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An Italian Connection - Part 1

Leelee woke up and yawned. She looked at her alarm and it was just after 2pm. Hmmm too early to get up. So she just turned and cuddled her stuffed teddy bear. She could hear the gardener mow the lawn and the voices of her father and her brother on the terrace just below her open balcony doors. The warm summer breeze caressed her naked shoulders and she sighted happily. Her thoughts wandered back to last night and she smiled.


She whispered. The name sounded strong and good and she felt that little tickling in her stomach, as if 100 butterflies where flying around.

James was the new bouncer at the club she was dancing at, much to the dislike of her brother.

If she would do what he wants, she would sit at home and do things for charity and just look pretty. But she had other plans. She wanted to be a dancer and she trained hard for it since she was a little girl and took her first ballet lessons.

Her family was rich, very rich and what ever Leelee wished she got granted. Holidays in Nice, shopping in Paris over the weekend, all these were things she did since she was a teenager. As much as she enjoyed all this, she felt like a bird in a golden cage.

Her brother was watching over her as if she was some rare gem. It was nice to feel protected, but how he acted was far out. He seriously thought she was too young for a boyfriend!! She was 18! All her friends at school had already boyfriends since they were 16, but each time she introduced a guy to her family her brother threatened them till they ran too scared to talk to her again. It was frustrating.

Leelee turned on her back and looked at the ceiling. Would James run too when Sebastian threatened him? Chewing on her lower lip she tried to think of a way to meet James, outside of work, without her brother knowing. With a gasp she sat up. What if James didn’t want to meet her? He had been nice to her, but he was also nice to the other girls. She had to find out tonight at work.

1 hour later she came down the stairs, wearing shorts and a top, her long blonde hair in a ponytail. She was humming a tune as she jumped down the last 2 steps, landing right in front of her brother who came around the corner.

‘Whoa! Leelee! Can’t you come down the stairs like everybody, step by step?’

He kissed her on the forehead and looked at her.

‘You look happy. Something special happened?’

‘Hmmm nope, not really.’

She slightly blushes. Damn she hated when that happened. He would know she was lying.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow.

‘Want to tell me now or do I have to find out myself?’

Leelee swallowed, trying to think of something to tell him.

‘I…ahm..I will perform on stage at the club tonight, with my own choreography.’

‘Well that’s great baby. Not that I really like that all the guys stare at my half naked baby sister while she dances. I will come and look.’

Smiling he walked into the living room, leaving Leelee speechless in the hall. This couldn’t be. He never came to the club, why now? Arghhh this was so unfair. She stormed into the dining room where her mum and dad just finishing lunch and sat down.

She arrived at the club a few hours later. She jumped out of the car, before Tony the driver could open the door for her and waved at him as she run to the door. She entered the club and went right to the dressing rooms, to get ready for her performance. For tonight she had a special outfit, it was kind of a dark green dress that barely covered her body. It was climbing in stripes up her lean body, just covering the important parts. If Sebastian would see her in this outfit, he would run amok and probably never let her out again. But to hell with him, she was old enough. She put on her make up and listened to the other dancers as she started to stretch her muscles to warm up.

Leelee stepped on the small stage into the blue spotlight and as the music started she started to dance. Everything went well, till a guest spilled his beer on the stage and only seconds later, she slipped out and fell, twisting her ankle. Blinking away the tears of pain, she felt a pair of strong arms pick her up and carry her backstage. She hid her face at the broad shoulders and was so embarrassed. Her first own choreography and she had to mess it up.

‘You looked great up there.’

Her saviour said and it was only then she noticed who it was. James! Shouldn’t he be at the door?

‘What were you doing in the club? I thought you’re at the door tonight?’

‘Oh I heard you would perform and I asked Amos if I could watch you.’


She took a deep breath, gawd he smelled so good.

Carefully he set her down on the couch in the dressing room and set down, pulling her legs on his lap. With quick fingers he took off her shoes and examined her ankle.

Leelee winced as he moved her foot a little. But only a few seconds later bit her lips from moaning out loud as he had started to massage her sole. Hmmm this felt good…too good.

His fingers moved up her calf. Massaging the muscles and smoothing them out. She leaned back, looking at James through half closed eyelids. He leaned forward and started to kiss his way up her leg, slowly following his hands. His lips hot on her barely covered skin let her shiver and stretch, arching her body towards him.

Her hard nipples started to press visible against the thin material and James smiled as he noticed her positive reaction. She was beautiful and he couldn’t stop to admire her movements. Her blonde hair flew lose around her shoulders and her lips were so inviting. It took him his whole self-control, not just to ravish her full lips with his. James slowly slid up her body till he was covering her with his. Feeling her against him, felt just perfect and as he felt her hands move around him and up and down his back he groaned silently. His cock hardened and pressed against her hips as he lowered his face to kiss her chin, then her lips.

Her sweet smell let his mind get dizzy.

‘Hmmmm babey, you’re pure sugar.’

He whispered as he broke the kiss long enough to look into her deep blue eyes. From outside of the dressing room, they could hear the music and as they played the first slow song of the night, they were already half undressed.

Leelee pulled James’s shirt over his head, letting her eye graced his muscled chest hungrily. She leaned forward and licked over his left nipple and up to his collarbone. She giggled as he hissed, letting her know what she did to him. Her tongue moved up his neck, then to his ear, where she teasingly started to nibble on his earlobe.

James clenched his teeth at her cheeky tongue. The tip of her tongue felt like fire on his heated skin as she moved over it. Damn, he wanted her, needed her more then the very air to breath. She had only just known him for 2 nights, but he had watched her since months now. First as a guest and then he had asked for a job as he wanted to be close to her, protect her.

She looked so fragile on stage, always a little lost when in the crowed, but her appearance on stage was like a burning fire. His eyes never leaving her till she was spend and left the stage.

And now she was here with him. He knew they belong together since the first time he laid eyes on her. Gently he pulled her dress down, revealing her perky breasts. Her nipples looked like raspberries, pink and inviting. Lowering his mouth, he closed his lips gently around one of them, tasting her for the first time. His moan mixed with hers as he gently started to suck.

He felt something cold against his neck. First he thought it was a ring Leelee wore, but then he noticed her body getting stiff underneath him.

`You better move very slow away from my sister, buddy.’

A cold voice came from behind him.

James knew now what the cold thing in his neck was. The muzzle of a gun. Very slow he climbed off Leelee and held his hands up, to show he wasn’t attacking and without weapons.

Slowly he turned to look at the man and was impressed. Before him stood a 6’7’’ tall guy, who looked as dangerous as he sounded.

Leelee was so lost in the feel of his mouth around her nipple, that she didn’t hear the door open or Sebastian calling her name. All she knew was what James was doing to her and how good it felt to feel him on top of her and she wanted more. As she felt James stop to suck, she first wanted to protest and opened her eyes and saw her brother standing above them like the devil in person.

‘Sebastian, it’s not like you think it is.’

She tried to explain the situation, but he wouldn’t let her speak.

‘Leelee, get dressed, NOW!’

Quickly she jumped up and grabbed her clothes. Quietly she got dressed, while giving James and Sebastian sideways looks. Her brother’s gun gleamed in the dim light of the dressing room. She knew he wouldn’t shoot James, well not here. But what if he forced him to go somewhere else with him?

‘Sebastian, please can we go now? Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything I didn’t want him to do.’

Sebastian looked at Leelee and raised an eyebrow, like he always did when very upset. Then he looked back at James and an evil smile crossed his lips.

‘We are not finished with each other. You better keep away from my baby sister or you won’t live long enough to put your cock back into your pants.’

Stepping close up to James he dropped the gun, poking it into James crotch, till he winced.

‘Do we understand each other?’

James could nothing but nod, too scared of the temper of this guy and his gun.

‘Good. Let’s go Leelee. Can you walk?’

‘Yes..yes I can.’

30 Minutes later they arrived at the villa. The whole way home, none of them said a word. Leelee didn’t dare to look at her brother, fearing the disgusted look he could give her. But beside all this, she had enjoyed the encounter with James and she wanted more. She wanted more! She wanted to feel her naked body against his, his lips on hers and….his hard cock buried deep inside her.


The hard voice of Sebastian pulled her out of her daydreams and she quickly slide out of the car. She started for the door, but Sebastian grabbed her upper arm and picked her up. He carried her inside and upstairs to her room where he put her carefully on the bed.

‘We will talk tomorrow morning. Now go to bed and sleep.’

He was out the door before she could even say night.

Sighing she undressed and slipped under the cool bed sheets.

About 1 hour later she got woken up as a hand closed over her mouth. She tried to scream, but all she could manage was a muffled sound. She could feel the hot breath of the intruder on her ear as he said,

‘Don’t scream. It’s me, James.’

Her eyes widened and she turned to look at him. She smiled and through her arms around his neck and pulled him on top of her.

‘How did you manage to get in? There are guards all over the place and then there is an alarm system and our dogs.’

He chuckled as he ran his hands over her back. Should he tell her about his family and how he got raised or would she runs screaming?

‘It wasn’t that difficult. Hmmm, I need to tell you something about me. About my family. We are originally from Russia, well my grandparents are. They worked for the KGB before the cold war was over, but for some reason, they kept training and they also trained my parents and then me. I’m actually working with some anti-terrorist groups. I’m not 19 years old. I’m 24. I was after a gang called the Malatestas. I got information that they plan an assault. I can’t tell you more, but I think your family is involved too.’

Leelee’s looked at James in disbelieve. She tried to move away from him, but he kept her close and she had no chance against his strength.

‘No you’re lying. They would never do something like that. Let me go or I’ll scream the house together.’

‘Please Leelee; listen to me before you do anything. I don’t want you or your family get into trouble, but I have to do what’s needed to prevent this assault. Leelee, from the first moment I saw you at the club….I just fell for you. You looked so fragile and still so strong, when you danced. When I learned who you are, I wanted to get away, but they wouldn’t let me. I just have to get thru with this and then I can leave them. And I want to be with you.’

Leelee didn’t know what to do. She knew she wanted to be with James too, but she didn’t wanted her family to be hurt. There had to be a way out of this. She looked at James and for a moment she completely forgot what she wanted to say as she sank into his dark eyes. His look so hot, breathing got difficult for her.

He watched her cheeks slightly blush and her lips part. The tip of her tongue flicked over them, letting them glisten in the dark. James couldn’t but lean over and kiss her. Pressing his lips onto hers, then parting them gently with his tongue. Her tongue met his, caressing and playing with each other. Teasing till they were both breathless. Her finger pushed his black turtleneck up, feeling the muscles move under her fingertips. Carelessly he dropped it on the floor next to the bed, then went back to kiss her passionately.

Leelee’s hands made their way down his lower back and slipped into his jeans. She cupped his butt cheeks and squeezed them slightly as she parted her legs under the sheets so he could settle in between them.

Groaning he got up and looked down into her startled and blushed face. Quick he undid his pants and took them off in one quick motion, pushing them over his hips together with his boxers. He lifted the sheet and slipped underneath and next to Leelee.

Shivering she sank into his arms as he covered her with his whole body. Her hard nipples pressed against his chest, she felt his hard cock rubbing against the inside of her thighs.

She spread them, feeling the need to feel him deep inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at James.

‘I want you.’

She whispered, running her lips down his throat and to his shoulder, licking and kissing the hot skin.

James groaned and reached between their bodies, guiding his hard member between her soft folds. Slowly he slid into her moist pussy. He clenched his teeth at the tight feeling, holding her close to him as he drove in deeper, up to the hilt.

Her fingers dig into his upper arms as he impaled her on his big cock. The incredible feeling of him inside her took her breath away. For a moment they just stayed like that, feeling each others body, hearing their hearts beat in the same rhythm.

Slowly he started to move, pulling out of her and thrusting back inside, the feeling getting better as he gained speed. Her soft moans turned him on even more, as the escaped her slightly swollen lips. Leelee’s eyes were closed, her eyelids fluttering as he gained speed, thrusting deep in and out of her hot pussy. He could feel how she flexed around his cock, sucking him deeper. Her moans grew louder as her legs wrapped themselves around his hips, pulling him closer. Then from one moment to the other, her eyes opened wide and her body got tense. He kept thrusting as she climaxed with a deep moan, her body shaking and shivering in his arms. James had never witnessed something more beautiful than this woman in his arms. Passionately he kissed her as she came again and again. It only took him a few more thrusts to cum too and as they laid next too each other spend and panting, he knew, he would never want to let her go again.

Leelee looked at James, floating in the afterglow of their mating. ‘This must be magic’ she thought. With the tip of her finger, she followed the outline of his lips, smiling at him.

She leaned forward to kiss him, but froze in the motion as she heard steps outside her door.

‘Damn. Quick hide under the bed!’

James grabbed his clothes and slide under the bed, hoping they wouldn’t come in.

The door opened slowly and Leelee closed her eyes and tried to ease her breath. When she heard the door close again and the steps move away, she let out a deep sigh.

‘Puuh that was close.’

She leaned over the side of the bed and looked underneath it. Giggling she looked at James he grinned at her. He laid his hand on the back of her head and kissed her upside-down lips, before crawling out from under the bed.

‘I better go now, before someone finds me. I’ll see you at the club.’

He gave her another pash then sneaked out of the balcony doors.

Leelee fell back into the pillows and smiled. She couldn’t wait till the weekend till she could go to the club. And with this thought and the feeling of James lips on hers, she fell asleep.


Written in 2005

First part of the story of Leelee and James. And Sebastian and Christina. So sad.