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An Italian Connection - Part 2

Sebastian sits outside with a cold drink and reads the newspaper. As he hears a splashing sound from the pool, he puts down the papers and looks over. He gets a funny feeling in his stomach as he sees its Christina, swimming her rounds in the pool. Instantly he remembers how it felt to have her next to him. Her body cuddle up against him. The smell of her hair.

He shook his head and picked the paper up again.

‘Morning Sebastian.’

He looked up to see Leelee coming outside with a glass of O-Juice in her hand.

‘Morning, we need to talk. Something like what happened last night, won’t happen again. Do you understand me?’

Leelee blushed at his words and turned her back to him, remembering the past night.

‘You have no right to forbid me to have a boyfriend. I’m old enough. And if I will see him again and if I want I’ll have sex with him!’

Sebastian threw the newspaper on the table and got up. He grabbed Leelee by the shoulders and turned her to face him. With a dangerous low voice he said to her,

‘You won’t see him again. Not in this lifetime. And as long as you are my sister I’ll tell you who you can date and for sure not before you turned 21. Do we understand each other?’

Leelee glared at Sebastian.

‘Let go your hurting me. And no I won’t do what you want. And before you can’t keep a girlfriend longer then just 6 months, you shouldn’t try to tell me what’s best for me anyway!’

She spat at him. Sebastian let go of her shoulders and glared back.

‘Don’t you dare to mention Christina. You don’t know what happened.’

‘I know you cheated on her with one of the girls at the club. Now this is really honourable, don’t you think? You cheated on the only girl, which ever was honest with you and loved you more then anything else. She was always there for you, despite what profession you have. And you want to tell me that James isn’t the right one for me. Pffft! Go and fix your own love life before you mess around in mine.’

With this word she stormed back inside, leaving behind a frustrated and very upset Sebastian.

Christina enjoyed her daily swim in the pool. Nothing soothed her troubled thoughts more then water. And her thoughts really were troubled. The stabbing pain when she saw Sebastian and got reminded of his betrayal. She really thought he wasn’t like that. They knew each other all their life. They had played together in the park as kids, together with his sister Leelee and she had always felt like family. Till the night Sebastian had kissed her. It was at one of the parties his parents had given. She was a little tipsy and it felt like heaven. Since then they had been a couple. These 7 months have been the best in her life, till the moment she caught him kissing and touching that girl at the club. She wanted to kill him. How could he hurt her so bad? She loved him so much and would have done anything for him.

She pulled herself out of water and tried to shake off the bad memories. Life goes on and she had to move on too, just it hurt so badly. She grabbed her towel and walked back to the house. There was work waiting for her.

The week past and Leelee had a few secret meets with James. They enjoyed each others company, talked, made love or just snuggled. James was still worried about Sebastian’s connection to the Malatesta’s and he really hoped he could do something about it. The assault was planed for the 28th September. It was only 1 month till then. If he could only win Sebastian to his side, it would make it all less complicated. He looked at the sleeping Leelee and caressed her cheek. She was so fragile and he was scared he would get hurt in the process.

Gently he pulled the blanket over their bodies and fell asleep too.

‘It’s the only day we can get him, without all his bodyguards around him. We can’t do it on another day! You’re getting cold feet Sebastian?’

‘No, but I don’t think this is the right moment. I feel it in the guts. Something will go wrong. I think it would be better we don’t plan it for the 28th September. If this is all, I might also go. Val, call me if you have news on that James.’

‘Ok boss.’

Sebastian left his friends house and got into his stingray. He drove home, ignoring any speed limit. He was angry and his head hurt. It felt as if everything slid out of his hands. His sister was doing what she wanted and he couldn’t control her anymore. Then the trouble with the assault. If this was over, he needed holidays. Just a week or two on an island, far away from all this. Christina. He sight. His feelings about here were so mixed. He didn’t wanted to hurt her, but that he was able to kiss another girl, while still with her, that worried him and also scared him. He was an adult for fucks sake and still he felt like a little boy. All the feelings were just too overwhelming at the moment.

Christina put away the last plates and dried her hands at the towel. The kitchen was clean again.

‘Go bella, you’ve done enough for today.’

Her mum said as she pushed her gently out of the kitchen.

‘It’s a warm night and il padrone is not home, why don’t you go for a swim. I know how much you enjoy it. I will put some food for you on a plate in the fridge, for when you come back.’

‘Grazie mamma, you’re the best.’

Christina kissed her mum on the cheek and left the kitchen. She didn’t bother to turn on the lights. She knew this house like her inside of her pocket. Slipping through the door into the garden, she started to unbutton her blouse. At the pool she slipt out of her clothes and shoes, putting all on a sun bed. Her hair came loose next and flowed over her back down to her waist. The dark red curls tickled her and she shivered a little. Testing the water with her toe, she slid slowly into the cool wet. Christina sighed at the feeling, then pushed herself away from the rim and to the middle of the pool. For a while she just floated, looking up into the sky, watching the stars and the full pale moon.

After a few more minutes she turns and starts to swim her rounds. Diving, crawling and enjoying the movement, she doesn’t hear Sebastian’s car pulling up on the front of the house.

Sebastian gets out of the car and rushes into the house. He knows his parents are not home and Leelee would sleep at a friend’s place, so he is surprised to hear someone in the pool as he walks through the living room. He walks through the big glass doors and looks down to the pool.

Christina! He stands on the terrace like a statue in the night. Not able to move as he watches her naked body part the water, her long hair, like a coat floating behind her in the water. He loved the sight and he could feel himself go instantly hard. Should he dare to approach her?

He didn’t wait for a reply, by his own mind and walked down the stairs to the pool. Slowly he undid his shirt and pants, dropping them next to Christina’s.  As he stands there naked at the side of the pool, he remembers how it felt to be inside Christina, how her body moved on top and underneath him, her hot skin under his hands and lips. God how he missed her.

Christina noticed a shadow and looked up. She stopped swimming and just looked up at Sebastian. He looked huge like he stood there in the night. Her gaze wandered over his lean body, dropping to the middle. She gasped as she saw that he was hard and she blushes slightly. Christina didn’t move as he slid into the water, like a dangerous animal. Like a rabbit hypnotized by the deadly snake she was just able to look at him as he moved closer.

Gently not to scare her, he reached out, touching her cheek with his fingers. Her hazel eyes looked dark as she looked up into his eyes. He saw the question in them. A question he wasn’t able to answer yet. It tore his heart apart, but at this moment he couldn’t just ignore her and go. He needed her, just this one night. Sebastian leaned down and brushed her lips.

Her hands moved to his wrists as he took her face into both hands, making it impossible for her to turn her face away. She could feel her body getting pulled against his, his hard cock brushing against her belly. Her lips parted for him and he slipped his tongue in-between, tasting her as if she was some expensive wine. As he breaks the kiss and his hands drop from her face, she pushes back, swimming away from him, but before she can reach the rim on the deep end, he grabs her arm and turns her to him. All she can do is cling to him as she can’t touch the ground anymore. Her heart beats fast in her chest as her breasts gets pressed against his chest.

Sebastian runs his hand up and down her back, enjoying her body as much as her fiery spirit. He can feel how she fights him, but he also knows she will give in sooner or later. He captures her lips again with a hot kiss, pushing his tongue hungrily into her mouth. Her fingers close around his upper arms as she can do nothing but reply to his kiss. After a while he breaks the kiss and looks at her.

She looks into his eyes, her look sad and still full of his betrayal.

‘How could you’

Unwanted, her only thought escapes her lips in a whisper.

‘Not tonight, let us make this night a special one. Don’t let us speak of what happened.’

Sebastian leaned down again, pashing her till her thoughts twirled in her mind and she could nothing but feel him against her. She moaned softly as his hands moved down her back and to her bum, squeezing the cheeks softly. He turns her gently, moving her backwards against the wall, leaning her against it as he deepens the kiss. Her body rubs against his and he can feel her hands move down his back. Breaking the kiss he moves his mouth over her neck, hearing her soft moans as he kisses her collarbone. The cool water caresses their heated skin as he moves against her, matching her moves.

Totally lost in her emotions, memories of past encounters with him flash through her mind. Her hand moves down his chest and over his tummy and between their bodies. She brushes his swollen and hard member with her fingertips. It feels hot even in the cool water. Shivering he feels his hot mouth move to her breasts, where he starts to lick teasingly over her hard nipple, letting her moan louder as he takes it into his mouth and sucks it so gently.

‘I need you’

Sebastian looks up as he hears the whispered words. His own body rigid from her touch, he moves to her other breast, giving it the same treatment.

‘I need you too.’

He murmured between flicking his tongue over her breasts. Caring, he runs a hand over her hair. Christina instinctively turns her head and flicks her tongue over his wrist, feeling his pulse on the tip of her tongue. Her back arches from the wall as her nipples go rock hard in his mouth, she moans and sighs and before she can hold it back she whispers,

‘You can still drive my crazy with your hands and lips.’

Sebastian smiles at her as he moves a hand between her legs and starts to rub over her clit with his thumb. He could feel her body go tense against him and enjoyed the sight of her slightly blushed cheeks and her dark eyes; her slightly parted swollen lips, just made to be kissed all night long.

‘I know baby, cause I can feel right now you're dying for me.’

Slowly he slipped 2 fingers inside her moist pussy, while he kept licking and sucking her nipples. Her fingers dig into his shoulders as she climbed higher to climax. She was totally lost as he finger fucked her into bliss.

Her climax came quick and powerful, shaking her whole body in his arms, her pussy sucking at his fingers as she came all over them.

Sebastian held her close, while she came, still moving his fingers inside her, slower now. Her moans turned him on and made his cock getting even harder, letting him ache to thrust deep inside her. But he wanted to make this night special, he wanted it to be a night they both would never forget. He didn’t give her a minute to recover. With a deep breath he dives and moves up her legs. His mouth covers her pussy and starts to feed on her, licking and sucking her clit.

Christina gasps shocked as she feels his lips on her nether lips. She grabs the rim of the pool to keep her above water, her body squirms under his sensual attack and her next climax starts to build again. She can’t believe he is doing this to her. Her muscles flex and her breath comes fast as she rocks her body against his hungry mouth. The feel of his tongue on her pussy is nearly too much to bear and her moans fill the night. Another wave of ecstasy washes over her and let her quiver, as her legs close around Sebastian’s head for a moment. She cums on his mouth over and over again, till her body relaxes in the water.

Sebastian feels her cum and thrusts his tongue deep into her pussy, feeling her flex around it. He goes crazy on her taste as he sucks her hard while her body keeps shaking from her orgasm. The he finally has to come up for air. His finger still in her pussy didn’t stop thrusting, he breathlessly says,

‘I ….miss…you.’

Christina leans against him, wrapping one leg around his hips and her arm loosely around Sebastian’s neck, then looks up at him, gently kisses his chin then his lips.

‘I miss you too. It’s hell to be so close to you day in day out, knowing I can’t touch you’

She runs her hand over his face, brushing over his lips with her finger tips, gasping           slightly as his fingers move inside her. She flexes her pussy walls around Sebastian’s thrusting fingers, trying to keep them inside.

‘I know it is, but I did you wrong. This night I give to you, to make it better.’

It was on the tip of her tongue to beg him to come back to her, but there was something in his look that held her back and her own pride made her bite her tongue too. If he really loved her and wanted her back, he would tell her and not just give her this one night.

Sebastian started to rub over her clit with his thumb as he kept moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. He loved nothing more then to hear her soft moans and gasps as he teased her so merciless. His hard cock ached to get buried inside her soft folds, but he wanted to wait just a little longer. As he looks into her eyes, he notices something is bothering her and a funny feeling builds in his stomach. He pulled out his fingers and let go of her, leaning his back against the wall.

‘What is wrong? You want me to stop? You have a boyfriend?’

Confused he looked at her. It would kill him if she had a new man in her life already. He never thought of this possibility. For him she always just loved him and nobody else. She couldn’t have fallen in love with another guy. She just couldn’t! She was his!

Christina is surprised he even noticed and is even more surprised as he just stops to touch her.

‘I...I don’t have a boyfriend. Do you really think I would do this if I was with someone? And no I don’t want you to stop.’

Her voice faded. She let herself sink deeper into the water, till it covered her shoulders, the soothing cool, tender on her heated skin. Christina looked at Sebastian.

‘Why just this night? Am I not worth more? Am I not good enough for you?’

Sebastian takes her face into his hands and kisses her.

‘Don’t talk like that. You’re good enough; I just don’t want a girlfriend at the moment. There are a few things I have to sort out with myself first. Let us just enjoy this night. Look at how beautiful this night is. The stars and the moon shine so bright above us. Let’s make a night to remember.’

Christina blinked back the tears as she kisses him with all the love she still felt for him. She wrapped her legs around his hips and held him close. If this was the last night for them, she wanted to make the most out of it and show him how much he meant to her.

Her hand slide between their bodies and she led his hard cock between her pussy lips. With a quick move she impales herself on it, moaning as it drives deep into her.

Sebastian, a little surprised by her action, groans as he feels her hot pussy around his cock. His hands move to her hips, holding her in place for a moment. He turns, holding her close and pushes her back up against the wall. With hard and fast thrusts he starts to move inside her. Moaning as it feels so good.

‘How did you know I want to do this so bad?’

‘You forget I can feel you so well. There are no words needed. I just feel your needs. I’m the one who knows you inside out.’

She pushed back at him, taking each of his fast thrusts with one back. Her hands on his shoulders she held herself up, digging her sharp nails into them. She could hear his moans as he drove deeper and his breath quickened.

‘I need to know why you want me. Why am I the only one for you? Please, tell me.’

Sebastian picked up speed and thrusted deeper.

‘Omg I want to go as deep as possible, I want to be deeper then anybody else ever was inside you. I want to feel your nails dig into my skin as I thrust hard and fast inside you. Your moans drive me crazy.’

Christina did as he wished and wrapped her arms closer around him, letting her nails bite into his muscles. She licked over his neck and begged him to thrust harder and faster, while she tried to keep her mind together. Trying to put her feelings into words she answered his question.

‘You just let me feel whole again. You’re the missing piece of my heart and my soul. Without you I can’t smile, breathe or live. You’re my sun, my moon, my very breathe.’

`I love you Christina, you need to know, but I just have to sort out my feelings.’

He thrusted harder, sending her nearly over the edge as he told her again that this would be their last night together and that he would never forged it. His body responded to her moans as he moved in and out of her hot and wet pussy. His hands on her hips he looked into her eyes. He can see how close she is and starts to go faster.

Screaming his name she cums hard, her body shaking madly as she cums over and over again. In her mind she tries to memorize ever single moment, his face and body, how he looked at her. How he held her. Sobbing she leans weakly against him, as tears run down her cheek. Her body still shivers as she slowly calms down in his arms.

Sebastian notices her tears and instantly pulls out of her, worried he might have hurt her. He pulls himself out of the pull to sit on the side, pulling Christina between his legs. He ignored his painfully aching cock and caressed soothingly her hair.

‘What’s wrong, did I hurt you? Did I do something wrong? You never cried before.’

Christina tried to hold back the tears and in between sobs she tried to explain him, that she just was so overwhelmed by the feelings. She tried to convince him that she just wanted to please him now like he pleased her so wonderful. And to show him how much she wanted it, she just took his hard cock into her mouth, tasting her own love juices on it. She sucked and licked, till Sebastian pushed her gently away.

Sebastian didn’t believe her a word as he slid back into the pool. He cradled her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

‘Please Sebastian, just let me please you’

Sebastian groaned at the thought, but stayed strong. He pulled her even closer and told her again to say what was wrong. He doesn’t understand why she is crying and caresses her back.

Christina kept sobbing, hiding her face against his chest as it finally broke out of her.

‘I want you back. I don’t want to be without you, can’t you understand that?’

She feels like a fool and slowly her sobs stop and her breathes goes slower. His words from earlier echo through her mind, he didn’t want a girlfriend right now, but he wanted her before, then why not now anymore? She was confused and hurt.

Sebastian could feel her heartbeat against him. He tried to find the right words to explain how he felt and what made him do this decision. He didn’t want to hurt her more then necessary.

‘I can’t just think of myself. I love you and you know that, but there are others I have to think of. Please understand it is just not the right moment.’

Christina felt sick for a moment. Was it the other girl? Did he lover her too? She didn’t dare to ask, too scared by his answer. She turned her face and started to kiss his chest, then moved her lips to his nipple. Gently she flicked her tongue over it, feeling him shiver. Her lips closed around it and she suckled them like he used to do with her own nipples. She could hear him gasp as she sucked harder. After a bit she moved to his other nipple, giving it the same treatment. With a quick look to his face, she dived. Opening her mouth she took his cock back into her mouth and started to move and suck the same moment. Her mouth moved up and down his cock as it slid in and out.

She could feel his hands dig into her hair as she moved faster. While her hand played with his balls her other hand helped to stroke his long and hard cock. It didn’t take him long and he came into her mouth, flooding it with his hot semen. It made her struggle for breath, but she kept on sucking till he was finished.

Gasping she broke through the surface and took deep breathes. Still panting she moves out of his reach. She looks at him with sad eyes as the moon doesn’t shines that bright for her anymore.

He tries to reach out for her, not understanding what’s going on right now. Wasn’t this supposed to be the best night ever? It shouldn’t end like this then. He wanted to hug and kiss her. To tell her that he still loves her, but the look in her eyes told him, if he didn’t really mean it and wanted her back, he better not said anything.

Quickly Christina left the pool and grabbed her clothes. She ran back into the house and into the darkness. She would never forget this look on Sebastian’s face, but as long as he couldn’t stand to her, he would never belong to her.

Sebastian looked after her and instantly he started to feel cold. Not just from the cool night air, but also from a coldness that came from the inside. He realised he had lost something precious. Something nobody else could give him ever again.

To be continued…

Written in 2005

The 2nd part of the sad story of Leelee and James And Sebastian and Christina. Still sad.