m yours. Francine stared at him mouth open, a little scared of her own courage. A few minutes, no one made a move or said anything, he started again to take off her clothes. She let him undress her as long as she could touch him she was happy. He was hers, at least for the next few hours. As she stood naked before him, he swept her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom, where he laid her down on the bed. He lay on top of her, spreading her legs, lying between them. His cock pushing against her wet pussy. but not yet entering her. Greg started to kiss her again. His tongue playing with hers, sucking at it, and tasting her.

Francine closed her eyes and just enjoyed the weight of his body on top of hers. It was such a good feeling. How could she think she could live without sex, that was ridiculous. She was too passionate to be without hot steaming sex.

Greg reached down between their bodies, finding her clit. Gently he started to rub it, until he could feel how it hardened like her nipples against his chest. He broke the kiss and moved his mouth down her neck and to her full breasts. The erect nipples called for attention and he gave it to them. He sucked on them, licked them and made them even harder.

Francine moaned and whispered his name, pleading for more. He smiled. It aroused him so much to see a woman getting this happy in his arms. The finger that was rubbing the clit, moved further down to find her wet and hot pussy hole. Teasingly he moved his finger around it and over the swollen lips, until he finally slipped in one finger. Francine’s body went tense for a second and her nails dug into his back. He pushed another finger into her and started to finger fuck her slowly. Her hips thrusting against his hand, he could feel, that she was close to cum. Licking and sucking her nipples harder now. As she arched back, he moved one arm around her, holding her tight to his body, as he moved a third finger inside her. That was too much for her and she came, hard and fast. Her body shaking and trembling in ecstasy. Her juices covering his fingers, which he slowly removed from her still pulsating pussy. She moaned as she could feel the loss, but not for long.

Greg moved between her legs again and rubbed his hard cock, up and down her wet throbbing pussy. With one swift move, he pushed inside her, his arm still around her back, holding her close. She opened her eyes as she felt him slide deep inside her, stretching her, filling her out. His hand moved over her thigh down to her knee. Lifting her leg and pushing it up, so he could thrust even deeper into her pussy. Slowly he started to move, long hard strokes, in and out. She thought she would go crazy, as she felt the hot wire start to hum. It started in her nipples and went down over her belly button to her clit and ended somewhere deep inside her pussy. With each stroke, he made her feel alive.

He changed speed, moving faster now, but still with a controlled strength. She was amazed about the feeling he could awake in her body. Feelings she thought were dead after all these loveless months. He slowly guided her to her next climax, by lifting her hips from the bed and thrusting deeper and faster. Greg didn’t have to wait long. Francine climaxed only seconds later, clinging to his body. Her body was shaking and shivering as the waves of pleasure ran through her. He held her very close, not letting go of her and not withdrawing from her hot pussy.

He felt something wet drop on his shoulder and as he lifted her face to his, he could see that she was crying. Gently he wiped away the tears and smiled down at her.

“I’m sorry…sniff…that I’m crying, but I couldn’t control it.”

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“Nooo… not at all. It was fantastic, wonderful and incredibly sexy.”

He smiled and reached for the tissue box. She pulled out a few, cleaned her nose and dried her eyes. Cheekily she grinned at him and flexed her pussy muscles around his hard cock. He gasped and laughed.

“Oooohhhh you want more?” he asked teasingly.

“I can’t remember you came. So what you think of a change of positions?”

He nodded and asked her what she would like to do. She wanted to be on top. Holding her close he just rolled over, never leaving her. She giggled and made herself comfy on top of him. Francine leaned forward and kissed him soundly, but when she wanted to lean back, he fast cupped the back of her head with one hand and held her down, parting her lips with his tongue, playing with her. She wondered if he every lost control or if he was always like that. After a while of passionate kissing, she started to move her hips in little circles. His hands where all over her body and stimulated by his touch she started to move up and down, feeling his hard cock slide in and out, rubbing against her soar folds. He moaned softly as he started to caress her breasts, lifting them a little with both hands. Feeling their weight, his thumbs brushed over her nipples.

Francine felt the urge to move faster, her hands getting hold on the headboard of the big bed; she started to ride Greg harder now.

He could feel that he was close to climax and as it was only seconds before he came; he rolled over again with her and withdrew himself out of her and shot his cum on her belly and breasts. Exhausted he fell on the bed beside her. She was surprised about that act and was already reaching for the tissue box, when he took it out of her hands. He took a few tissues and cleaned her belly from his cum, kissing her belly button when he was finished.

He pushed himself up on one elbow asking her if she would like to shower first. She nodded and left the bed, her knees feeling weak. The hot shower was a nice deed. When she finished, he was already standing there with a fluffy towel. He wrapped her in the towel and went into the shower. Francine walked to the bar and took her glass and sipped at the champagne, thinking about what happened.

After ten minutes, Greg came out of the bedroom, only wearing a towel around his hips. He picked up his clothes from where he dropped them and dressed. She walked to where her clothes where lying and dressed too. Nobody said a word, until both were dressed again.

He took her hand and kissed it, then he smiled and wished her a wonderful day and left.

Startled she looked at the closed door. It was business for him, nothing more and for this she had paid. For a few hours of pleasure and nothing else. She started to smile; she could book him again. Once a week would be nice. And with that thought she left the hotel room and drove back home.

Just two words, Paid Pleasure ;)