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A Mermaid's Tale

He stood at the beach, watching the sunset. The colours of the sky, red and pink, changing into purple and then into a dark blue. He took off his clothes, his body feeling tired from the battle in his country. 6’10’’ in height, broad shoulders, the skin covered with scars, he stood there, the water swirling around his feet. Then he started to walk into the water. The muscles rippling under the skin, all man and full of power. Tarik enjoyed the feeling of the cool water on his hot skin, refreshing him and calming his soul. He dived into the water, parting it with smooth moves.

Serena broke throughu the waters surface, looking at the sunset and smiling at the bright colours. When she heard a noise she turned and saw a human swimming in her direction. First, she wanted to vanish back into the deep of the ocean, but her curiosity kept her where she was.

Her long red hair floating around, she waited if the man would notice her presence.

Tarik stopped to look how far he was away from the beach, when he turned to look to the horizon he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, floating red hair, burning like fire in the vanishing sunlight and eyes the colour of the ocean. He stared at her, then made a move in her direction, to see if she would try to flee, but, she stayed where she was, looking at him curiously, showing a little smile. When he was just an arm length away from her, she turned and began to swim to the beach. He looked after her and what he saw then surprised him more then anything else. Where a human had their legs, this beautiful woman had a fishtail.

Stunned he looked after her, he had heard of the stories about mermaids, but dismissed them as tales. He started to swim back to the beach, following her. When she reached the knee deep water, her fishtail began to transform into nice shaped long legs. She moved them slowly, just as if she were testing to see that they where ok. She looked in his direction, waiting for him to approach her.

She stood up, her long hair covering her full breasts and a silken scarf covered her lower half. He lifted an arm, reaching with his fingers for her face, slightly caressing the cool skin of her cheek.

“Who are you?“ he asked her.

“I’m just a dream,“ she answered, turning her head to kiss his palm.

She stepped closer and let her hands caress his skin. Starting at his shoulders, then down his chest. Exploring the texture of it. His skin felt warm under her fingers, full of life. Leaning forward and kissing his chest right over his hard nipples, she noticed him holding his breath, as her lips touched his skin.

Tarik let his hands slide through her thick hair, brushing it back, revealing the crème coloured skin of her shoulders and neck and her full breasts. Admiring what he saw, he leaned forward licking over her neck, sucking softly on the soft skin. Making his way up to her cheek, he listened to Serenas soft moans, feeling her hands move to his back. Tarik closed his mouth over hers, sucking on her full lower lip, his tongue parting them, entering her hot mouth, playing with her tongue.

Both breathing harder now, deepening the kiss, their tongues exploring and playing with each other. Tarik’s hands were wandering over her shoulders and down her front. Cupping her full breasts with both hands, his thumbs rubbed her nipples, making them hard.

Serena pressed her body against Tarik’s, feeling his hard cock push against her lower belly; she reached down, closing her fingers around him. His cock was hard as steal covered with smooth velvet. She broke the kiss, licking and kissing her way down his body. Kneeling before him she looked up at him, slowly closing her lips around the head of his cock, sucking the tip, her tongue flicking around it. Tarik groaned at the pleasure her mouth was giving him, his hand caressing her hair. She took Tarik’s hard cock deeper into her mouth, sucking harder now, her hand still around his shaft, rubbing it slowly. Serena moved her head back and forth, letting him slide in and out, again and again. Tasting some pre-cum on her tongue, she slowed down and got up, pulling Tarik down so she could kiss him, making him taste the salty pre-cum.

He lifted her from the ground making her sling her legs around his hips; he entered her hot and wet pussy in one motion. Her wet folds enclosed his cock like a sheath a blade would. Her body clung to his. His hands around her butt cheeks, he slowly made her move up and down, sliding in and out. Serena crushed her mouth to his, her tongue thrusting into his mouth, sucking at his tongue. He slowly went down on his knees, never breaking the contact between them. He lowered her body onto the warm sand, her hair floating around her head and shoulders.

The sun had set, bringing with it, a full moon that was now high above their heads, a warm breeze caressing their heated bodies as he started to slowly thrust into her. Slow deep strokes, made to make a woman crave for more.

Serena’s hands moved around Tarik’s hips, caressing his back and butt, as he pumped into her, making her moan louder. Her sharp nails digging into his upper arms, as he moved faster in and out of her hot pussy. She could feel that she was ready to cum. Her breath fast and her body getting tense under his. She arched her back as the first powerful explosion made her body shiver and shake, releasing the energy.

He could feel the muscles of her pussy clench around his hard throbbing cock, two thrusts more and he came too. His cum shooting into her. He pushed into her again and again as he came, taking them both up in a spiral of ecstasy.

As they lay there in the still warm sand, the moon and the starts high above them, Tarik lifted his head from her shoulders, still heavily breathing. He rolled down from her body, taking her with him, letting her lay on top of him. She opened her eyes looking at him, with a dreamy and satisfied smile, she kissed his chest, while his fingers where playing with a strand of her long hair.

He pulled her up, so he could kiss her. It was a long deep kiss, which made her shiver to the bones. She laid her head back on his shoulder as the both fell asleep, tired from the passion.

Tarik woke up, horny after some very hot dreams, as something tickled his chest. When he opened his eyes, it was still night and Serena was sitting on top of him, his already hard cock buried deep insider her, strands of her long hair tickling his chest as she started to slowly ride him. He started to caresses her full breasts, sitting up so he could suck her nipples, making them hard. Serena moaned and buried her hands in his hair. Tarik sucked and licked her nipples, slightly biting them, untill Serena had the feeling she would faint of pleasure he gave to her. She moved faster, riding him hard and fast now. Tarik grabbed her hips, digging his finger into the soft flesh. Her pussy felt hot and tight around his hard cock, he could feel the first shiver of climax as he drove harder into her. Serena closed her eyes, letting her head fall back, screaming out her pleasure as she came again. Tarik moaned as his cock thrusted one last time into her pussy, flooding her, with his cum. Serena cluing to his shoulders as she tried to catch her breath, feeling his cock still into her. He lifted her up from his cock and took her into his arms. He got up with her, walking into the water, where he took her again. Surrounded by the cool water and the starlight.

Later when they where back at the beach and Serena lying in his arms, they both fell asleep.

When the first suns ray strucked Tarik’s face, he opened his eyes, feeling as good as he hadn't done in years of battles and fights. But something was missing, he sat up and saw, that his mermaid had gone. The only thing that remembered of her, was a silken scarf lying across his hips.

Written in 2006

The exciting encounter with a fantastical creature of the sea.