Kat's playground!

Boat Trip

Cindy and Jack went out on a boat. It was the 23rd December and the weather was warm and the sky blue. After 20 minutes they reached the small hidden cove, where they wanted to spend the day.

Cindy took off her skirt and shirt, her luscious body only covered by a bikini. Jack couldn’t take his eyes of her and his shorts started to feel tight.

Quickly he unzipped them and took them off.

“I’m going for a swim, want to join me?” Cindy asked him smiling cheekily.

“Sure, I could need something to cool me down.”

Cindy dived into the crystal clear water, followed by Jack. They swam a little, splashing playfully water at each other. After a while they swam back to the boat. Cindy got the basket with the food and took out a sandwich, offering Jack one too. Jack got 2 bottles of water out of the fridge and handed her one.

After they finished their small meal, they lied beside each other on the small deck under a sunroof. Cindy asked Jack to rub some sun screener on her back, as she opened her bikini top. Jack held his breath and with gently hands rubbed the sun milk all over her back. Cindy moaned softly and felt the heat rise in her body. She turned slowly, looking up at Jack, who stared at her big breasts. With a quick look on her face, he reached out to cup her breasts with both hands, squeezing them slightly, feeling the warm skin in his palms.

Cindy arched her back a little, pressing her hard nipples into his palm. Jack leaned over and started to kiss her feverishly, moaning as he felt her hands move around his chest and moving down to his butt.

Without much thinking he started to grind her hips with his, rubbing the bulge in his swim shorts against her lower body. Cindy parted her legs and slinging them around his hips, her tongue playfully licking over his parted lips.

Their moves got more intense as their kiss deepened again, their hands moving, caressing over each others body, finding every sensitive spot, that made the other shiver and moan in pleasure.

Cindy’s eyes sparked of desire as she slipped her hand between their bodies. Jack held his breath and supported his upper body on his forearms as her fingers slipped into his swim shorts, finding his hot and hard member. Her touch drover him crazy with desire and he moaned out loud and whispered “Please!”

“Please what?” She asked back.

“Please do this?” she ran a finger nail down the whole length of his cock, scratching it gently.

 “Or please do that?” her fingers closed around his balls squeezing them slightly.

Jack groaned and moved his hand between them too, reaching into her bikini panties. When he found her little and hard clit, he pressed the tip of his thumb on it, making Cindy yelp.

“No, please this!” he said grinning down on her.

Cindy giggled breathless and whispered, “I want you.”

Smiling Jack answered, “I want you more.”

Quickly they helped each other out of their swimwear and only seconds later, was Jack lying between her wide spread legs again, his hard cock, pressing against her slightly parted wet pussy lips. With a gently push, he slipped between them and his cock dived into her hot wetness, making her shiver underneath him.

“God Jack, I just love when you slide the first time into me. There is nothing I could compare this feeling with.”

Jack leaned over and kissed her gently as he started to pull out again, only to ram back in, hard and fast. She gasped and moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders as another thrust sent shivers down her spine. Her eyes closed and she lost herself in the passion of their hot lovemaking.

Little beads of sweat ran down Jacks spine as he moved his long and hard cock in and out of her hot pussy, feeling her wetness all over his hard one. He leaned down and took one of her nipples between his lips, sucking gently on them, flicking his tongue over them.

Cindy gasped and whispered his name, asking him to go on, telling him she wanted more of him. Her back arched and she dig her fingers into his thick hair, pressing his face into her full breast as he started to suck harder on her nipple.

Her knees came up and his cock, slide even deeper, his balls slapping against her.

Jack could feel his balls tighten as he gained speed, her moans filling his ears, making him want to go harder and faster. He was so close to cum, but he wanted her to cum with him. Reaching between their bodies again, he fingered for her clit. Hard and slippery from her juices, he found it and started to rub it.

“Oh my god, oh my god!! Jack what are you doing to me?!? I’m cuming…ooohhhhhh!

Jack groaned as he felt her pussy walls flex around his hard cock and that was all he needed, with 2 more thrusts he buried his seed deep inside her, his body tense as he shot his load. Helplessly he collapsed on top of Cindy, panting and nearly unconscious.

Cindy could feel the hot cum fill her flexing pussy. She was shaking and shivering as she climaxed again and again. Her arms around Jacks neck as if she was scared to drown in her overpowering feelings. She could feel his breath on her neck and shoulder and it sent additional shivers over now soft body. Gently she lifted a hand and caressed his neck and back, while she listened to the waves, slapping gently against their boat.

After a while Jack rolled down from her, but only to grab a blanket to put it underneath them. He cradled Cindy in his arms and they both fell into a light sleep, snuggled against each other.

Boat trips can be so much fun ;)