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A Winters Dream

Leo drove up the mountain, the snowy forests and meadows on each side. It looked like out of a fairy tale. Everything was white and looked so peaceful.

He looked at his fuel gauge and frowned. It was nearly empty and he hasn’t seen a gas station since a while. Hopefully there would be one in the next village.

The car swerved a little as he drove over a stone bridge, which went across a waterfall.

“Ooohhh, careful Leo. You don’t want to end in the canyon”, he said to himself.

He drove for about 15 minutes and still there was no village and it started to get dark.

“Amazing how quick it gets dark in the Swiss mountains.” he mused.

“I’ll get in deep trouble if I don’t find a gas station soon.”

And the moment he finished this thought the car started to stutter and then stopped. Swearing under his breath, he tried to start it again, already knowing it was useless. He slammed his hands on the steering wheel.

“Damit, I should have stopped in the last village. Well too late now. Wonder if somebody will drive up here. Hmmmm lets see what my mobile says.”

He took his mobile out of his Jacket and …. no signal. Leo sighs and put it back into his pocket.

He sat there for about 10 minutes and it quickly got cold, when he heard the sound of an engine. He opened the door and jumped out of the car as the bright lights of a machine blinded him and made him stumble back against the car.

The snowmobile stopped beside him and a person of unknown gender smiled at him through a huge ski goggles.

A female voice said out from under the hood, “Hallo, chan ii hälfä?”

Leo just looked at her as he didn’t understand a word, beside hallo.

“Hi, I’m sorry, but I don’t speak Swiss German. Do you speak English by any chance?”

The female laughed and said in a cute accent “Yes of course. I wanted to know if I can help you.”

“Ooh, yes you actually could. I ran out of gas and it seems there is not gas station near. Could you bring me to one?”

“I could, but there is a problem. The gas station is closed now; you will have to wait till tomorrow morning. Do you have a place to stay over night?”

“Hmmm not really, I wanted to look for a nice hotel in the next village. Do you know a good one?”

The woman grinned, looking him up and down.

“For a cutey like you, I have always a spare room. Grab what u need for the night and jump up. And I promise I won’t bite, at least not hard.”

Leo hesitated a moment, but the prospect to spend the night in the cold car or in a warm bed, helped him to quickly stuff some clothes and what else he needed for the night, into his backpack. Sitting on the snow mobile behind her, he put his hands on her hips as she started the engine.

About 20 minutes later they arrived at a small Chalet sitting in the middle of nowhere. Far down in the valley he could see the lights of village.

It wasn’t as dark as he thought it would be, because the full moon light up the snow and made it glow.

The woman climbed of the snow mobile and signalled him to follow her. She opened the door and entered the dimly lit hall. Turning her back to him she took of the ski goggles and the thick coat with the hood.

Leo just could stare at her as a flood of red curls spilled out of the hood. She turned to put her coat on a hook next to the door and smiled at him, her green eyes gleaming in the dim light.

“Don’t you want to take off your jacket? Under the bench are some house shoes. They are comfier than your boots. I will make us a Milo, to get us warm again.”

“Milo? How do you know what Milo is? You’re not Australian, that’s for sure.”

The woman giggled and vanished in the kitchen. Leo took of his jacket and boots, slipped into a pair of house shoes and followed her into the kitchen. It was small and cosy, with lots of wood. She stood at the stove, stirring milk in a pot.

She turned to him and smiled.

“Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Celina, but call me Lina. And you’re right, I’m not Australian, but I was there for holidays about 2 years ago and some things you can’t forget, let alone give up. Friends of mine, send me Milo and Tim Tams, when I run out of them.”

Leo laughed and held out his hand.

“I’m Leo and I’m on holidays, touring through Europe. I started these holidays together with my girlfriend, but she fell head over heels in love with some guy in Sweden and just stayed there. Shit happens.”

Lina shook his hand, feeling the warmth and strength in it. She held it for a little longer, looking up into his blue eyes.

While he told her about his girlfriend and where he had already been in Europe, she studied his features. He was a good-looking guy, with friendly blue eyes, little wrinkles around it from laughing and eyelashes a girl would kill for. He was a good foot and a half taller than she, broad shoulders and short brown hair, with some blonde highlights. His legs stuck in tight blue jeans, which gave her an idea of how muscular they were. All in all, he took her breath away. Slowly she let go of his hand and turned back to the stove, pouring the Milo into two cups.

“Let’s go to the living room, there you can tell me more about yourself.”

Lina led him through the hall and into the living room. She lit some big candles and then the fireplace. It only took a few minutes, till a nice fire was crackling.

They sat on the couch in front of the fire and as Leo turned, he saw the huge glass front and the fantastic view over the mountains and the bright full moon.

“Wow that’s amazing!”

“Hmmm yes, it is. I love to sit here and just look outside and listen to music.”

She picked the remote for the stereo from the side table and soft music filled the room from hidden speakers.

Leo looked at her and was caught from how the fire let her hair gleam, as if it was on fire itself. Her features reminded him a bit of Liv Taylor as Arwen in Lord of the Rings and she had the same slender figure, but also nice set of boobs he thought grinning.

They talked about this and that, as it got later. The fire was nearly burned down and they went quiet. Leo reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. Lina smiled and slightly rubbed her cheek at his palm.

Leo leaned forward and waited a millisecond to see if she would close the distance. And she did. Their lips met in a soft kiss, teasing each other. Catching each other’s lip in a more and more getting passionate kiss. Leo’s hand moved into her hair and cupped the back of her head. The soft and silky mass of her looks, caressing his skin and the soft sent of cinnamon coming from her skin let his senses awaken.

His touch let her shiver as she leaned into the kiss. Her hands moved around his neck, caressing the warm skin. The urge to just rip his shirt open became too urgent and she totally surprised him when she broke the kiss and did what she never imagined she would do. She ripped his shirt open, letting the buttons fly thru the room.

For a moment he looked at her then just grabbed her and pulled her against his now bare chest. Pashing her with his whole body, pressing her against his and letting her feel the hard bulge in his pants. Her soft moans turned him even more on and he pulled her shirt over her head. Leo groaned as he saw the soft globes covered in pink lace.

“They are beautiful.” He whispered as he reached out with both hands to touch them.

Lin smiled; her cheeks slightly blushed. She arched her back a little, pushing them out even more. Making her hardening nipples poke thru the soft material.

She moaned softy as his hands made contact, feeling the heat of his palms through the lace. Lin closed her eyes for a moment enjoying the soft caress.

Reaching around her back, he quickly unhooked her bra, and pushed her gently back on the couch, moving on top of her. He removed the bra and dropped it on the floor. Giving her a quick kiss on the lips, feeling her nipples press against his chest, his cock hardened even more, pressing painfully against the zip of his pants. He shifted slightly on top of her, moving a little further down. Hungrily he looked at the pale globes and with a low growl he attacked her nipples.

Leo flicked his tongue over it and catches it between his lips, pulling a little on it. Her moans turning him on as he started to suck on the now big and hard nipples. He could feel her moving underneath him, rubbing her hips against his lower belly. Gawd he wanted her so badly.

She could feel her pussy getting wet from her love juices as his mouth ravished her tender nipples. His big hands massaging her breast as his mouth sucked and nibbled on them. Lin tried to get some relief from rubbing her panty clad pussy against him, but all she achieved was that she got even more aroused. A deep moan escaped her lips as he moved a hand down between them and into her pants.

Quickly he found her clit and started to rub it gently, feeling his fingers getting wet from her juices. Leo moved up again and kissed her passionately, while flicking and rubbing her clit. Cheekily he slipped a finger into her hot and wet hole, feeling how tight she was and how ready for him. He catches her moans with his mouth, sucking her tongue, playing with it. His finger moved in and out of her pussy in slow and steady motions, while his thumb still was on her clit.

“Please, oh my god!” she whispered against his lips, the heat between her legs driving her crazy.

Leo grinned wolfishly as he pulled his hand out of her pant and pulled them down.

Her naked body glowing in the light of the fireplace, just looked like sin itself. Quickly he got rid of his jeans and boxers, dropping them to the floor. For a moment he just stood there, looking down at her.

Lin’s breathe got caught in her throat as he dropped his pants. His cock stood out from his bush, ready to battle. Unaware of her motion, she spread her legs, inviting him into her hot wetness. She lifted her arms and her eyes challenged his, would he be able to satisfy her needs?

He slide back on top of her, his hard cock pushing between her swollen pussy lips, entering her slowly but steady. He could feel the wet folds around his cock and it took him some restrain not just to push inside her all at once. Leo wanted to tease her, to hear her beg for his cock. So he just stopped half way and looked down at her, the vein at his throat, pulsating.

“What do you want Lin?” he said to her in a low voice.

“I want to feel your cock deep inside me. I want to be filled with your hot cum. I want to feel how you move in and out of me.” she answered breathless.

Leo couldn’t resist any longer and with one move he slid his whole length into her hot pussy. Both moaned at the sudden impact of emotions. Leo grabbed her legs and pushed her knees up to her chest as he started to thrust into her. His strokes got harder and faster as he could hear Lina call his name, pleading him to move faster.

She dug her fingers into his upper arms as his thrusts got harder, her head feeling dizzy from all her feelings and arousal as shivers ran down her spine. His hard cock felt so good and she wanted to last this forever. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, his blue eyes dark from the enlarged pupil. The muscles of his arms flexed under her hands. 

His balls slapped against her butt as he drove into her hard and fast. He could feel her pussy getting tighter around his cock as she got closer to cum. Leo quickly pulled out of her and just flipped her over, ignoring her protesting moans. Without any difficulty he slides back into her dripping pussy, taking her from behind, driving his cock even deeper. He reached around her and took her swaying boobs into his hands and started to pinch and pull her hard nipples. Her little screams nearly sent him over the top, but he held himself back as he let go of one of her tits. His hand moved over her belly and between her legs and he quickly found her slippery clit. Rubbing it furiously he could hear the change in her voice and noticed the growing tension in her body.

“Yes baby cum for me! Let your hot pussy grab my cock!”

Lin bit her lower lip as she moaned out loud. Her feelings washing over her and letting her crush. She couldn’t hold back any longer and with a scream she came. Her body furiously pushing back at him as she climaxed. Her pussy squeezing his still thrusting cock as he piston into her, letting her cum again and again. Lina sobbed and cried out his name as her body shivered and shacked. She just wanted to let her body fall, but he kept her up with a strong arm around her waist.

“Oh no sugar, we are not finished yet.” he said in a threatening voice.

Lina was still shimmering in the afterglow of her climax that she first didn’t notice what he was doing, but then she felt his finger slip into her anus and she turned shocked her head.

Leo used her own juices to lube her puckered hole as he started to finger her. He could feel her dislike, but kept going, while his cock kept thrusting into her pussy. His own climax got closer and he wanted her to cum again with him this time.

She was caught in her emotions, letting this new feeling flow over her as she let him do. She could feel another climax rise and she told him how good it felt and that she wanted to cum so badly and as closer she got, the more intense her feelings and pleading became. Lin could feel her juices running down her inner thighs, she could smell the scent of the animalistic odour of sex and it made her drunk. Every rational thinking got switched of by it and all what reigned her where her feelings and how bad she wanted to cum.

Leo groaned as his cock twitched inside her and his balls hardened. A few more hard trusts and he couldn’t wait any longer. With a loud moan he came, shooting his hot cum up her pussy, flooding it with his seamen.

The same time he felt Lin cum too, her screams filling the night.

He kept thrusting till his balls were empty and Lin’s climax subsided too.

Panting they sank back on the couch, cuddled up against each other, their sweaty bodies cooling slowly off. He kissed her damp temples and run his fingers gently down her side, hearing her breathe slowing down.

Lin laid there with closed eyes, feeling his fast heartbeat on her back, his gently fingers on her oversensitive skin. Never had she experienced such an intense climax. She was totally exhausted and slowly drifted into a light sleep.

Leo noticed her getting limp in his arms and smiled as he cradled her into his arms, putting her head on his shoulder. He grabbed the blanket that was placed over the back of the couch and put it over their bodies, then closed his eyes too and joined her in a peaceful sleep.

Written in 2005

The Swiss might not be as cold and distant as you think.