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9 TO 5

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Maggie slammed her hand on the alarm button. Gawd!, how much she hated that sound. She turned onto her back and rubbed her eyes, yawned and slowly sat up. Stretching her body, before she got up. She looked through the big window behind her bed, it promised to be a wonderful sunny spring day. Maggie went first to the kitchen to switch on the coffee machine and then went to the bathroom to shower.

After twenty minutes she was finished and went back to her bedroom to dress. Her job as assistant of the Managing Director of a big bank, was very demanding and she had to look stylish for work, so she dressed carefully.

Mr. Parker, her boss, was very nice and extremely good-looking. She sighed at the thought of him and picked a blouse and skirt she liked very much and dressed. The phone rang, as she did the last button of her blouse. She hurried to the phone and picked up.


 It was her best friend Shelly. Shelly was an artist and had the weirdest ideas of life, she was honest and impulsive and Maggie knew Shelly since High School.

“And, will you lay him today?“

Shelly giggled and Maggie rolled her eyes at this. That was the usual hello from Shelly, since Maggie had that job. As per Shelly’s opinion, Maggie should go and tell her boss that she wants to have sex with him. Something Maggie would never do as she was far too shy, but she had to smile each time Shelly was asking her, like today.

“Shelly he is my boss. I can’t sleep with him. No way!”

 “Sure you can. You just go into his office, sit on his lap and kiss him. That’ll do it.”

It went like that for a while, until they made a date for lunch and said goodbye.

Maggie arrived at the office at 8:45am. Like that, she had enough time to prepare everything, when Mr. Parker arrived at 9:00 am. He was always on time. She opened the mail and sorted out what she could answer herself and what was for him. Then she made coffee and at 9:00am she heard him coming through the door.

“Good morning Mr. Parker”, she said smiling - thinking he looks so gorgeous in his black suit.

He had short black hair and green eyes, tanned skin and a muscle toned body.

“Good morning Ms Henderson”, he replied with a smile.

He took the mail and entered his office. Maggie followed him with the coffee. He nodded as she put it in front of him, then she left to go back to her desk.

From where she sat, she could see him, when the door was open and that was most of the time.

She was watching him going through the mail and then he took off his jacket. Under his shirt, she could see the play of muscles. She slowly stood up, her only thought was, that she wanted that man now, and entered his office again. She closed the door and as he looked up, she smiled cheekily.

“Yes Ms Henderson? Is there a problem?”

She came closer and slowly opened the first 2 buttons of her blouse, showing some cleavage. She walked around his desk and as he turned with his chair to face her, she bent over and kissed him gently on the lips. She wasn’t prepared for the feelings that kiss loosened in her, a storm that tickled her senses and made the ends of her nerves tingle.

He lifted his hand and cupped the back of her head, so she couldn’t get away. He put more passion into the kiss and licked over her lips, parting them. Maggie moaned softly as she opened her mouth for him. Her tongues touching, playing, caressing and teasing each other.

Mr. Parker lifted his hand to Maggie’s knee and slowly slid up, pushing her skirt up with the move. As the skirt was high enough, he pulled her on his lap, so she was straddling him.

Maggie started to loosen his tie, still kissing him passionately, while his hands where moving under her skirt, caressing the soft skin of her thighs and hips. He grabbed her bum cheeks and squeezed them, moaning into her mouth. Maggie opened the buttons of his shirt, pushing it aside. She broke the kiss and unbuttoned her blouse, showing him her lace covered full breasts.

Mr. Parker couldn’t resist and dived between her breasts, licking the cleavage. With one hand, he pulled the lace aside, until he could see her already hard nipple. He closed his lips around it and sucked gently, making her arch her back and moan.

Maggie was breathing faster as she caressed the hard muscles of his chest, enjoying the heat and strength, his body radiated. She opened his belt as she started to kiss him again and again, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She slipped her hand in his pants and pulled out his hard cock. Holding it in her hand, feeling the soft skin, as she caressed him.

He moaned at the feeling of her hand around him. He lifted her from his lap and lowered her on his desk. Mr. Parker pulled down her panties and pulled her close to him, standing between her legs now. He pushed her down, so she lay on her back. He leaned over and kissed her neck and now he pulled the bra completely away from her breasts, both free for him to suck and lick, until her nipples got even harder. Cupping one of them with his hand, while he sucked and licked the other. The other hand caressed her inner thigh and moved up between her legs.

Maggie shivered as he parted her pussy lips, moaning loud as he teased the clit and sucked on her other nipple the same time. He could feel how wet she was already, but rubbed her clit more. He wanted her wetter and crazy for him. She lay on his desk, moaning and shivering of ecstasy. She pleaded him to give her relief, but he wouldn’t let her cum, he wanted her to cum when his cock was deep buried inside her.

His cock was hard and throbbing, when he took it in one hand, rubbing it slowly. He pushed the head against her pussy and slid it up and down, making it wet with her juices. She cried out in frustration and pleaded again. This time he gave in and with one fast move, he entered her hot and aching pussy. He looked at her face as he slowly started to move, holding her at her hips. Maggie closed her eyes at the hot sensation running through her body.

She started to rub and pinch her nipples as Mr. Parker moved faster and faster. Mr. Parker started to rub her clit as he pumped into her, moving in and out, feeling the tight wetness of her pussy. He could feel her pussy tighten around him and he knew it wouldn’t take much longer and she would cum. But he didn’t want her to come yet. He moved out of her and as she protested, he told her to turn. She turned, so that she was half lying on her belly on the desk. With one hand he spread her bum cheeks and his, wet from her juices, cock pushed against her bum hole, he could see how she shivered and lead his cock back to her pussy, taking her from behind now. He pinned her hands to the desk, so she couldn’t try to touch herself to cum faster. Slowly he moved in and out, again and again. Then he couldn’t hold back anymore himself and started to move faster, fucking her hard now. Pumping into her pussy.

Maggie moaned and moved her hips, pushing against him. And again Mr. Parker could feel her pussy getting tight around his cock. He reached around her and started to rub her clit. That made her furious and she pushed back harder. It took him only a few more strokes until he felt her cum and the pulsing of her pussy made him cum too. He spurted his seed deep inside her, still pumping inside her.

Maggie moaned and cried out his name as she climaxed, until she finally lay panting on his desk.

Mr. Parker laying over her, panting too. He gently kissed her neck and shoulder as he pulled back out of her. He closed his pants and buttoned his shirt.

Maggie turned and searched for her panties but couldn’t find them. Leaving her no choice, then to just push down her skirt and button her blouse. She looked at Mr. Parker and as he looked up she froze: His green eyes cold.

“Ms. Henderson, would you please bring me the report from last week”, he said in a neutral voice.

Mouth opened she stared at him. She couldn’t believe he just went back to normal business after he had sex with her. She stuttered a yes and left his office very quickly. What she couldn’t see was the little cheeky smile on his lips as he watched her leave his office. Slowly he pulled out her panties from under his desk. She was beautiful, when she was aroused and he would love to hear her moan again, just for him. He turned to his desk and saw her sitting on her desk; he left his desk and went over to her.

“Maggie, would you please book a table for two in that little Italian restaurant on the other side of the building. 6pm that should be fine.” he smiled as if there had nothing happen between them and went back to his desk.

Maggie was the whole day depressed and when the end of the day came close, she was happy to leave the office. The moment she wanted to switch off her computer, Mr. Parker came to her and asked her to type a few reports, which he needed for a meeting tomorrow. She sat herself down and started to type. At 6pm Mr. Parker came out of his office and stopped before her desk.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

She looked surprised up.

 “What do you mean?”

“To go to dinner with me, silly. Did you really think I would just have sex with you and then go on like before? You should know me better then that.”

He smiled and bend over to kiss her. As they both left the building, Maggie was happy like she never had been before and she made a mental note, to call Shelly as soon as she was home again.


Written in 2006

Maggie is the assistant of the directing manager of a big bank. Who would have known that her boss could be so passionate.