Kat's playground!


She laid on her back, in her big bed with the dark blue satin bedclothes, the phone beside her silent. She smiled as a thought crossed her mind and her lace covered body quivered.

It was dark outside and the only light in the room came from the digital clock next to her bed. She waited for the numbers to change from 10:59pm to 11:00pm. Holding her breath she looked at the big numbers. Precisely at 11pm her phone rang. She hit the button and answered with a soft ‘Hi’.

“Hi gorgeous, how was your day?”

“Hmmm was good, couldn’t stop thinking of you and talking to you again” she said smiling.

He chuckled and it sent a shiver down her spine. Lightly she ran her finger tips over her tummy, imagining it was his hand on her body.

“What are you thinking, babydoll?”

Her cheeks blushed slightly and she laughed softly.

“I just tried to imagine you next to me, your hand on my skin, caressing me gently, till my skin starts to burn.”

“I would love that. I’m sure your skin is as smooth as silk. And I bet it smells of peaches. Hmmmm I would love to lick over your tummy, drawing circles around your belly button, poking the tip gently into it.”

Goosebumps started to build on her arms and the toned muscles of her belly flexed as she arched her back a little at his words. She smiled and turned on her belly, lying across the bed now. Reaching for her glass she sighed softly into the mic of her headset.

“Would you like that baby?” he asked in a low voice.

She put her glass back on the bedside table, her long hair falling over her right arm.

“Oh yes! My arms are covered with Goosebumps already. You know I love to hear what you would do to me. Don’t stop, go on.”

He chuckled at her honest words.

“I won’t stop, no worries. Would you do something for me, darling?”

She raised both eyebrows and said yes.

“I want you to lie on your back and slowly slide the straps of your nighty over your shoulders. Push it down over your beautiful breasts. I want you to gently caress your breasts, playing with your nipples till they are very hard and ready for me to be sucked.”

She rolled back on her back and did what he asked her to do, feeling a little shy, even being home alone. She could feel that her cheeks where slightly blushing as she laid back on the bed, topless now. She slowly started to caress her breasts, feeling the soft skin under her finger tips.

“How does it feel baby? Tell me what you’re doing”

His voice interrupted her thoughts and she smiled cheekily.

“My skin feels warm underneath my fingers and my nipples are getting darker and really hard now. They look and feel wrinkly.”

She giggled and he had to laugh too.

“God I wish I was there now. I would love to run my fingers over your nipples. Can you feel how my lips wander over your chest? How my tongue slides over your hot skin? I would draw circles around your hard nipples then taking one by one into my mouth and suck gently on them. My hands would slide over your body, caressing it up and down.”

“Oh yessss. I would love that. I can’t wait to meet you.”

“Neither can I baby. I want to feel your body underneath mine. Would you spread your legs for me? Show me that nicely shaved pussy of yours. I want to run my tongue over your bare skin down to your wet pussy.”

Claire shivered and pushed her nighty down over her hips and kicked it off. She could feel how she was blushing as she slid her hand between her legs and instantly felt the wetness. She gasped as she brushed her clit and blushed even more as she heard Juan’s chuckling in her ear.  Grinning she told him what she was doing.

“Hmmmm I’m all wet and slippery. My outer lips are puffy and dark, wish you could see it.”

“Take a picture with your mobile and send it to me.” He asked cheekily.

Claire laughed and said “For sure not! If you want to see it, you’ll have to wait till we meet.”

“Awwww, ok, I’ll wait. But do me a favour and slide a finger into your hot pussy and tell me how it feels.”

She did as he asked her to and slowly slid a finger down her pussy lips and slipped it into her wet hole. She moaned softly at the feeling, but one finger was just not enough right now and she added a second one. Slowly she moved them in and out, while she rubbed her palm over her clit, adding to the hot sensation that sent shivers through body. Her free hand moved to her breasts and she played with her nipples again. Rubbing them between her fingers, pulling gently on them as she wished Juan was here and would do it for her.

“I’m so wet; it’s running down my thighs baby. I put in two fingers, it feels so much better, but I wish it was your cock inside me and your mouth around my hard nipples, sucking and licking them. Are you stroking your cock at the moment?” She asked Juan shyly.

“Yes darling, imagining its buried deep inside your hot and tight pussy. I can almost feel how it squeezes me as you flex, sucking me deeper. My cock would thrust deeper inside you than anyone before. I would impale you on my cock till you scream of pleasure and beg me to give you relief. My fingers would rub your clit, till I would feel your pussy spasm around my cock, feeling every shiver of your climax, deep inside. Just the thought of it makes me harder and ready to cum.”

Claire could feel her climax rise as she increased speed, her mind racing with images of Juan inside her, thrusting fast and deep into her, lifting her to a level she hasn’t been before. Her hand was covered in her juices as she told him, between moans, how close she was to climax.

“I want to cum with you. Please, I need you so much!”

Her mouth went try as she could hear him moan, knowing he would explode any moment. As he started to call out her name and groan, she increased speed and climaxed with him. Her body arched as a force full orgasm washed over her body and sent her flying high. Stars exploded in front of her eyes as she moaned his name into the headset.

His fast breath filled her mind as she tried to catch her breath. Her mouth was dry and she reached for her glass of wine and took a small sip.


“Yes, hun?”

“That was amazing. But I still want you in real.”

She giggled and put her glass back down.

“Soon darling, but as nice as it was, I need to get some sleep. It’s already 3am here and I have to get up in 3 hours. Tomorrow same time again?”

“Yes, I’ll be home. Juan?”

“Yes Claire?”

“I love you.”

She slowly pushed to button to close the connection and crawled under the blanket, smiling and looking forward to his call tomorrow night.


Written in 2006

Clair and Juans nightly calls are quiet hot.