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James stared at the door, waiting for Leelee to come out of the house. He had parked his car outside of the gates and was waiting for her. He smiled as he remembered the past weeks and the things they did together. Leelee was so full of life and it was a joy to be with her. Sometimes he just sat there and listened to her, while she was talking about her dreams and her family. Her family…. it was time that he did some more research. The car door opened and Leelee jumped in, interrupting his thoughts.

‘Hi sweety!’

She leaned over and kissed him on the lips, then leaned back into her seat, fastening the belt. James turned the key and started the engine and they drove off to the city.

Sebastian stood at the window of his study and watched Leelee climb into James' car. He frowned and wasn’t really happy about this, but after he had his last encounter with Christina, he wasn’t in the mood to start a fight with Leelee. Maybe deep down he accepted that James made Leelee happy and that’s what he wanted too, to see his baby sister happy. But what was with him? Why couldn’t he be happy? He hadn’t seen Christina since that night and when he asked her mother where she was, he got no proper answer.

He turned when the phone started to ring. Slowly he walked to his desk and picked up.

‘It’s Mario. The party is on the 4th at 8:30pm in front of the office. The 5 of us will be there to let the bubble burst. We expect you there, fratello.’

Then it clicked in the line and it went dead. Slowly he put the phone down and leaned back in his chair. He put his fingertips together and thought about what he was just told. If he were to go there it would finalise his membership with the mighty 5. He had nothing to loose anymore. He opened the drawer of his desk and pulled out a 9mm S&W. He checked if it was loaded and put it back into the drawer, closed and locked it.

The date of the assault

James kissed Leelee’s naked shoulder as she lay next to him on her belly. He loved to watch her when she slept; she looked so peaceful and innocent. With his finger he drew little circles and hearts on her back and smiled as he felt her shiver in her sleep. James knew that she had a very deep sleep, especially after they had sex. He leaned forward and kissed her shoulder, then kissed and licked his way down her spine to her lower back, smiling as he heard her sigh.

His finger run over her butt and between her slightly parted legs. Grinning he started to caress her pussy lips, which were still wet from their previous lovemaking.

He gently grabbed her hips and shoulders and flicked her on her back, making sure she lay comfortable. She mumbled in her sleep and he waited a moment before he gently parted her legs. James got comfortable between her legs and took a deep breathe. God she smelled so good. He grinned, ‘and tasted even better’. Parting her pussy lips with two fingers, he poked his tongue out and flicked it over the clit. The first taste of her was always the best. She tasted and smelled like the ocean and he could have stayed like that the rest of his life.

Slowly he started to lick and suck her clit, running his hands up and down her inner thighs. Her juices started to flow; even while she was asleep her body reacted to his tongue and mouth. His tongue circled her clit, feeling it getting harder.

When he looked up, Leelee was looking down at him, her cheeks slightly blushed and her lips parted.

‘Don’t stop.’

She whispered, brushing over his face with her fingertips.

He smiled at her and dived back between her legs. His tongue slide into her, wiggling, teasing and caressing the inside of her pussy, while his thumb moved to her clit. He rubbed it gently, feeling her thighs quiver next to his head. Her soft moans turned him on even more and he replaced his tongue with two fingers, pushing them deep into her wet hole. Her hips bucked up as he crooked them slightly, pressing against the spongy area of her g-spot. He could feel that it wouldn’t take her much longer to climax. Quickly he placed his mouth over her clit and started to suck on it, catching it between his teeth and pulled slightly on it.

Leelee thought she would explode as she felt his lips on her clit. She arched her back and moaned out loud as he pushed her over the edge. She lifted her hips against him, wanting to feel his finger deeper inside her as she climaxed. Her pussy lips flexed hard around his fingers as she came all over them, her juices flooding his mouth as he removed his fingers to replace them with his tongue and lips.

He drank her juices as if it was pure nectar. Lapping all up till she lay there sedated and relaxed again. James slide up her body and kissed her gently on the lips.

‘What a way to get woken up.’

Leelee giggled and ran her fingers thru his hair as she kissed him back, tasting herself on his lips. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him closer to her. The moment she could feel his hard cock against her entrance, his mobile rang. Swearing he turned around and picked it up. Leelee looked at him while he just nodded and gave short yes and no answers and a quick ok. She could tell by his face, that it was something serious. Slowly she sat up as he hung up.

‘It’s today.’

Was the only thing he said to her.

Sebastian got into his car. His muscled body tense as he turned on the engine and drove away from the house. This was the day everything would change. He would become a member of the mighty 5. He could feel the weight of his gun against his body and it let him feel calm and nervous the same time. How strange was this? Since he got up this morning, he couldn’t stop thinking of Christina and this job. He knew if he went through with it, she would be lost to him forever. After 40 minutes he arrived at the crossing where he would have to wait in his car. Everything looked quiet and he could see the other 4 cars on different corners of the crossing. Now they just had to wait for their target. Another 10 minutes past and then hell broke loose.

Leelee looked at him in shock.

‘Already? What will happen now? With my brother? Is there anything we can do? Please James.’

‘Do you know what could keep your brother from doing it? If so, it would be the only thing that could help now.’

Leelee thought a moment then she jumped up and grabbed his mobile. She dialled a number and when the other person picked up she smiled.

‘Please, you have to help us. I know you still love him.’

James could hear the other person talk, but not understand what the person said.

‘Thank you. I know you wouldn’t let us down. We meet you there in 15 minutes.’

‘Who was that?’

James asked as he started to get dressed.

‘That was my brothers ex girlfriend, Christina. I know he still loves her and she loves him, but something has happened. I don’t know exactly what it was, but they separated a few weeks back. Sebastian wasn’t the same since then and Christina moved out of the villa.

She agreed to help us, she awaits us there. Now let’s go, we have to save my brother.’

Christina heard the sirens already miles away and she was scared that she was too late. When she arrived at the crossing, they were just about to pull Sebastian out of his car. She stopped at the side and got out of her car. Slowly she moves closer, so she wouldn’t get the attention of the police. She could see how Sebastian glared at the police officer and in a quick motion he pulled his gun, pointing it at the nearest officer.


‘Go away from me!’

His voice was loud and angry and Christina knew, it would take just a bit and he would loose control and shoot someone.

‘Sebastian, please drop the gun. It will all be good, please baby.’

She moved around a police car so he could see her and slowly moved closer. When one of the officers tried to hold her back, she pushed him away and kept moving over to Sebastian.

‘Christina!?! What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here. Go away!!! Now!!!’

‘No I won’t go away. I’m here because I don’t want you to get hurt. Please put the gun away before you hurt someone.’

Nervously he pointed the gun at 2 different officers. What should he do? Should he put the gun down and let them arrest him? He didn’t know. At the moment all he could think of was Christina. She was here, with him.

‘Sebastian, I love you, please put the gun down, I don’t want you to get hurt.’

‘You better listen to the lady.’

One of the police officers yelled.

Christina could see snipers on top of the roof of the next house. She knew if he made a wrong move, they would shoot him without thinking twice about it.

Nobody would be ever able to tell what happened, but from one moment to the other, Christina jumped forward into Sebastian’s arms, then three shots echoed from the walls and Sebastian dropped his gun the same moment.


He whispered as he dropped to his knees, still holding her in his arms, taken her with him.

The scene froze around them, nobody moved. James held Leelee in his arms, looking at the couple in the middle of the crossing. They looked like they where entangled in a passionate moment, if there wouldn’t have been blood on the guy’s hands on her back. It stained her white shirt, looking like big red flowers.

‘Sebastian!?! What is this? It hurts. Please…’

‘Christina no, please. I didn’t want this. Not you, please don’t go. Don’t leave me alone.’

Christina reached up to touch his face and smiled weakly.

‘I love you’

Her arm dropped and she went limp in his arms. Her face against his chest, she drew her last breathe.


This single word echoed from the wall, like the 3 shoots, Christina took for him, shielding him from the snipers with her own body. Sebastian held her in his arms, understanding what he had lost, through his own fault. He kissed her pale face, as tears ran down his face.

`I love you.’

Were his last words, before he picked up the gun and shot himself. He fell backwards, Christina cradled in his arms as his eyes closed, joining her on the other side.


Written in 2005

The sad end of Sebastian and Christina